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How Would You Change the Samsung Galaxy S III?


The Samsung Galaxy S III is one of the premier flagship droids right now and stands tall against the rest of the competition. The smartphone has been praised by millions of users (literally) and they still continue to do so. Sure the smartphone has some niggles here and there, but its performance has been perfect so far and it is scot-free when it comes to hardware issues as well (despite the Exynos exploit). However, as with any smartphone there will be a few things we like and a few things we’re not huge fans of. So let’s just go through a few features which we would like to be changed with the current Galaxy flagship.

The Design:

This comes right up in our list as we’ve not been huge fans of the smartphone’s overall appearance and its durability. You might have checked out plenty of drop tests of the Galaxy S III and realized how non-durable it is. One would feel that the point behind getting a rather plasticky body was to eliminate the accidental scratches and scuffs and provide better build quality overall. But sadly, that’s not the case with the Galaxy S III. Not only is it unappealing to the eye, but it also doesn’t bear any real purpose. Sure you want to add in a removable battery door, but that can be achieved with better materials too. Also, I’m not a huge fan of light weight phones, so I don’t really mind adding a few grams if it means that we’re getting a good looking phone and not something which looks like a slab of plastic. Most of the durability issues can be resolved by purchasing a simple hard cover case online, but wouldn’t it be much better for all of us if the device is that durable when it is taken out of the box? We would also like to see some square edges on the smartphone instead of that curved shape which apparently makes it easier to hold. It’s actually quite the opposite, since the phone itself can get quite slippery and prone to a lot of accidental drops.

Samsung Apps:

While we love the array of apps bundled in by Samsung, we would also love to see some of them improved and made usable. Well, I’m talking about S-Voice of course, as it is one of those features which you won’t really use often but you know it’s there. Maybe with the successor of the Galaxy S III, Samsung could improve the usability or remove the app altogether. Improvements are in order and as much as we love those Samsung apps, they hardly come to use.


The battery of a smartphone is an area where we’re always left asking for more. The same logic applies for the Galaxy S III as there have been several complaints of the battery draining heavily when performing CPU heavy operations like games, video streaming etc. So with Samsung expected to bump up the display to Full HD 1080p resolution with the next Galaxy flagship, we would certainly love to see a bigger battery pack. Not to mention the rumored Octa core processor, which could literally drink the juice out of the battery in no time. We hope Samsung makes sufficient arrangements for that.

Hardware Keys:

If there’s one feature Samsung has retained from the original Galaxy S smartphone, it’s that iconic home button at the bottom of the smartphone. This in fact garnered a lot of criticism from Apple fanboys as the functioning of Samsung’s home button was pretty much the same as the iPhones. However, I guess the time has come to get rid of the universal home button and implement something more functional, say like the onscreen keys on the Galaxy Nexus and the recently launched Xperia Z. There’s actually plenty to learn from new smartphones for Samsung and we’re certain it will, but only in due time. Also, the lack of a hardware camera shutter button is appalling. Not that we’ve seen any other Android OEM except for Sony come up with a camera shutter button for its smartphone, but this in my opinion is the least these manufacturers could do especially when they boast of superior camera sensors. Even the iPhone for that matter doesn’t come with a dedicated two stage camera button. Others have complained about the creakiness of the volume and power buttons, I guess this is a standard problem with Samsung devices as two of my 2010 Samsung smartphones have suffered from the same issue.

Other Changes:

We would have liked to see an LCD panel on board, mainly because AMOLED’s don’t quite provide with the superior visibility that come with LCDs. That’s not to say that AMOLED panels are bad, there are in fact a lot of areas where AMOLEDs absolutely trump LCDs. This is a subjective point and we don’t think Samsung will mess with the natural order of things. Perhaps a 2GB RAM would have been very welcome too, but I guess that’s asking too much for from a mid 2012 smartphone when 1GB of RAM was considered good enough.

These are the areas where I feel Samsung can slightly improve the Galaxy S III. Besides this I can’t think of any other areas where the Galaxy S III needs improving. There have been a few software issues as well which have been fixed by Samsung right on time. So when it comes to software issues, Samsung is always the quick to resolve it, quicker than competitors at least. If there is something you would like to add to this, kindly let us know by dropping a line below.


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  1. I think Samsung should move the power button to the top of the phone. Having it directly across from the volume buttons makes it easy to turn off by accident. I have also noticed that when I hand the phone to someone to look at a picture, they very easily hit the power button by mistake and turn the phone off.

    Also – need conversation support in the default SMS app. I used Go SMS Pro to fix this issue.

