Windows Phone 8 still continues to lose market share

Smartphone market share Q4 2012

Microsoft released the new mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8, in the hopes that it will get the company some sizable share in the smart phone market. And the CEO of the Redmond based company, Steve Ballmer, was all excited to announce back in November of 2012 that the company was selling four times more Windows Phone 8 devices as compared to its November 2011 sales. But it turns out, the Windows Phone 8 has not helped the company gain any sizable chunk of the market share pie. In fact, the company is gradually losing ground according to the latest figures from the analytics first comScore.

The analytics first surveyed five platforms and turns out that Microsoft actually lost 0.7 per cent of the market share in the fourth quarter of the last year. It started out with a 3.5% market share at the end of September 2012. But at the end of the quarter in December 2012, the market share had come down to 2.9%. The Register UK writes:

Of the five smartphone platforms surveyed, Blackberry was the only other vendor that saw its subscriber share dwindle, quarter over quarter. Google and Apple each showed modest gains, while Symbian’s subscriber share remained flat at 0.6 per cent.

We can see from the figure that Google’s Android has been successful in getting only a 0.9 per cent hike in the market share compared to Apple’s 2.0 per cent hike. This may be a bad news for Google, but still, the market leader remains Google’s Android with a 53.4% market share.  The search engine giant is expected to roll out a new version of the operating system this year, which is expected to give a good push to the market share in the positive direction. But the same is expected to happen with Apple as well, as the company is expected to release a new iPhone by the end of the year.

Source: Register UK


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  1. I have read this and I am of the same opinion of, “not me”. The, “droid guy”, seems to grab unsupported references to fit his view. Windows phone 8 is a great os for smartphones. It will take years for MS to gain market share on a very competitive market place. I own a windows phone and I think I am really using one of the best smartphone devices on the market; the tile nav is awesome.

  2. This is not a Windows Phone 8 stat, it’s a Microsoft stat. Could be Windows Mobile 6.x, WP7.x. WP8 is gaining market share are more finite look the real numbers will show.

    Just takes some time to get all the old Windows mobile phones out of circulation. WP8 is a awesome OS for sure.

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