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Can’t Wait for the Windows Phone 7.8 Update? Get it now [Tutorial]

Windows Phone OS is a very well known OS and popular too, but for all the wrong reasons. When Microsoft revealed that they were shifting from Windows Mobile 6 to Windows Phone 7 back in 2010, we were all pleasantly surprised yet keenly interested. However, as the launch commenced and we saw smartphones launching with the said OS, its flaws started becoming immediately apparent. The likes of Samsung, HTC and LG were the ones to come up with the first few Windows Phone 7 smartphones which are now known as legacy devices. An year later, Microsoft announced the Windows Phone NoDo update, which was a terrible failure as it didn’t reach all the devices in time. The name NoDo stood for “No Donuts” apparently, which was an obvious poke at one of Android’s earliest versions called Donut or Android 1.6. After that, Microsoft launched the Windows Phone 7.5 update also known as Windows Phone Mango. Around the same time, Nokia made Lumia 800 smartphones started surfacing in the market. And less than a year later in June 2012, Microsoft announced its newest mobile operating system, Windows Phone 8.

Along with this announcement came bad news for WP7 users, as the folks at Redmond had decided to not roll out an update of Windows Phone 8 to older devices as it had some hardware limitations. Microsoft however didn’t make it all that bad for the users as it also announced the arrival of Windows Phone 7.8 which would bring most of WP8’s cosmetic features on board along with a few other features that are not hardware reliant. But this update took plenty of time to hit older WP7 devices, as only recently the update started rolling out for the WP7 smartphones. But we know there are plenty of you folks with Windows Phone 7.5 smartphones out there who still don’t have the said update and here’s a very simply way to get it. Make sure you follow the steps carefully and proceed with caution, as we can’t guarantee it would work for you. But either way, it’s certainly worth a shot.


  • Working internet connection.
  • Battery Charged Up More than 90% to run through the process with ease.
  • Any of the legacy Windows Phone smartphones, mostly non Lumias as Nokia has already begun rolling out updates for these smartphones.
  • Download the Seven-Eighter software from the Windows Phone Hacker site – here.

This project comes from the ever so reliable Windows Phone developer site, windowsphonehacker.com, where one can find tons of content about Windows Phone development and ROMS or basically anything related to Windows Phone tweaks. I would like to confirm that I’ve personally tried this with my Samsung Focus and it worked like a charm. So here’s how you begin.

Step 1: After you finished downloading the Seven-Eighter zip file from the source given above, make sure you unzip it and open the SevenEighter(.exe) file. Since you’re most probably a first time user of the tool, it will ask you to download some additional tools online, click okay and you will be directly navigated to the download page.


Step 2: After that’s done, make sure you connect your WP7.5 smartphone to the PC/Laptop and make sure you close Zune if it’s open in the background.

Step 3: Now run the setup which is basically a one click process, and your phone should be updated with the latest firmware before finally getting the Windows Phone 7.8 update (7.10.8858.136).

The thing about Windows Phone updates is that it actually downloads all the available updates before finally getting to the update of your choice, so there’s no way to directly hop on to Windows Phone 7.8. Which is why we advise you to be patient during the process as it could take a while, which in my case was about 45 minutes. Make sure there’s enough juice on the phone and a working internet connection though, as we mentioned above. If you follow all the steps rightly, you should have the update running on your device. And this is the official version of the update which you would eventually receive from the carrier or manufacturer, so there’s nothing to worry about.


The process is fairly simple and easy to do it yourself even if you don’t have prior modding experience. However, processes like these carry a certain amount of risk with it, which is the case with any update really. But for users who can’t be on the carrier’s or manufacturer’s mercy for update, this should be a no-brainer.


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  1. Guys I have also Updated my Omnia W , but lock screen is not opening, live tiles is not working and small and middle size of tiles is also not working..
    plz suggest me solution for that…

  2. My Samsung Focus wouldn’t upgrade, tried twice but got the timeout on restart error both times then had to restore my phone in zune from backup, luckily no harm done..

    Will wait a few more months for Samsung to get their act together else will try the seveneighter app again after more bugs have been ironed out.

