Mozilla ditches the Apple Store, threatens not to develop Firefox for iOS

In a furious battle with Apple, Mozilla is refusing to build Firefox for the iOS because of Apple’s continued antagonistic attitude against third party browsers. There will be no open source Firefox browser versions for Apple as long as the company continues to cold shoulder third party browsers.

firefox2The bone of contention between Apple and Mozilla is the latter’s JavaScript engines and rendering capabilities being barred from iOS. Not willing to isolate its most powerful features, Mozilla has issued a statement in which the company confirms it cannot build a browser for the iOS platform that does not allow it to perform at the browser’s full potential.  Apple does not allow any other browser except Safari to enjoy status as the default browser on the iPhone, iPad or iPod. Safari has full monopoly over iDevices making it extremely hard for other browsers to break into in the iOS store. Other browsers like Opera and Dolphin suffer the same treatment on Apple stores. The android market however is open to all browsers and leaves it to the user’s to take their pick, an attitude many wish Apple would take. With the domination Safari enjoys, there is no scope for any other browser in the Apple market.

Mozilla has denounced Apple’s policy and claimed that it in the future, ‘it will not be offering any browser version, feature, or plug-in to Apple’. Apple has declined to comment on the issue and the makers of Opera and Dolphin have revealed no plans, for or against the Cupertino Company. Android meanwhile enjoys a rich market full of enhancements and updates with its more tolerant third party policy.

SOURCE: http://tech2.in.com/news/ios/no-plans-to-bring-firefox-to-ios-says-mozilla-vp/814062


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    Just goes to show you that apFail fans don’t know what they are missing, and why so many are switching.

  2. Where are the anti-trust lawyers on this. Microsoft got their head handed to them by the EU for doing the EXACT SAME THING. Limiting the device to just one browser is a monopoly within a closed system.

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