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Apple’s Ambitions to Build a Larger Screen iPhone 5X May be Real

According to Apple’s Phil Schiller, the company’s challenge is not in making bigger product but making smaller ones that offer better performance than what exists in the market.  He however went ahead to say that Apple I ready to go ahead and make a better and bigger iPhone.

After HTC’s launch of their 5 inch flagship smartphone HTC One and later Samsung’s launch of the 5 inch Galaxy S4, the tension in the smartphone market is building up.  It appears now that the focus shifts to what Apple may bring to the market next.

There is a prediction by different analysts who have been tracking Apple and getting information from the company’s supply chain that there may be an early summer debut of a new flagship smartphone that will most likely offer up to two or three screen sizes for the customers to choose from.  Up to this moment, Apple has been making a One-fit-All kind of smartphone but it appears that the company is bowing to customer demands and is focusing on providing what different users need.

iPhone 5X

The growing demand for larger screens combined with the widespread belief that Apple may be consistently falling behind other Android manufacturers especially Samsung may have nudged the company to work on new devices that feature larger better displays.  The latest in the marquee of products to boast of large screens are Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launched in March and expected to hit the shelves later this month and HTC’s One which is already available for sale or pre-order from different carriers.  If Apple is going to attempt to join the high end large screens smartphones league, then it is likely that it will bring all its greatest inventions to make a smartphone with an improved camera, a faster processor – maybe even a new version of iOS.  But at this moment, this may not be sufficient.

As it always is, Apple is silent on this issue.  The last thing Apple wants not is to give the customers a reason not to buy iPhone 5, which is barely 7 months old, with talk of a new iPhone.  Although the sales of iPhone 5 has slowed down, the company sold over 47.8 million of the smartphones in the last quarter of 2013 and controlled about 39% of the US smartphones market by February 2013.  Apple cannot afford to ignore the trend that Android smartphones have already set and control – in the US and in the world.  The big screen factor may also force Apple to rethink its strategy of making a one-sized smartphones and instead switch to making iPhones that come with different screen sizes and even different features and prices.

For now, we just heard a rumor that Apple may be working on iPhone 5S to come with a low-budget iPhone later this year, but we cannot tell how reliable these rumors are.

Do you think Apple will make a large screen iPhone 5X?  Let us know what you think in the comments section below.


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  1. Yes, even i am desperately waiting for a bigger screen like blackberry z10, i really want to go for apple product but waiting for a long time to get a bigger screen for the iphone. Hopefully , they release this time.

  2. I think they should make a bigger iPhone. It would be great for people that can’t afford a phone and a iPad. I got lucky i have a mac, iPad and a phone(even though my phone isn’t a iPhone). I wish i had patience so i could get the 5, but the reason i liked Samsung was because of the size. I have the S3 and want an iPhone baldy due to the fact that my other products are Apple. As we all know Apple is always on the rise of making bigger or smaller things. The Apple X(my name for a bigger iPhone) would be an amazing thing, retina display, aluminum back plate, fingerprint entry, bigger chip of course to run the screen and make sure that it doesnt lack in speed. They can’t come out with it if its not faster or at least a little faster then there phones. All in all i hope they do make an X, it would cause me to wait in line for the first time for an Apple Product. I have a feeling if they do make it though, its going to start at 299$ which isnt bad but for those college students that like technology, getting there hands on it will require the high school move of saving up. Great article and thank you for letting me respond.

  3. I’m done waiting for Apple to make a bigger phone. I’ve waited two years and endured the secrecy, rumors, and letdowns. The 5 was the last straw. The insulting reasons about hand size and how I don’t really need a bigger phone etc from the retailers has pushed me over the edge. Bye iPhone, hello S4, or maybe Note II.

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