Twitter may use Bluefin to get ad revenue

Bluefin Labs Superbowl

Twitter is starting to get serious about social TV and the ads on this media as the company has bought a social TV analytics firm after signing a contract with another company. The first company in question is the Bluefin Labs. Yes, Twitter has acquired Bluefin Labs for an undisclosed amount of money. But it is said that this acquisition is supposedly more than the TweetDeck acquisition that the micro blogging website made in 2011 for a $40 million. According to reports on Business Insider, the Twitter and Bluefin Labs acquisition can be priced anywhere between $50 million and $100 million, as the Bluefin Labs has been successful in raising $20.5 million in funding to date.

So, why did Twitter buy this company anyway? Well, it is a well-known fact that Twitter is already considered a second screen to the social TV industry as millions of users usually tweet about only TV shows, and nothing else. So it becomes a logical step for the social networking company to get closer to the actual TV industry to better its chances of making money.

It is not yet sure what Twitter is planning for its new sidekick. But since it is an analytics company, the micro blogging web site might be eyeing for some ad revenue. Fox example, Bluefin Labs says that 30.6 million comments were posted about Sunday’s Super Bowl XLVII on major social networking sites including Twitter, Facebook, and Get Glue. It also posts the top 10 TV shows of the day. When the company is capable of giving such precise information, advertising is an obvious and a profitable stream of income.

Even before acquiring Bluefin Labs, Twitter had started a social TV related venture by signing a multi-year contract with Nielsen, where the companies will “create the first social TV ratings system, which will monitor how many tweets mention a specific program or series.”

It is to see how the partnership and the acquisition will play out for Twitter, but it is a good and a brave by the company to not depend only on its micro blogging service for revenue.

Source: Apple Insider

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