BlackBerry searching for a spot in India and Indonesia

BlackBerry Z10

Research in Motion (RIM), the maker of the BlackBerry, had a very bad drop in its sales after the Apple iPhone and the Google Android happened in the smart phone market. The company lost a lot of market share all around the world and has been working on a new platform to make a comeback in the market that it lost. Two of the main countries where it saw good sales are India and Indonesia. Now, the company has a new strategy for these two countries.

In two countries, Research in Motion, which is naming itself BlackBerry after its popular smart phone brand, is going to release low end smart phones in two markets so that it can create a place in the market and get back some market share. At the same time, the company is also releasing the all new BlackBerry Z10, a smart phone which is going to appeal to its class of customers.

In India, wireless carriers are offering BlackBerry smart phones with a monthly package as low as $2. Hence, the smart phone is for sure going to appeal to a lot of customers, even if the BlackBerry Z10 is going to have a retail price tag of $750. Melissa Chau, senior research manager at technology research group IDC in Singapore, says:

It’s clear that not only are India and Indonesia among the largest markets but in terms of future smartphone growth, they’re amongst the ones with the most potential. But the two devices that have been launched are not well aligned to the needs of these two markets.

Research in Motion does not provide a country wise sales figure, but according to IDC’s reports, Indonesia was the biggest market for the Canadian smart phone maker after the United States and the United Kingdom, and India stood in the ninth place. But in India, BlackBerry smart phones cover the third largest market share after Samsung and Nokia smart phones. So it is just logical for the maker of BlackBerry smart phones to wish to come back to these two countries and sell some devices.

Source: India Times

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