Android powered iPhone to get a green light in Brazil

Gradiente Eletronica SA Android based iPhone

You would probably know that a consumer electronics company in Brazil is making Apple pay for nothing by taking the iPhone name first. Yes, the company in question, Gradiente Eletronica SA, had applied for the “iphone” name way back in 2000, that is too many years even before Apple announced the first ever iPhone in 2007. So the copyright regulatory agency in Brazil is letting the Brazilian consumer electronics company keep the copyrights to the name.

But what will this Gradiente Eletronica SA do with the “iphone” name? Well, you guessed it right. There is already an Android powered iPhone out in the market in Brazil, and Gradiente Eletronica SA makes these smart phones. How ironic is that? And this has to be the best irony I have ever come across.

But this is not the first time Apple is coming across something like this. We should not forget that the Cupertino tech giant faced a similar situation in China for the copyrights of the name “ipad.” What will Apple do about this then? The iOS based iPhone maker will probably try to take this decision to the court and will try to fight the Android based iPhone maker. If that does not give the required results, the Cupertino based iPhone maker will just get out its chequebook and try to buy the rights to the name in Brazil. As you can see, Apple does not own the iPhone and the iPad names in all countries in the world, not yet maybe.

But you may ask why does Apple care so much about this. That is because the analysts in the field have predicted that Brazil is going to be one of the biggest smart phone market in the near future. It is already one of the fastest growing cellular countries in the world. So obviously, the Cupertino smart phone maker wants a share of the Brazilian pie to itself.

Source: Android Authority

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