PlayStation Plus membership required for online multiplayer gaming on PS4


Playstation are moving to a paid online service model with the PS4, multiplayer will require a Playstation Plus membership, the evidence was on the powerpoint at E3 the $5 per month Playstation Plus includes “Immersive multiplayer online on PS4”. You won’t need a membership to access services like the Playstation store, Netflix or when you want to play single-player games. You will need the membership when you want to play multiplayer games online with your friends.

Sonys official Playstation twitter account tweeted “PS4 gamers who aren’t Plus members can still enjoy single-player games for free…and access to media services won’t require Plus”. There have been no other details disclosed on multiplayer gameplay, a Playstation Plus membership will cost you $49.99 a year so a similar pricing to Xbox Live membership. Some benefits to having Playstation Plus include cloud saves and access to a monthly title from Sony’s Instant Game Collection.

There have been rumours that a paid multiplayer experience was coming from Sony especially after their service went down for months, this will allow them to maintain the servers more effectively and efficiently. Since they will be getting revenue from a new channel they maybe able to get high profile exclusives to the Playstation store.

Source: TheVerge

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  1. free online play is what make us customers go out and buy the ps console if i have to pay to play online i wont be getting the ps4 same old thing more and more expenditure needed to play consoles online if these big companies carry on like this soon your internet will be split into packages just like sky. this is not good for those who like surfing the net. soon internet will cost you £50+ a month and well the way the wage squeeze is at the moment not many people will be able to afford it.

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