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Microsoft aiming for 25 million Surface sales in 2014



Microsoft flopped with the Surface RT and the Surface Pro may have been an admirable if somewhat unsuccessful attempt at a revamp, but that has not stopped the optimism at Redmond.

The company believes they are still in the running to become one of the biggest tablet distributors by 2014, hopefully selling 25 million Surface tablets in a year.

We have already heard rumours of a new line of Surface tablets, one running Windows 8 and a smaller seven-inch tablet running Windows RT, with the same price tag as the Nexus 7.

Perhaps Microsoft believe marketing to a budget audience could be the best decision, if a Windows RT tablet is developed for a minimal amount of money, it may take off with audiences.

However, we have heard others rumours about Microsoft scrapping Windows RT or at least changing the formula to resemble Windows 8, with all the desktop applications capable of running on RT.

We will have to wait and see what Redmond have in store this year and next.

Source: GSMInsider


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  1. You better listen to Curtis Quickc, because almost 2 percent of tablet buyers are solidly behind him.

    On the other hand, 98% of tablet buyers are total idiots. They are idiots because they aren’t buying microsoft windows surface pro tablets, the greatest invention the world has ever known.

    So who are the “smart” tablet buyers? They’re the super intelligent Information Technology folks who work in corporate IT who are depending on windows success because they themselves are afraid to learn Linux.

    You tell ’em Curtis!

  2. You guys really need to do your homework better. Windows RT runs on ARM processors and the x86 code that Windows apps are built on cannot run natively on ARM. Of course, time will tell, but Microsoft porting Windows over to ARM has more to do with kicking Intel in the rear to produce a good ARM competitor in its line of Atom chips and avoid losing Windows to ARM than any great plan on Microsoft’s part to take over the ARM world with Windows RT.

    Microsoft never intended Windows RT to be the great commercial success that everyone else expects. They always said Surface was a way to show their PC partners (and the world)how well Windows could function in a tablet form-factor. Since Intel was lagging, Microsoft ported over to ARM to get into the tablet market. It was a win/win for Microsoft. Either Intel does not respond and Windows goes ARM, or Intel makes better Atom, which they have, and Windows stays happy on Intel architecture. Actually, Microsoft can now play both sides of the field. Kudos to them. Their hard work is going to pay off over time as more and more users replace their aging laptops with Windows tablets.

    By the way, I have both a Surface RT and a Pro and they are wonderful devices. iPad and Android do not hold a candle to EITHER of them.

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