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Is HTC One the company’s last attempt?


We know that the 19th of this month is a very important day for the Taiwanese smart phone manufacturer, HTC. The company is going to unveil its brand new smart phone, the HTC One (according to rumors of course). The rumor mill has pushed out lot many rumors about the device, and by the looks of it, the smartphone is great on paper. And if you look at the history, the company does manufacture really good phones.

I was a HTC user for more than one time. My last HTC was a Desire HD in 2011, and I just loved it. But now, the company is not really doing well and it has already withdrew its sales from a few countries around the globe. Now, with the One, the company seems to be trying hard to regain some market share.

The company has named the new smart phone smartly, The One. But does this mean that this is going to be the one? The last one? Well, it may mean that, we are not sure. The hardware of the device seems really awesome. And we also know that the smart phone will come with the company’s Sense user interface on top of Android 4.2 Jelly Bean (or at least that is what the rumors say). We are ready for it.

The design of the HTC One is also awesome. But the design does look like it has been arrived at by combining the iPhone 5 and the BlackBerry Z10, both beautifully designed smartphones. But has the design been really copied? That’s a completely different discussion altogether.

The blogosphere is very busy discussing this topic right now. Most people think that this is HTC’s last attempt at building Android smart phones, and some are afraid that this will be the company very last attempt at a smart phone itself. It would be very sad if this is true, at least for me. What do you think? You can discuss this at our forum as well, over here.


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  1. the curvature of the generating curve and the ugly before. but this design model and design man, they should throw in jail. but this Süper new HTC for producers, the prize they should.?
    okey good,Thnks*metin*

  2. hello evreone, favorit color is, silver golding brawn purple.but not black and whit.?

    One series of HTC, the HTC One series of the previous curve, curvature of the model is very bad and the ugly.? but this new HTC Android Tech, however, HTC One, why not find a good name,? Medela (HTC vango) (HTC süper) HTC özsoy) (HTC Standard).

  3. It took Sprint 13 tries to get a working EVO in my hands so I seriously doubt a would take one even for free! Yes, once I got a proper EVO, I’m quite pleased with it and having all those extra batteries is nice but I had to file a BBB complaint, talk many times to the executive action committee and ended up spending about a day total, just to get one phone that worked as advertised. So, no, when my contract is up this month, HTC will not be one of the phones I even touch. Features are nice but quality control is what really counts.

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