Jony Ive Rumoured to be Opting for a Flat Design In iOS 7

Jony Ive iOS7

As we get ready for Apple’s upcoming developer’s conference – WWDC we can predict that iOS7 is close to it’s release date sometime soon, it seems to be that the design of the newest version of the mobile operating system will take centre stage over the features and functionality. Since Scott Forstall ex-senior vice president of iOS of software resigned from the company the responsibility of iOS design has fallen upon Apples chief design guru Jony Ive, who has come up with some amazing looking product in the past such as the iPod.

The Design

The rumours floating around are that the design of the software will get a visually flat look which seems to be the newest design trend, an example of this trend is evident in Facebook’s new flat logo that is on the updated version of the Facebook app that includes the chat heads feature.

In the new design update it has been reported that the user interface and the default apps icons are to receive a facelift to meet the new flat look that Ives is going for. This design revamp will address some of the design faux pas that entered the software recently such as; leather bound address books and lighting effects that make buttons look like they’re crafted out of actual metal.


The functionality, features and how the user interface will actually look has not been disclosed yet so all we can do is speculate, new functionality and features have not even been hinted but the design is definitely due for an update. This is saddening that there has been no added functionality leaked, especially since the videos circulating of what Apple should include in iOS have actually been quite good and actually made me want some of those features more that i’ve seen them in action.

The new design elements to iOS may be very alien to some users who have grown accustom to the way the OS looks and feels, but the design change may be a good thing so they don’t become too comfortable with the design. It is great having a design that is very iconic and user friendly, but never improving on that design would be a terrible thing to do. I myself like having a bit of a design change on my devices every now and then, it’s good to innovate and you will produce better products through innovation.

Source – TechCrunch


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  1. It is incredible how the article doesn’t mention Microsoft at all. They have been talking about flat design being better for the last 3 years. It’s interesting that Apple is now trying to “copy” that

  2. Hello,

    Design features such as ‘leather-bound’ address books and buttons made to look like metal are not design faux pas at all. They are carefully considered decisions mostly by Steve Jobs to appeal to as big of a set of possible buyers as possible. They are not faux pas.

    There is a difference between bad design and skeuomorphism. As huge sales numbers show, most people are not afraid of a visual design that mimics real-world items. In fact, many recent poles show that the majority of people prefer some degree of skeuomorphism, as long as it is done with taste. (See the recent AppStorm reader pole.)

    It has become fashionable lately to slam skeuomorphism, without understanding how it differs from aesthetics. I for one do not want to see a world of overly mechanical looking user interfaces.

    We live in an age during which consumers should be given a choice, selectable in a settings app, of how they want their interface to look and behave. The vendor who gives the choice of several OS looks will definitely have the advantage over the competition.

    Thank you for your time

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