Samsung Galaxy S4 Users Reports Overheating Issues

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the latest flagship smartphone of Samsung that was launched just recently. If you are one of the early adopters of this device then you are probably enjoying some of its amazing features. While everything may look perfect for this device some owners are reporting that their units are overheating. Their smartphone gets so hot that it becomes difficult to use or even place on your ears to make phone calls.


Several people who have bought the Samsung Galaxy S4 have been reporting in forums about this problem that they encountered. The overheating occurs when playing games or even when going online to browse the web.

One person said that he has experienced the same overheating problem with his Samsung Galaxy S2. After he upgraded to the Samsung Galaxy Note II the overheating issues disappeared. Thinking that the company has already resolved the issue he swapped his Note II with the S4 but then discovered that the smartphone overheats in almost every application he uses.

The temperature of the device can reach as high as 50 degrees Celsius or 122 degrees Fahrenheit. One user claims that e measured the device from an idle temperature of just 27 degrees Celsius to a jump of 35 degrees Celsius when checking emails and a high of 40 degrees Celsius when playing games.

Here’s what some people over at the forums are saying

  • Hi , I just bought a Galaxy S 4 days back then its was over heating like ****. So got it replaced then this one too is heating like this. When i play angry birds or go to internet using edge for just 10 mins my phone overheats from 40 to 46. When i put that to charge and then use it for downloading it went to blasting 50 degree Celsius. I am fed up of this its very very uncomfortable to hold. Can u suggest me something on this . Or is this very normal in all Galaxy S mobiles ?
  • Mine only ever gets warm. Never uncomfortably hot to the touch. I dont think that sounds right.
  • Just got my phone too there is definite overheating. Just been setting things up and can feel it.

To resolve this issue some people have suggested putting the device in a thin case but then this only protects your hand from feeling the heat and is really not a solution. Other people suggested turning off unnecessary services such as GPS and Bluetooth.

If the heat really bothers you then you can try returning your unit and having it replaced with a new one. This might not be a good solution for some as those who have tried replacing their units have also experienced overheating issues with the new ones they received.

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  1. Went to BestBuy and AT&T to buy the S4 (4th july). All the Samsung S4 models were pretty hot on the surface at the top half of the screen. I did not notice it on the HTC one or the iPhone 5. The sales reps were doing an oversell that it was normal for a phone to overheat (which sounds ridiculous). They are almost saying “Buy the phone.. but don’t use it.. turn off everything on the phone” I don’t think anyone on the thread is talking of normal heating.. this is really abnormal heating..

    I would like Samsung to comment on this issue rather than remain silent.

  2. you guys should all post what cellular provider you got the phone from.

    Because they add their own branding (=bloatware) to the phone, which could cause the heating issues.

    It seems unlikely that its just totally random that some people have heating issues with the S4 and others don’t.

    So you have to look at what is different.

    Possibilities are different processors used (by geographical area or cell phone carrier) different Software modifications done by cellular carriers (Branded ROM)

  3. I got a Galaxy SII when it first came out, still have it as secondary now:

    It never overheated with the stock Samsung ROM. But after a while, I got tired of the lacking Android updates, so I installed the Cyanogen ROM. Now, I had heating problems and battery problems. As I kept updating various beta versions, the phone would drain faster than my charger could charge, and on some of the ROM updates, it would also get really hot. I started to wait with installing nightly updates till people had already commented if there was heating or charging problems.

    Anyway, at some point, Cyanogen made it to release 1.0 and then 1.1, and it wasn’t heating anymore, but battery drain remained so high, I switched back to stock ROM.

    The upshot? Heating and charging issues can come just from software/driver issues.

    Everybody who has heating issues should post the wireless provider they bought it from, to see if there’s a pattern.

    My Galaxy Note II luckily has neither heating nor battery issues and with the S4, I thought it was a little too soon to buy yet another phone…

  4. Ya overheating is big problem. firstly i used S2 then S3 then note II and now S4. its too much overheating even wifi gps mobile data all r off. i just sent some files through bluethooth. its got heat too much. some sites tells for update software but its not solving 100% problem. service centre tells off wifi gps bluetooth air view n more. i cant do that i need them everytime these apps. service centre changed with brand new phone. now i will switch to again s3.

  5. same thing got the phone last friday, for just 20 mins of calls phone overheating…. my mom could not even hold it, as her ears burning… I don’t want to charge it again, it might explode. I better off with my iphone,

  6. Same got my wife the new phone and over heats also completely Glitchy hard to get apps going ..its slower than my s3 as in movement and hard to get the buttons to activate …phone is shit and back to the shop ..by the way my wife doesnt use the phone that much and battery runs out quick smart.The phone is a dud big time

  7. Hi,
    I just got the s4 Sat and could not take the heating problem. My ear and face would irritate me even after a few mins of putting phone down. I thought it was just that one phone that was defected, so went back to Sprint and they switched it with no problem to another s4 brand new out of the box on Tues..and I am have the exact same issue.I am still within the 14 day you have to return and I am running in today and to get the iphone5. Its really that bad of a problem and I have read in other places that many people are starting to complain.
    I am so disappointed because I was really ready to move from iphones to android but i guess its not happening. 🙁

  8. Its been 4 days since I own this device. My S4 is heating up more when I turn on 4G (ATT). I am really afraid to make calls as I feel it is going to burn my ears..! On wifi its getting hot when I am playing games. Not sure what do . When contacted Samsung they simply asking to Factory reset the phone and refusing to replace it.

    Please advice what to do now ?


  9. I’m having problems with my Galaxy S4 too!!! My Battery gets so hot that it’s just not possible to hold it against my ears.. And for those saying that this is normal, I have had may phones in the past and NEVER experienced heating issues.. My latest phone was a Htc, and the one before that a Samsung. My Husband has a Galaxy s3, he has never experienced heating either..
    The Over Heating is obviously a huge cause for concern, but My Battery is also not going very far, and despite the fact that I have turned off all of the widgets and things I think could drain the battery quicker, my battery is still only lasting approximately 6 hours of use.. I am sure I could get longer use if I don’t use my phone at all, but isn’t that the point of having a smart phone? Using it!?!

    I found a website with instructions on how to update the software and it claims this would fix the issues, however when I tried doing so, my phone displays a msg telling me I already have the latest os software.

    If any one knows of what I could do please let me know.!!!

  10. I’ve had my GS4 for 5 days so I’m on it for hours at a time setting it up. Naturally I’ve had to charge it several times over the past few days. It hasn’t even gone over room temperature! Maybe the defective units have batteries from the same maker as the 737 airliner. 😉

  11. jeeze. You’d expect better oh wait, its Samsung. the fourth time is never even the charm

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