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Samsung Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs LG Optimus G Pro vs Sony Xperia ZL

Samsung Galaxy S4, HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro, Sony Xperia ZL

Samsung, HTC, LG and Sony already announced their flagships for this year and the way we see it, there is going to be a tough competition coming in the mobile world. In this post, we will try to point out some strength of the Galaxy S4, One, Optimus G Pro and Xperia ZL and compare them to each other. We believe these phones are built to compete each other, at least, this year.


Starting with Galaxy S4, we believe that Samsung’s flagship will become the benchmark of what high-end devices should be. The international version of the device will sport Exynos 5 Octa 5410 chipset with two sets of quad-core processors: quad-core 1.6 GHz Cortex-A15 and quad-core 1.2 GHz Cortex-A7. The A15 processor handles high-performance processes while the other one does the housekeeping and is often in use.

Both the HTC One and the LG Optimus G Pro use Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 APQ8064T chipset that packs a quad-core processor clocked at 1.7GHz. It has an integrated Adreno 320 graphics processor.

It’s not clear yet whether the Sony Xperia ZL will use Qualcomm MDM9215M or the same APQ8064. But it has already been revealed that it will come packed with a quad-core processor.

As far processing power is concerned the Samsung Galaxy S4 may seem have an edge over its competitors. However, when you think of it, they’re actually just the same considering not all 8 cores will function simultaneously, only four at a time.


Samsung never fell short as far as memories are concerned. The Galaxy S4 has 2 GB of RAM with three internal storage variants; 16, 32, and 64 GB. it also has a microSD card slot that supports up to 64GB of external storage.

LG built its flagship with considerably huge internal memory of up to 32GB. It also has a microSD card slot for an addition 64GB external storage if users would want to spend extra dollars.

HTC’s entry is the only contender without a microSD card slot, however, the company made up for internal memory. The One has two variants; 32GB and 64GB.

For this year, we must expect that high-end devices will get a maximum of 2GB RAM.


The S4 packs a considerably huge battery with 2600 mAh but we believe it is just enough for all its features, powerful processor, GPU, and Super AMOLED display.

The device that may excel in this category is the LG Optimus G Pro with its monster 3140mAh battery. Considering it uses one of the most energy-efficient displays, LCD, this phone could go all day long before requiring a recharge.

HTC’s and Sony’s devices have 2300 and 2370mAh, respectively.

Operating System

The Galaxy S4 will be operating on an Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean with an updated version of the TouchWiz UI. so users won’ t have to wait for a roll software rollout shortly after the release. The good thing about having an updated device upon release is that every function, service and whatnot, is tailored with the hardware.

The LG Optimus G Pro, on the other hand, will be packing version 4.1.2 and so are HTC One and Sony Xperia ZL.


The ZL and the S4 both have a 5-inch display, the One is smaller at 4.7 inches while the G Pro has the biggest, 5.5 inches. There is one thing that’s common to all of them, the resolution; they all have 1080 x 1920 pixels Full HD display. As far as pixel density is concerned, HTC’s device has and edge due to having 469ppi.

When display technology is the basis, only the S4 and G Pro will face off; the former has Super AMOLED while the latter uses IPS LCD. Samsung devices that use its own technology are generally brighter and more colorful because of the AMOLED screen. Mobile phones that use IPS LCD displays, on the other hand, are always energy-efficient with displays that look so natural. It’s actually up to the user which one is more attractive.

Bottom Line

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is still expected to excel and stand out among others in the high-end market partially because of the success of its antecedent. In the Android arena, there’s nothing that could be the South Korean magnate. For this year, there’s no other device that could shake the S4 but Apple’s iPhone 5S. However, the Cupertino-based tech giant should give its device more impressive specs and features.

The HTC One, LG Optimus G Pro and Sony Xperia ZL actually give the S4 contrast in the market that would soon be flooded with high-end devices.

You can find more information about these devices here.


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  1. Every phone has someyhing to offer comes down to which phone will be on which carrier in the united states sg4 will be on all carriers for sure the sony z ptobably at&t the lg pro probably sprint and at&t htc one all carriers in different varients for sure like verizon says there doing it only comes down which carrier you are with or willing to stay with for that phone

  2. Hey Darknut n Sankalp ur comments r really worthwhile.. I am really looking forward to HTC One.. Good in luks, battery backup also enuff for me and camera z superb…
    Bt Samsung s4 obviously has more software features bt those features r just good fr advertisements.. I really dont lyk ny1 of them as such n not useful to me..
    Can U please help me convince myself abt HTC One ūüėõ .. I mean will it be upgradable to android 4.2.2 aftr few days?? coz tat will make it really bttr :)… I bot Sony Xperia Arc 2 years ago whn Android just came to INDIA.. My friends were awe strucken.. now aftr 2 years I want to get the best stuff in my hands again bt Samsung z so common n all the sets usually look alike s2 s3 s4 Grand Note note 2 zzz… I feel HTC One has exclusivity and excellence.. Am I doing the ryt thing buying HTC One over Samsung S4 just coz Samsung z nt cool to me?

