iPhone users use more data than Android users according to new study

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There are more than just one in which people measure the two most popular mobile platforms, Google’s Android and Apple’s iOS. And within these two platforms, people are more worried or interested in the smart phones that run these two platforms, the Apple iPhone and the various Android running smart phones. People measure the sales record, the number of apps available in the respective app markets, and many more things. And one such parameter is the data used on these platforms.

And when we come to this, we have some new data. According to a report published on Fierce Wireless, iPhone users are using more data than Android users on their smart phone. And this only includes data on mobile networks, not Wi Fi, and this comes as a result of NPD Group’s latest study. Boy Genius Report summarizes the report very nicely as follows:

The study found that Apple (AAPL) handset owners on the four major wireless providers in the U.S. downloaded an average of 1.12 gigabytes per month compared to Android users, who downloaded 0.92 gigabytes of data on average per month. Verizon experienced the most iPhone data usage at 1.55 gigabytes, followed by Sprint at 1.30 gigabytes, AT&T with 1.16 gigabytes and T-Mobile, which doesn’t officially carry the iPhone, at 0.49 gigabytes. T-Mobile and Sprint accounted for 1.28 gigabytes and 0.95 gigabytes of Android data usage, respectively, while AT&T subscribers with Android phones consumed 0.82 gigabytes compared to 0.65 gigabytes on Verizon.

But from this report, I did not understand one thing, what are we trying to prove? Does this mean that Android users use the internet less than iPhone users? Or do we have to think that the iPhone is more “connected” than an Android smart phone? Or do we have to think that the IPhone needs more internet than an Android smart phone? What do you guys think?

Source: BGR


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  1. I agree that the amount of data consumed provides little insight by itself. I also agree that iPhone users care more about ease of use than checking data downloads (and customization, etc.). I also think providers still don’t make it easy/intuitive/obvious what apps consume the most data, etc.. Finally, I think the opening sentence is missing a word or two: Current: “There are more than just one in which people measure the two most popular mobile platforms…” Proposed: “There is more than just one way in which people measure the two most popular mobile platforms…”

  2. I use my Droid Razrr Maxx to listen to music during my two hour train commute, have a decent number of apps, yet rarely hit 2 gb. I think the iPhone is geared towards a less tech savvy demographic that may not be aware of ways data is used.

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