Anonymous leaks personal information of 4,000 U.S. bank executives

OpLastResort Tweet about Bank details leaked

Anonymous, the group of exceptionally talented hackers, which has been doing stuff on the internet to break down the government whenever it needed attention, has done it again. This time, the group has targeted over 4,000 United States’ bank officials. This is not related to corruption or loopholes in the working ethics of these employees, but the way the group has chosen to act on the government.

The group has published a spreadsheet on the internet which contains the personal information of these 4,000 bank officials. The information contained includes the names, phone numbers, computer login credentials and IP addresses of bank executives from across the country. The group’s latest efforts are designed to provoke computer crime law reform following the suicide of Internet activist Aaron Swartz last month. And the operation is called Operation Last Resort.

ZDNet has done some research and background checking on the facts of the data present in the exposed spreadsheet. According to the report on the web site, the data contained in the spreadsheet is of the current executives at the community banks and credit unions, so these people are indeed working there, right now.

And the Anonymous group was able to hack into the Alabama Criminal Justice Information Center’s website over the weekend and use the site to host the spreadsheet. The group even came up with a Twitter account last month, Operation Last Resort (@OpLastResort), and according to the tweet from this account, the group was able to get its hands on the leaked credentials from Federal Reserve computers.

Huffington post contact a member of the group for comments, but the spokesperson refused to comment on the story and did not even confirm if we could look forward for a statement in the future. The group has been active all this time even when parts of the group have been busted and sentenced. This just shows that no matter how safe you make your data online, it can definitely be stolen.

Source: Tech Spot

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