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Samsung Galaxy S3 problems, solutions and workarounds – Part 2

Yesterday we published an article citing possible Samsung Galaxy S3 errors owners may encounter. We thought the article would help owners find solutions for errors they get from their device. Instead, it attracted more questions than we expected. So, to address questions posted by our readers about problems they have encountered while using Galaxy S3, we publish this article that deals with user-reported issues.


Galaxy S3 Headphones Issue

Problem: Every time I lock my S3, the music comes out of the speaker and not through headphones. It seems fine when I unlock the phone, though.

Description: This is an isolated case for Samsung Galaxy S3 but it was a known issue with Android since 2011. It was reportedly fixed after so many updates but still there are some Android users who are experiencing this problem right now. Other users reported both the speaker and headphones work together, others say only the speaker does. Our reader’s problem, however, only occurs every time he locks his S3. Seemingly, when he locks his device it ceases to detect headphones, thus, playing audio through the speaker.

Workaround: As I said, this is an isolated case for the Galaxy S3 so I can’t provide an ultimate solution to this. There is, however, a workaround to this. Try installing an app called SoundAbout. It detects every headphones/headset attached to the device and helps bridge the connection, theoretically. If this works for you, do let us know by leaving a comment below so we can rate the app according to the resolution it has provided based on the problem specified in this post.

Galaxy S3 TouchWiz Freezes

Problem: The only real problem I know I have is the Touchwiz stops working. I have not found a pattern, precipitator, or anything that triggers it. When it happens, a little box pops up and says touchwiz has unexpectedly stopped. No one to send a report to or any clue about how to fix it. I just have to restart the phone.

Description: TouchWiz is Samsung’s custom user interface. While it comes packed with better design and functionality, it is not free of flaws and problems. The fact is, more and more Note and S3 users are reporting to feel some kind of a lag when using the UI, others say it freezes from time to time. The worst thing is that sometimes the phone also freezes with it and there’s no other option than to hard reset the device.

Workaround: Unless Samsung releases an update that fixes Touchwiz lag and freeze issues, I’m afraid all we can do is provide workarounds to minimize lagging and freezing. The workaround for this problem is to clear TouchWiz data and wipe cache partition. The worst case scenario would be to reset the phone to factory settings.

1st Workaround: Menu => System Settings => Application Manager => TW => Clear Data

2nd Workaround: Turn off device => Press and hold VOLUME UP + HOME + POWER buttons => Wipe Cache Partition => Reboot system.

3rd Workaround: (BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE DOING THIS) Menu => Settings => Backup and Reset => Factory Data Reset => Reset Device => Delete All => Reboot

You can contact your provider and tell your problem but the best thing the company will do is swap your phone with a new one.

Galaxy S3 Internet Connection Problem

Problem: From time to time my internet connection drops while using Galaxy S3. What could have caused this problem?

Description: There are several factors affecting the stability and availability of your internet connection and there is no easy way to determine which is culprit.

Recommendation: If you are using Wi-Fi, make sure your router is in good condition and every time you lose your connection, check with other devices if they, too, cannot connect to the Internet. For 3G/4G users, check with your provider first; the culprit could be lose of signal or defective SIM.

Galaxy S3 Mic Volume Issue

Problem: When someone calls me, I can hear them from the other end but they can’t hear me.

Description: This problem may be a simple one as it could be fixed by a software update. But in some instances that the issue couldn’t be resolved, providers would swap the defective phone with a new unit because microphone malfunction is rampant to Galaxy S3 users.

Solution: Try to check if there is a software update available for your device. If there’s none, try to reset it back to factory settings.

1st Solution: Reboot Galaxy S3 => Connect to a Wi-Fi => Settings => About Device => Software Update.

2nd Solution: (BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE DOING THIS) Menu => Settings => Backup and Reset => Factory Data Reset => Reset Device => Delete All => Reboot.

Galaxy S3 Music Problem

Problem: From time to time, my Galaxy S3 pauses the music I’m listening to. Sometimes the pause lasts about 5 seconds, sometimes it reaches 30 seconds.

Description: This is a common issue among Galaxy S3 owners. Since many have experienced this issue, there is a lot of workarounds available. However, there are two workarounds that were proven effective and often used. The first one is to turn the Voice command for music. The other one is to do a factory reset, which is a bit of hassle especially for users who have lots and lots of files in their phone.

Solution: Let’s try to focus on the first workaround: disabling voice command for music.

1st Solution: Menu button => Settings => Language and Input => Voice cmd for apps => uncheck Music option.

2nd Solution: (BACKUP YOUR DATA BEFORE DOING THIS) Menu => Settings => Backup and Reset => Factory Data Reset => Reset Device => Delete All => Reboot

In-track pauses are not really a big problem but they are often annoying. Majority of users said pauses happen when they use the stock music app in Galaxy S3. The annoyance might go away if you use third-party music apps.