  2. Don’t like the appearance? Matter of taste! For me, it was one of the main reasons I bought it – that and the large screen, replaceable battery, and removable storage. I love the rounded corners. Beats the iPhone’s old fashioned boxy shape hands down.

    Want it more durable and less slippery? Then install a cover and let the rest of us make our own choice instead of forcing it on us. The soft rubber Cygnett cover I have feels great, protects it and adds buggerall weight – and gives me a choice of colours. I’d much rather make my own choices than have them made at Samsung headquarters – or by the Droid Guy.

    Cheap back cover? After having mine 6 months I haven’t had to remove it yet, so if it helps to keep the thing light, that’s fine with me. The last thing I want is extra weight in my shirt pocket or anywhere else.

    You want MORE hardware buttons, including a camera shutter button??!! What for? One of the S3’s great features is its LACK of hardware buttons. If anything, I’d remove the volume button and the home button too, and put them on the screen like everything else. Let’s have just a single button to lock/unlock the screen.

    As far as I’m concerned, Samsung nailed it with the S3.

  3. Overall the phone is great, however it does not perform nearly as well as it should when it comes to basic phone functions like making phone calls and texting. I don’t understand why this is acceptable. I think they should partition a portion of ram just for the basic phone functions.

  4. Thanks for the article. Just a few comments:
    Like the blind men and the elephant, everyone sees the S3 differently. Also, it is annoying that there are really 2 different S3s, which causes a lot of confusion when discussing the functionality of them. I get all wrapped up reading about issues with the phone, only to find out later (or not) that they apply to the “other S3” (Mine is the i747, 2-core American version, with AT&T ICS).

    If Samsung is one of the best at fixing bugs, I would sure hate to see the worst! With the Captivate i897, it took them two major Android upgrades (eclair to gingerbread) to staighten up some bugs. The Froyo upgrade took FOREVER, which ADDED a bug (You couldn’t disable location tagging in photos).

    Back to the S3:
    The video camera “de-shake”, and its sound are both screwed up.
    The microphones are great for stereo audio recording (RecForge), but they distort badly with loud sounds because mic gain is too high. (Don’t know if this can be fixed by firmware).

    You might suggest upgrading to JB, but I’m afraid! The bugs I don’t know about scare me more than the ones I know about. Instead of hearing about any of these being fixed, I hear about more bugs in JB!
    I’m waiting for fixes….

    I hope the astronomical number of S3s that they have sold, will motivate Samsung to follow-up better than they have in the past.

  5. Over all my wife and I love our s3’s. Got two things that I would like to see or would have been in seventh heaven if they came on the US variant if the s3 is a FM Receiver. The other thing that would be nice would be a low powered FM transmitter, so that you could play music through a fm radio with out having cables. I realize that the transmitter would burn up battery faster, but with the car charger there wouldn’t be any worry about the loss of power

  6. We write with international audience in mind. The global Galaxy S III comes with a quad core SoC and 1GB of RAM.

  7. I dont get why people keep saying the galaxy s3 is quad core and has 1gb of ram. My s3 is dual core with 2gb of ram.

  8. 1) Yes a built in kick stand would be nice. 2) I wish the S 3 was a bit narrower it is a little un confortable for me to hold. 3) Yes I would also change how the S 3 is not very durable when dropped. Not long after having mine I dropped and scared it up. 4) I like the home key ansld would not change it. 5) The battery is ok but there is defently room for improvement. 6) I would live to see the samsung apps more functional mainly s voice. 7) I also would have loved to see the

  9. The over all design of the S3 is a keeper, obviously. I own the U.S.version with 2gigs of ram and the duel core processor and I can’t seem to bog it down.
    My only issue with the S3 is the durability. To me, it’s a beautiful phone to hold and look at, but it has to be hidden under a protective case in order for me to sleep with ease at night. Sammy seems to always improve on next-generation device’s hardware/software, so no worries there, but the build quality has to be stepped up so we can enjoy the shape and style without worries of breaking it.

  10. I agree with you in some points but in other point i totally disagree.

    Okai 1st round edges of fhe S3 are much better than that of the S2 boxy edges. Its your problem you can’t hold your phone sissy.

    2nd my phone gives me a 70% average consumption of the 1 GB RAM. So a 2GB RAM would definately do good.

    3rd the home button key is very useful and classy the way it is. I didn’t like the touchy on the OneX and nexus.

    However i strongly agreevwith ur point of the back cover.

    SO VERY IMPORTANT that if the next phone has it, everyone will want one, THAT IS; a built-in IR & RF transmitter and receiver. Then we could all get rid of ALL our remote controls for ALL devices, even garage and gate remotes. So far, only as an add-on, you can get one for an iPhone/iPad, the Red Eye Mini I believe it’s called, but not Android.

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