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Galaxy S4 Owners Complain About Random Drop Calls [How To Fix / Remedy]


It is undeniably true that the Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most powerful mobile devices this year but when it comes to detecting signals, it partially depends on the strength of the signal projected by carriers in the area. Of course, the rest of the job would depend on how good the phone is. If either of these would fail, it’s either an owner could experience drop calls or couldn’t browse the web and open emails using mobile data.

Since the release of this year’s flagship, the only problem acknowledged by Samsung was the Wi-Fi connectivity. The point is, there were no reported bugs in which drop calls in Galaxy S4 could be attributed to and based on reports and/or complaints from users, drop call problems could be fixed by simple troubleshooting procedures. If you’re experiencing this problem, here are the things you could do to fix or remedy it.

  1. Reboot Your Phone – many users wouldn’t want to do this thinking it does nothing, they’re wrong. For a problem that covers signal reception, reboot could help a lot. Certain services are loaded every time the phone boots up including services responsible for detecting signals. A reboot could bring the phone back to its optimal settings and it may just resolve the issue.
  2. Check For Signal – if reboot won’t solve the problem, check to see if you’re getting a good signal because it drops from time to time and your carrier is to blame. Sometimes, there is a certain place at your home where signal couldn’t penetrate well especially if you’re in a glass room.
  3. Refresh Phone App – dropped calls and inability to detect signals are often directly related to the phone application in your device. Thus, it is logical to do some troubleshooting procedures  on it in case the problem persists. To refresh the phone app, go to Settings => Application => All => Phone. Then tap on clear cache, clear data, and force close buttons. Reboot your phone after that.
  4. Seek Help – in case things continue to look bad as far as signal reception is concerned, it would be better to seek help from your carrier either by calling the hotline or go into one of their offices. Further testing would be done and once their techs could diagnose the problem is with the phone, you will be provided a new unit as replacement.

I hope this helps.

If you’re currently experiencing problems with your Galaxy S4 (or whatever smartphone you own), feel free to email us at mailbag@thedroiguy.com and tell us about them. We would gladly find solutions for your problems.




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  1. The S4 call drop problem can be solved by selecting “GSM only” option for Network instead of “GSM or CDMA”. Got this solution after having the mobo changed by Samsung.

  2. My ATT Galaxy S4 is breaking com links during voice. People on the other end say it lasts from 3 seconds to 20. I do have an Otterbox Defender case that may interfere with the signal. I remember with the old Motorola Razr, the antenna was behind the microphone. A big meaty hand holding the device by the bottom would block the signals. When I and the wife started holding the device by the center hinge, all problems disappeared.

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