  3. I have HTC Radar 4G and i updated .. i have OS version now … 7.10.8862.144 and it is superb working … this version is recently updated and this software is no harm at all … just do as it described … do not disconnect phone from cable after attached turn of mobile data or wifi internet and do not turn off internet of computer/latpop while updating and just keep watching till it says in software that your update is done … Thanks admin

  4. Did this last night on my HTC Radar on T-Mobile USA, since they will never release Windows 7.8. Took about an hour after I got all the software I needed. Working great. Following the steps listed by above author of article it took me to 7.10.8862.144.

  5. I also have a focus on att (unlocked and works on any carrier), the seven-eighter program takes a while to work. I thought it was frozen, but eventually a status bar starts on your phone. Also, before it starts, but after you press install wp 7.8, you will need to install a rar file, download winrar program on cnet first!

  6. Will this update to the new 7.10.8862? That’s the one with the live tile fix. Everyone is getting the live tile problem if its 7.10.8858 just putting it out there. Is this ROM for the Nokia’s been sing a lot of that since its the fist ones that are getting the update.

  7. Update Error 80070070 There is not enough space on the disk.%
    Disk C 15 Gb Free, Disk D 200 GB Free, Mozart 2.35 GB Free WIndows 7 X64
    Pls Help

  8. I kept getting a timeout when my phone was starting up, but once I disabled the password on the phone (settings->lock & wallpaper) it worked like a charm. The whole process took about 40 minutes with the downloads and install.

  9. I have recently updated my Lumia 800 with seven eighter and all seems fine but its still windows 7.5 in the about section and the lock screen/ wallpaper option doesn’t work and the volume will not go above 13

  10. i own an samsung omnia w and trying to update it. I downloaded seven eighter software but on installing it, it is showing an error message
    “THE APPLICATION IS UNABLE TO START CORRECTLY(0xc000007b)” please help me out…….

  11. I’m trying to update my Samsung Focus as per the instructions from Subhasis. I’ve done that before with previous updates and I was able to install one update via this method but it seems to be stuck on 8779. Zune reports my current software version as 7.10 and my phone shows OS version: 7.10.8779.8. I have tried the disconnection method numerous times but I cannot get it to complete the last update. Any suggestions? I’m in Canada with Rogers.

  12. I’ve same problem with BJB. Bing lockscreen doesn’t work, The theme colours only have 10 to choose, Calendar doesn’t display appointments on either the live tile or the lock screen, Under Settings, lock+wallpaper won’t open, Under About, the software is listed as Windows Phone 7.5, but the OS version is 7.10.8858.136.

    Please help.

  13. The files that you downloaded need to be installed. But first you need to unpack them. I found that you need to install 7 zip to unpack them. Then run the installer in for your operating system. To run the installer navigate to the update tool folder. Open this folder the open either X86 for 32 bit systems or X64 for 64 bit systems. Run the setup-update.exe file and you are golden and should be able to run the phone updater app. Hope this helps.

  14. After I hit install it asks me to download some additional stuff so I do and all it does it download the WP7_update_tool and it doesn’t work… Is there something I need to do with the update tool?

  15. This worked for me too. I have an HTC Mozart (was running Mango 7.5 – Telstra, Australia). I had to try numerous times and installed several updates before I could install 7.8, but got there eventually. I turned on flight mode (not sure if it helped), and also found restarting zune and unplugging / re-plugging my phone between update attempts helped.

  16. I also have the same problem as BCB. I have the Focus Flash, and he worded everything exactly how it shows. Any reply would help.

  17. Thank you so much…. Worked perfectly on my Samsung Focus. A little over an hour to complete all updates.

  18. It worked for my Samsung Focus 2, but I must be missing something, because I have the following problems:

    – Bing lockscreen doesn’t work
    – The theme colours are different, but I still only have 10 to choose from
    – Calendar doesn’t display appointments on either the live tile or the lock screen
    – Under Settings, lock+wallpaper won’t open
    – Under About, the software is listed as Windows Phone 7.5, but the OS version is 7.10.8858.136.

    Can someone help me fix this? Thank you!

