AT&T offering half price on all two year contract smartphones


AT&T is currently having a big price off all two-year contract deals, slimming 50% off the payment price. This will still mean users have to pay the same contract per month, but the buy in payment will be less.

This deal is offered throughout the AT&T range, from phones costing 99 cents to phones costing $199. Users can now get a HTC One, Galaxy S4 and BlackBerry Q10 for $99 buy in, for example. To get this deal the user has to be buying into a two-year contract with AT&T, essentially locking them into the service for two years. The phone also has to be the lowest storage capacity available, limiting the offering for power users.

While AT&T is not the biggest carrier in terms of subscribers, their service has been rated the best on LTE-speeds and data performance. Users may want the flexibility of T-Mobile or possibly the dense 4G market Verizon offers, but AT&T has its positives.

Source: AT&T


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  1. At least we may see some competition in the carrier space, instead of stagnation and slightly raising prices every year on contracts and phone costs. T-Mobile have really started this awareness, now we just need Sprint and Verizon to up their game to compete with 4G and cost.

  2. You see – AT&T is sweeping in to grab contract customers. It isn’t dropping non-contract prices, because this isn’t about the cost of phones. They see that Verizon is placing themselves in a terribly vulnerable position and taking advantage of it.

    Everyone says Verizon is waiting for 4.2.2, but that has been around a while. They should also know that all their bloatware is not appreciated by many – and in fact a big turn off.

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