    Samsung processor z very fast compared to HTC One?? Please reply asap coz Ur reply’s r really good n valuable !!

  3. where are these HTC fanbois who are bragging about buying their new phone made from recycled beer cans?

  4. Every phone on the list has unique features which make each smartphone ahead of other in different aspects its just not that lg is ahead of others or any other is ahead of LG
    htc one –
    It has this ultrapixel technology in which it has a 4mp (although less mp’s ) camera with a big sensor so that more light enters the sensor so as to give superb low light images (still can’t beat the nokia 808 ) but is still the best among these with respect to camera performance . It also packs the most premium build quality in this lot

    Sony xperia z –
    It is water and dust resistant that is a unique feature in it and it is quite a practicle feature for many as for the people living in the area where it rains heavily they can now be fearless to use it in the rains because it might have happened it with many that water spills on the phone and their phone would have stopped working so as for that this phone is quite a relief for this situation

    Samsung galaxy s4-
    Although low on build quality it beats all the department of features it is packed with features like SMART scroll,air view and many more although you would notice that all feature would not please every person but as they say “it has something for everyone ” like if u are having lunch ur hands are dirty u can use this phone without touching the screen so as not to make the screen dirty , you can just hover the fingers just above the screen to use the smarty and the list of features dosen’t end here it has many more its just that i don’t remember those and not to forget it has this touchwiz UI which is the most preferred UI as per the experts

    LG optimus G pro-
    as per this phone is concerned i do not have much info about this phone but according to me it connects these all well with a nice build quality nice camera and simple and easy to use UI and as per the feature department it also has got nice set of features and the company has promised a feature that will compete with samsung’s feature the feature is that while recording a video the front camera of the phone will see ur eye movements and if ur focus is not on the screen it will stop the recording and not to forget that this phone has most effecient battery back up with 3140mAh battery under its hood

    At the end one thing is clear that not a single smartphone is in the lead according to what they have got under the hood because in the hardware department all these phone’s are top notch and there would not be a major difference in thier performance due to hardware and displays
    The things for concern are now
    1. Battery life (best in LG)
    2. Camera quality (best in HTC)
    3. Build quality (best in SONY)
    4. Software features (best in SAMSUNG)
    And if you are a hardcore user
    5. Memory capabilities
    the company which even provide tjese aspects in its flagship would take the lead. As for now each has its own uniqueness in different fields
    but samsung still might hold the lead just on the basis of its past sucsess of S3 and Note 2 butthat is just a matter of 2 to 3months

  5. The AMOLED is inferior in every way (expect for blacks and contrast, which is a negative) to the IPS. The pixel density difference above 400ppi is not noticeable anyways, so there is literally no detectable sharpness difference above 400. so the 5.5′ LG IPS on the G Pro is effectively feel as sharp as the HTC Ones 4.7′. Although the bigger screen will also make it FEEL sharper due to more field of view. In terms of processor the S4 will pack the same Snapdragon 600 in the US that the G Pro and HTC One already have! Plus HTC and LG design looks nicer, and s built much more solidly than the S4 can attest to. In terms of hardware the S4 is outclassed in every way, except for the octa core in the international version, Which is heavily software reliant. So it remains to be seen if the cores WILL actually result in more energy efficiency (best case scenario) or will actually be inefficient and glitchy (more likely). IMO the best phone out there is the G Pro. Software wise is the only trump card the S4 can play, with all the extra features, but LG is quickly catching up. Has a faster more streamlined UI, although they dont have as many software features as Samsung can boast about.

  6. This is a completely bias article. You gave SOME information about these devices and gave a different phone an edge over each individual aspect and than all of a sudden said the S4 would excel over the other devices without giving any reason for why you would say so. You have left out almost all features of each device and obviously just prefer Samsung over the other brands and don’t know much about these devices at all. All these devices have a number of fantastic features that can compete with one another and each one has their downside. Next time try to give more information on the devices before you say which one will excel. By the way it isn’t just SPECS that make a phone better than another.

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