Is Windows Phone making profits at BlackBerry’s expense?

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It is a good news to the team of Windows Phone at Microsoft as one report from Kantar WorldPanel ComTech says that the market share of Windows Phone mobile operating system has doubled in the last quarter compared to the same quarter last year. Microsoft’s Windows Phone accounted for 6.5 per cent of the smart phones in the United States in the last quarter which ended in March. This is up from 3.7 per cent a year ago in the same quarter, and that is almost a 50 per cent increase.

According to the research that Kantar WorldPanel ComTech has done, this is credited to the first time smart phone users. It is being said that people who have been using feature phone have switched to Windows Phone smart phones, thus increasing the market share. With almost half of the United States population still using feature phones, the market share of Windows Phone could increase in a year or so.

As for the other platforms, BlackBerry dipped 0.9 per cent last quarter from 2.6 per cent last year. iPhone lost around one per cent as its share  dropped to 43.7 per cent from 44.6 per cent. And Android gained some market share to reach 49.3 per cent from 47.9 per cent. 

Source: Phone Arena


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  1. Not one entity involved in making Windows Phones is earning a profit at it. Not even close. They are losing more money with every phone shipped. Not Microsoft, not Nokia, and … that’s pretty much everybody with a significant presence. It is a money pit and is not on a course of adoption that would allow this to change ever.

    If Windows Phone is harming Blackberry, they are paying a huge amount to do so, and getting nothing in return.

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