  19. Guess I should add that I was able to use this tool and now am updated to 8783. Appears that the last update 8858 is all I need and get an error message after multiple attempts. While trying this update the device reboots and then on the final screen says update failed. Then the desktop tool posts an error sign with no message. Looked at the generated log file but not sure what it is saying.

  20. It took 4 times, but finally worked. If you use a PIN code, disable it. After the first 3 AUTOMATIC attempts by the installer, I was about to disconnect and give up because each time the phone would tell me it had been successfully updated, even though the start screen looked exactly the same. Then after the installers 4th automatic attempt, the “Windows Phone” logo was different upon startup, then about 15 seconds later the new style 7.8 start screen appeared on the phone, and the installer presented a message saying “Done” on my computer screen. Total time was about 50 minutes. The key is to let the installer keep cycling. Don’t be tempted to disconnect because it seems like nothings going on.

  21. Hi CR,

    while trying to update my phone to WP7.8. i accidentally dropped my phone and the update stopped. now my phone is not booting and showing the same image of data transfer from system to phone with an x mark on the transfer. can u help me with this?


  22. Hi
    In my Omnia w it is successfully updated but i got ony 10 acent colours, I unable to access Lock+wallpaper settings and it is still showing 7.5 only in About.

  23. Wow, thats awesome, i just update my Omnia W, I was eagerly waiting for this. No issues so far, everything looks good. Thanks for flawless instructions and tool.

  24. guyss…at the beginning it seems it is working but nothing has changed but start screen on my HTC Titan. No more colors, no tethering, no google search engine for ie…etc. I have checked all the changes I have read in MS websites but non of them is here.. It still says OS system Windows Phone 7.5 although I selected language as English.. If the WP 7.8 is like this, then I am going back7.5 Mango…Could you please comment if other phones like my phone or only me (TITAN) 🙁


  25. Thnx a lott…it is workins perfectly on my HTC Titan for the 1st try. Phone from UK but I am in Austria..:)

  26. i tried on my focus, however had to abort the process and seven-eighter was missing few languages like filipino, malay etc.


  27. Ha, I spoke too soon, it worked! 3rd time is a charm I guess. I’m loving the new update! Thank you!!!!!!!! 😀

  28. Want the new Windows Mobile 7.8 update ?? All you need is patience.

    Step by step instructions to force the Windows Phone 7.8 update
    1. Connect your Windows Phone to a PC and launch the Zune software.

    2. Click on Phone > Settings > Update. Allow the software to tell you whether an update is available. If the update is available, skip this guide. If not continue to the next step.

    3. Disable the data connection of the phone “Settings – Mobile Network – Data Connection – OFF”

    4. Time to force the update. Click another button (any of the options above or below the word Update). Then click the Update button again, and this time disconnect your computer from the internet after 2-3 seconds. Do this by pulling out the Ethernet cable, disabling Wi-Fi, etc. If it says your phone is already up to date, you didn’t disconnect quickly enough and need to try this step again.

    5. Wait 30 seconds or so and Zune should display a notification that an update is available.(As i said patience is the key, try step 3 again and again, it will work, I updated my Samsung Omnia W this morning)

    6. Now reconnect to the internet and continue with the update process through the Zune software.

    7. Depending on what OS build you are starting with, you may be prompted for several OS updates.

    8. Let the phone update and wait. The final OS build is 8858. If you are getting just 8779, you’ll want to repeat 4-6 above.

    9. You may also be prompted to install a firmware update at the very end, follow through with this

    10. Celebrate! The whole process, including backup could take up to 60 minutes. Check that you are on build 8858 to see if you are done.

  29. Yeah, it did it a 2nd time, same message about an error with timing out trying to reboot. This is after it cycles through the first update just fine…it’s just not the 7.8 update. I’m sure I’m missing something. Any tips? I feel like its just not meant to be for me to get this 7.8 update! 🙁

  30. I tried with my Samsung Focus and it went through 1 cycle (wasn’t the 7.8 update), and I got an error about timing out with a reboot… 🙁

    Trying again…

  31. Thanku thnku thnku.. finally updated my Omnia W. But in about, it still shows windows phone 7.5

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