Do you have questions in mind?

We will try our best to answer every technical question we receive. So, if you have things you want cleared in your mind, send us an email at mailbag@thedroidguy.com.


Have other Issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3? please share with us either via email at mailbag@thedroidguy.com, or simply leave a comment below.

But the best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at forums.thedroidguy.com.  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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Have Other Questions?  Answers may be in our How To section.

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  1. my samsung s3 randomly goes in and out of driving mode (whether plugged to a charger or not) causing any running application to crash! I’ve tried to reset the device and the same thing happened again!

  2. My samsung gs3 isnt working when someone calls me. Ill get their call but my ringtone doesnt work, it only vibrates. All the volume and ringtone settings are turned all the way up and it still isnt working?

  3. please I need help, my widgets blocked, I cannot delete the unwanted one and is like everything is blocked, please I need help

  4. my galaxyS3 didnot operate for talking and whenever someone called me it says that the line is busy please help me.

  5. my galaxy S3 has just stopped working for no good reason and no one seems to be able to fix it iam really sad, and it seems like a common problem with this S3??

  6. I am not able to get a sound notification when I receive a message. I get one on whatsapp but normal messaging none. I have chosen different sound options and activated but to no avail………..Please help

  7. My samsung galaxy s3 has no sound on on the incoming call.
    The music and all sound is find, when on the call, only the other party can hear mine but I can’t hear anything from them.
    It’s only 6 months old.


  8. I downloaded the smartglass app for the Xbox and couldn’t get it to connect. So I tried updating the firmware and couldn’t get my phone to pair with the computer. I updated it (android 4.1) via usb but I’m still unable to connect to anything wirelessly. Any suggestions

  9. Hi im trying found out how can i get the premium suite app,i have a t-mobile galaxy s3 t999,can u please tell me when is coming to US or how can i get it

  10. Hi I have a S3 with a very peculiar problem. Just over a month after I had upgraded it to 4.1.1, suddenly it stopped connecting to WiFi hot-spots ( be at at home or elsewhere). I have had it “serviced” by Samsung 3 times, and all three occasions it has been returned with the WiFi not connecting.

    They have flashed new software, changed WiFi antennae, but to no avail. I’m waiting for it be sent in for service again.

    The issue is I can connect to WiFi if I’m standing next to a router (few inches away), this signal deteriorates as I move away, and gradually reduces to 5Mbps, from initial next-to router speed of 72mbps. After 10-12 feet away, it’s detecting strong signal, but not connecting , with authentication error/disabled message showing.

    Additional, the S3 is running the latest software (after re flashes from Samsung , i.e. 4.1.2).

    Can anyone help?

  11. Hi there. The live wallpaper section of my S3 keeps on freezing and force closes so I can’t change my wallpapers from there. Some of my favorites can’t be accessed from icons at the home screen to change it. Please help. How can I unfreeze and stop the force closing?

  12. Hi, I’ve been having a problem with my device. I tried to connect it once to my PC and it allowed me to save documents and music, but the last time I tried to connect it to my PC, it wouldn’t let my computer to read any files other than pictures. Also my music player shows numbers instead of titles.. It’s harder to pick a song since I can’t see the title. Could you help me with these?

  13. Hey there I read one of your fixes says something about a defective mic during a phone call. I have also run into this issue and I do not believe it is the mic at all. When I’m on my phone, if my face bumps the dialer button and the keypad pops up, the person on the other end cannot hear me, but I can hear them. This may be a separate issue entirely but I’m just making a mention.

  14. I recently got The Sprint version of the GS3. I left verizon because they aren’t as great as they claim, nor do you get what you pay for. Anyway I had the HTC Incredible 2 (Verizon) prior to my sprint gs3. I got this phone because of all the hype behind it. Although smart it’s missing a lot of features that my lesser Incredible 2 was capable of. My favorite thing is that you could use ANY headphones, and use them as if they were the microphone kind during a call. Plus it only took 2 steps to place a call as opposed to the GS3’s 4. The key board layout was much better too, with arrow keys to help navigate text instead of trying to correct a mispelled word by trying to tap. As it is the GS3 keyboard and predictive text is worthless. Also I could play certain games on my old 1ghz single core, 756 ram phone flawlessly that give me issues or don’t work at all on this phone. Also certain Games require you to go into developer settings and turning off the hardware accelorator, just so you can play them without getting a ‘ghosting’ effect. I never had to do that on my previous lesser model phone. All in all the GS3 is ok. But for all the innovation they put into it it’s seriously lacking in the simple things. I like the bigger screen, loud speaker, and how fast it is when you got a decent signal. But the single core and 756mb of ram on the htc incredible 2 can still give this phone a run for its money. And its a 3g only. Overall I like this phone. Just wish I could have carried over certain features that I’ve grown to appreciate on my last phone. Also most the flash and dash this phone comes with will find no use out of me. Wish that I could get rid of what I’ll never use.

