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Microsoft working on improving touch in Windows Blue

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We all know that the Redmond based operating system giant, Microsoft, is working on an update to its existing operating system, Windows 8. The update is called the Windows Blue. There is a new update to this story which says that the company will be optimizing touch on this version. Also, from the video below, we can say that the company is working on some water colors and mixed media for the new Fresh Paint app on the new operating system. Phone Arena writes:

The rumors have said that Blue could point to a new paradigm for Microsoft, which could include a subscription to Windows and more frequent updates, all in an effort to bring everyone to the same platform version (aka no more XP stragglers), and also that Blue could include support for 7-8″ tablets.

The latest version of the Windows operating system, which is Windows 8, has got mixed reactions from consumers. While the operating system is very much optimized for tablet computers with touch screens, the user interface for non touch screen devices such as laptops is not really great or user friendly. For this reason, the operating system did not get much attention.

And a few big IT companies including non IT companies have openly stated that they will not be upgrading their work computers to the new operating system because it is just not the corporate material, to which I have my full support.

But the coming of the Windows Blue has to change that or Microsoft will be seeing bad days ahead of the company. The migration to, or the adaptation of Linux based operating systems is increasing. If Microsoft wants to retain its market share and profit margin, the company has to change the look and feel of its new operating system.

Source: Phone Arena

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  1. I own an IT consulting Company and I have received no positive feedback from windows 8. At all. People complain about all the extra steps to find their programs, data, printers, etc… It takes about 40% longer to get anything done because of all extra interface getting in the way. Windows 7 was a breath of fresh air from Microsoft. Stable, fast… Windows 8 is looking like windows ME all over again.

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