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128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro already sold out

Microsoft Surface Pro tablet

If you were all excited to buy one of those newly announced Microsoft Surface Pro tablets just because of the 128 GB hard drive inside it, you are too late. This is because just after a few hours of being announced, the tablets were all sold out from almost all of the major resellers online. Microsoft’s online store in the United States, Staples, and Best Buy are among the retailers reporting as out of stock of the 128 GB Microsoft Surface Pro.

The tablet also went on sale in Canada. And we do not know how many units of the device the retails had, or have. But all we know, we will have to wait for a little longer if already not ordered. But on the other hand, the lower capacity, [easyazon-link asin=”B00AA04LUA” locale=”us”]64 GB Microsoft Surface Pro[/easyazon-link] is still available. You can order this one if you are not able to wait for a long time. What will you be losing with this? Just the bigger hard disk. But you can compensate with a microSD card of higher capacity as the tablet also features a microSD card slot.

Or, you can buy the Surface RT version of the tablet which runs Windows RT, an ARM machine. Unlike Surface RT, the Microsoft Surface Pro version of the tablet runs Windows 8 and is built on Intel hardware. The tablet acts as any other Windows computer, but with a touch screen and optional keyboard.

Users of the Surface Pro tablet will be able to install any Windows software they want, there will be no issues with compatibility as we increasingly face on the Surface RT tablet from the company. Also, users are expected to get around four to six hours of battery back up from the Surface Pro tablet. This is considered less by some people in the industry. But we have to keep in mind that this is very much a laptop, but with smaller parts and some parts missing. Anyway, Slash Gear writes:

Following this release, the Surface RT version will be released in 13 additional countries throughout Europe on February 14, comprised of: Belgium, Austria, Denmark, Finland, Ireland, Italy, Luxembourg, Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and Sweden.

Source: Slash Gear

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  • captainhurt

    what a joke!
    A) its microsoft and its windows. does anybody remember the disasters called bluescreens, lockups, crashes, license fees, corruption, coersion, VIRUSES, “anti” virus, malware, constant installs, “action failed” “ignore/retry/cancel”, “a serious error has occured”, pay for new versions! ?? does anybody remember these microsoft creations?!

    B)its over $1000 (ONE THOUSAND USD)!! get real, the latest GOOGLE CHROMEBOOK is $199-$250, with none of these items listed in #1.

  • real

    I bought the 64gb yesterday and love it. Added a micoSD card and now have a 128gb. I’m not concerned about space since i can easily map a drive to my Terabyte storage (my cloud and no worries about security). I love the Pro. It’s much faster than any other tablet on the market and can be used as my regular laptop (it’s actually faster than my previous laptop Mac Airbook). With the USB port I can use my external montior and keyboard.

  • Pail

    How much did Microsoft pay you to fluff the product for them?

  • b real

    @captainhurt, a chromebook is basically a web browser and that’s it. Come talk to the grown ups when you can install/use a real productivity app like PhotoShop or play a real game on a Chromebook. I’m not knocking a chromebook because I think they are cool, but you’re comparing a go cart with a real car here…

  • Anonymous

    Yes isheep you win

  • dean

    I love my Windows 8 tablet. Samsung ATIV 700. I no longer carry a notebook.

    Can iPad say that? I see iPads al the time, they are playing a game or watching a movie. While I can play games and watch movies I can also work.

    I love my Windows 8 Phone. Nokia 920

    I love my Xbox.

    I love Office 2013 on my Tablet, Office and home PC.

    I love SkyDrive.

    It’s funny that so many people have to comment on how much they hate Microsoft. The company people love to hate. Move on.

    I hope you love your device as much as I love my devices.

  • Good Stuffs

    Anyone can calculate the total Win 8 Pro Sale = Number of Bestbuy stores + Staples Stores x 3 units per store as per available information.

