Windows Phone 8 Text Messaging Bug Found

A text messaging bug has been discovered on Windows Phone 8 that automatically adds a second recipient to your text message. The bug is activated when you compose a text message via voice and proceed to edit that message. What happens is that the surname of the original recipient is added but without the number. This makes you receive an error message when you try to send out the message.

Windows Phone 8 Text Messaging Bug

Todd of Todd4Tech blog discovered this bug which happened on his Nokia 920 with Portico on the AT&T network. The automatic addition of a phantom recipient is really annoying but a workaround to this has been discovered by Todd.

The solution lies on the way the second recipient is automatically added, which in this case uses the surname but without the number. By going to the People Hub and changing the default way it displays names from Last, First to First, Last or Name, Surname fixes the issue.

It must also be pointed out that the problem only exists during this condition. When you send out a regular text message by typing in normally it does not occur at all.

Some users have even said that they may have encountered the same problem on their WP7 devices so this might be an ongoing issue that hasn’t been resolved by the company yet. The reason why no fix has been made yet is that the conditions that make it occur is rarely used by most users.

Since this is just a workaround and most people sort their contacts by Surname first we should expect Microsoft to resolve this bug when the next update to Windows Phone 8 arrives.

Windows Phone 8 is the second generation mobile operating system of Microsoft replacing the previously released Windows Phone 7. It became officially available October 29 of last year and is currently used the current smartphone models.

As of now Microsoft still has a minor share of the smartphone market that is cornered by Android and iOS despite having a partnership with Nokia.

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  1. In your article you state that “…most people sort their contacts by Surname first…” This is an assumption/opinion and is not accurate. Most people I know, and I mean 99%, sort contacts on their phone by first name.

    Perhaps this is a generational thing as I have tended to see older people as the ones who sort by last name and younger people, almost always, sort by first name.

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