    Problems I’ve noticed on mine (Sprint Galaxy S3 16gb pebble blue):

    Had touchwiz knock out a couple times.

    Cannot for the life of me find out how to turn of the stupid sound it makes every time you hook it up to charge.

    My alarm went off on my calander as a reminder and even though I swept to turn it off (not snooze) it just kept going and going. Didn’t stop untill I turned the phone off and back on.

    I cannot turn off the sound for the volume rocker either (it’s annoying as hell) woke up my 8 month old several times accidently pressing it, same goes again with the charging. (My htc incredible 2 allowed you to do it). I shouldn’t have to turn off all sound just so I can get rid of it.

    Sprints version doesn’t allow you to turn off the shutter sound of the camera (privacy law)

    I think not being able to support flash anymore is very Apple of Samsung and Android.

    Not to mention S Voice is retarded. Download ‘Skyvie’ from google play that app gives Siri a run for the money and its free.

    Most of all I feel it’s retarded that you actually have to DUMB DOWN your SMART phone just to play certain apps or get the most out of battery life.

  15. Occasionally I will hear a notification sound but when I look there is no notifications. Any ideas on what is going on? Thanks so much.

  16. I HAVE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 and using software running version 4.1.1.
    I have problem is: i have put my phone on charging and after full of battery see Blue blinking light but display not on.
    After that had remove battery and start again but it’s not restarted.
    It’s totally dead position.
    Please give me solution if any one have it….

  17. I have found what triggers the Touch Wiz stopped working message on my SGS3. When you go to delete a page on your home screen it will freeze up every time. Hope this helps out…

  18. In response to the touch wiz freezing. I have found that if I hold down the home sceen button until the task manager appears and the just hit the return/back/escape button on the lower right, that the touch screen resets and starts working again.

  19. Since my s3 updated I have had a few problems with it, predictive text has completely changed and unusable, it’s got to the point now where I don’t even like the phone. Also the battery life has reduced by around 30% has anyone else had any issues???

  20. Well that didn’t work… Basically my problem is that the h over the Internet arrows is showing but nothing happens, like it gets stuck or something. With h+ everything goes smoothly but h should work a little at least. I’m in Sweden if that is helpful.

  21. Are you sure you’ve enabled camera voice command in your unit?

    Menu => Settings => Language and Input => Voice cmd for Apps (turn in ON and tap on it) => Check the box beside Camera.

    Let me know if this works.

  22. I have Android 4.0.4 and every time I try to update to Jelly Bean it says
    ‘No Update Available’ whereas I’m in the UK . I’ve tried through 3G and Wifi.

  23. Wife and I both have the galaxy s3 running verison 4.1.1, from time to time it will just shut down and kick off have to take the battery out to reboot.On facebook we cannot post or check in but we can post on someone else comment. Have tried to uninstall and reinstall no help. Called tec service and they stated it was in the app, but I have a coulple of kin that has the same phone and same service that doesn’t have any problems at all with facebook. Any ideas on any of this.

  24. I have a few freinds with the white galaxy IIIs and none of them will take the software updates. The patch before or the jellybean update. It downloads and then starts the update and then the android guy dies. We have tried everything from hard resets to safe mode install to swiching sim cards. The carrier couldnt help and samsung tech support level 3 has no new suggestions. Thought you might?

  25. I watched a video demostrating the galaxy s3 camera features and it showed how you can get into the camera from the lock screen also how it has a voice command prompt where you can hold the camera away from you and say a word and its supposed to take the picture but my s3 doesnt do this at all is this just for certain models?

  26. Hi Eric,

    Samsung GT s5300 is not a Galaxy S3, it is rather known as Galaxy Pocket. The “GT s5300” is the model. To know what’s yours, go to Settings => About phone.

  27. Hello, just wanted to thank you for suggesting SoundAbout for the headphone issue. This app solved the issue for me. Thanks a bunch! :]

  28. How do you know that your GS3 is GT s5300? I am trying to figure out what mine is but I can’t seem to get it…any ideas?

  29. hey John,

    I’m afraid you’d have to log into your Drop Box account and delete photos there. Android devices can sync with your drop box account but I believe you can’t delete a file.

  30. The Gallery in my Samsung GT s5300 contains a photograph titled ‘Drop Box.’

    I wish to delete the photo but I cannot do so. What do I need to do?

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