  • sagaboy

    Apple = OCD
    Microsoft = Normal

  • Chris David

    Agree with ‘b real’.
    I own a couple of Macs and a few windows based computers. The Chromebook raised a small interest but not worth investing in it due to limitations.
    As much as the Surface PRO may need improvement this is innovation that other companies are following. Whether you like MS or not respect the forward movement in progress. iPhone did what it did for phones. MS is doing what it is for true laptop computing on a laptop. So whether they do well in sales or not they were first to break this barrier.

    **Limitations for iPad and some android…. No support for all printers; not able to hook up an external USB device like a DVDRW, Blueray, or even a basic thumbdrive; Limited or no default export of video to external devices; the power to run large programs; the ability to run a real application not just an APP; being able to walk in a store and buy … say …. TurboTax or QuickBooks and install. NO external storage support.

    These are short comings from well established good market share holding manufactures. Since MS has added these features in others will follow suite. You can stick with Android or Apple but these features if ever added will be due to the them having to counteract a move made by MS. We all should be happy for this. It make everyone compete and add the features an end user wants and needs, not just about how they can slowly add in features each year to sell more product.

    I am a consumer and I care more about me than I do the price of the shares that company is currently selling…. Most other people should have the same concern.

    For those that cannot think big picture and only support their company of choice…. Apple is working on a touch interface to bring the iOS and the OSX together. Android is not really in this picture yet.

    I am interested in the peripherals that can attach in the future and think that having a full laptop power in something that I will carry in hand all the time will make work more productive. The perks of having both without having to lug around a loaded computer bag is nice. Still have to have a charger easily available due to the 4.5 hours of battery, but charging while I am driving should take care of that. YMMV for others.

    All stores are sold out in the area…. Not that there were that many shipped initially but apparently stores are being restocked Tuesday.
    Hands on use will tell me whether it is a keeper, a step in the right direction, or a paper weight like my MacBook.

    **Quick disclaimer on MacBook to avoid argument…. I kept having to boot into windows due to software not available for Apple required by many of my customers, so the MacBook was becoming basically an email and web browsing machine… I could do that on my windows based laptop in addition to the work I needed to do. Apple makes good products, but the software support is lacking compared to Windows.

    On the flip side, Apple does have a large APP store compared to windows but honestly most apps are games and I don’t need or want them. (some could be said about some software support for windows too). However, I feel that Windows 8 allowing APPs to be ran on desktops, laptops and tablets makes it an incredible breeding ground for new APPs. Sure…. plenty of useless ones like all APP stores have, but the developers that made an APP for Android or Apple will want to cash in on the huge desktop/laptop/tablet market of APPs for Windows 8.

    This should be a big game changer for all the major OS developers out there and how they are coming together.

  • Saint Luci

    We’ve been here before – people hate Microsoft for entering a particular product war very late in the game. But time and time again Microsoft gets to make their products in the mainstream market.

    IMHO, they’re all just gadgets/computers. Buy whatever suits you best.

    IMHO again, all those who still hate a particular company and the products they sell, are still trapped in the 90’s thinking. Grow up!

  • Anonymous

    It’s not hard to engineer a “sell out” if you only have a few thousand units available for sale on your grand opening day.

    Hundreds of posts across the web indicate that most retail stores received at most 1 or 2 Surface Pros to sell.

    Here’s what Surface Pro buyers had to say about availability at in response to Panos Panay’s public announcement about the grand unveiling:

    As you can see, there are A LOT of pissed of Surface Pro customers who believe the “sell out” was simply a stupid Microsoft marketing trick.

  • Asok Asus

    It’s not hard to fake a sell out if you supply only a few thousand units nationwide on your grand opening day.

    Hundreds of posts across the web indicate that most retail stores received at most 1 or 2 Surface Pros to sell.

    Here’s what Surface Pro buyers had to say about availability at in response to Panos Panay’s public announcement about the grand unveiling:

    As you can see, there are A LOT of pissed of Surface Pro customers who believe the “sell out” was simply a stupid Microsoft marketing trick.

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