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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors you may encounter; solutions and workarounds provided

The Samsung Galaxy S3 is undoubtedly powerful but it is not free of flaws. In fact, many Galaxy S3 users in the U.S. alone have reported they have encountered an error or two while using their phone. We did a little digging about errors and possible problems S3 owners may encounter and we created a list of those issues together with workarounds and solutions.

Samsung Galaxy S3 errors

Galaxy S3 “No SIM” error

Problem: My Galaxy S3 is displaying “No SIM” even if I have inserted one.

Description: The Samsung Galaxy S3 “No SIM” error means the phone does not detect a SIM card, so there are two possible reasons why: first, it could be that the SIM card is defective or, second, there is a loose connection between the SIM card and your phone.

Solutions: First, try inserting the SIM to other phones. If it works just fine, then there’s no problem with your SIM card. With that, assume the SIM card cannot make a good contact with the phone. Remove it from your phone and try re-inserting it properly. If it doesn’t work still, try to squeeze a tiny sheet of paper between the holder and the SIM card; it’s not the best solution there is but it usually resolves this kind of problem.

Note: This is not about the phone being unlocked or not, otherwise, it would display “SIM Not Recognized” error.

Galaxy S3 “Insufficient Internal Memory” Error

Problem: I’m getting an error saying there’s not enough memory left where I can install new apps.

Description: Most of the times this error comes out when you’re trying to install some apps you’ve already installed before. Uninstalling apps sometimes won’t delete their directories as well as the .odex file.

Solution: To solve this problem, you have to delete the .odex files (deOdex that often have the same name as the app you’re trying to install.

Galaxy S3 Message App Error

Problem: Message App shows I got one unread message but I’m sure I don’t have.

Description: It is a known problem in Galaxy S3.

Solution: Pressing the HOME button more often solves this little problem because it refreshes the home screen. If it still shows after you hit the Home button, reboot your device and it should be gone after that unless new emails come in.

Sprint Galaxy S3 Error Code 97

Problem: Just got my brand new Galaxy S3 from Sprint. Everything is working except I couldn’t send a text message.

Description: It is a carrier-specific problem and Sprint users are the ones often hit by this problem. Error Code 97 will allow users to do everything in their Galaxy S3 except that users can receive text messages but not be able to send.

Solution: Sprint’s advice is to go to Settings => Update Data Profile. It is also recommended to reboot the device and try to send text messages. If nothing else works, customers are advised to call Customer Care.

Galaxy S3 WiFi Authentication Error

Problem: I can’t connect to my Wi-Fi at home using my Galaxy S3. My other devices can connect just fine.

Description: This was a known issue for Galaxy S3 owners as there were many occurrences of this problem after they have updated their device to Android 4.0.4. Many believe it was a bug. But just recently, several owners running Android 4.1.1 Jelly Bean reported the same problem.

Solution: Open Wi-Fi Settings that forget the connection, then turn off Wi-Fi in your phone for a few seconds. Turn it back on and let your device scan available Wi-Fi connections. Tap on the one you want to connect and enter credentials. You should be able to connect by now.

Galaxy S3 Play Store Error

Problem: I haven’t been able to access Google Play Store. Every time I run the app, I’m getting a server error.

Description: There were many reported cases that users were not able to access Google Play Store even if they haven’t done anything with their phone. The common workaround is to clear data of some services and reboot the device.

Solution: Follow the steps below to fix this issue.

Step 1: Settings => Apps => All => Google Play Store => Clear Data, then Force Stop.

Step 2: Settings => Apps => All => Google Services Framework => Clear Data, then Force Stop.

Note: If you can’t find Google Services Framework, then it is disabled. You need to enable it and follow the step above.

Step 3: Settings => Apps => All => Download Manager => Clear Data.

Step 4: Reboot your phone.

Step 5: Launch Google Play Store and enter credentials. Enjoy!

Galaxy S3 OTA Update Error

Problem: Over the air update is available for my Galaxy S3 but just when the installation is almost finished, it gets aborted.

Description: This is an isolated case and no one actually, not even Samsung, has provided a perfect solution to solve this problem.

Solution: Use Samsung KIES instead of OTA. Or, you can manually flash the firmware into your device.

Galaxy S3 USB Hardware ID Error

Problem: Tried connecting my Galaxy S3 to my desktop so I can update it via the KIES but I’m getting “Hardware ID Missing.”

Description: This happens when necessary drivers are corrupted or not installed in your computer.

Solution: You need to uninstall all installed Samsung Galaxy S3 drivers from the control panel of your computer. Since you are trying to use Samsung KIES, download the application and install it. All necessary drivers come with packed with it. If you are just trying to connect your phone to the computer for some reason, you can download Samsung USB drivers from here. Reboot your computer and connect your phone. It may take a few minutes before your computer properly detects your phone so be patient. That should do the trick.

We will try to add new errors if we can discover some more so it’s better you bookmark this page so you can re-access it later. So far, these are among the most pressing errors Samsung Galaxy S3 owners have encountered. Hopefully, it can help you solve these kinds of problem in the future.


Have other Issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3? please share with us either via email at mailbag@thedroidguy.com, or simply leave a comment below.

But the best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at forums.thedroidguy.com.  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

We have also answered a few user questions in subsequent posts:

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Issues addressed in this article:

  • “No SIM” error
  • “Insufficient Internal Memory” error
  • S3 message app error
  • Sprint Galaxy S3 Error Code 97
  • WiFi authentication error
  • play store error
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  • USB hardware ID error

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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors & Solutions Part IV

Issues addressed in this article:

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  • Sound notifications management
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  • Incomplete OTA update
  • Battery drains faster

Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors & Solutions Part V

Issues addressed in this article:memory card issue

  • memory card issue
  • LED notification problem
  • slow battery charging
  • GPS often disconnects
  • media volume problem
  • Android service stopped
  • gallery app freezes

Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors & Solutions Part VI

  • WiFi turning off
  • SD card mount/unmount issue
  • volume control locked
  • camera freezes, reboots phones
  • streaming media to Bluetooth
  • camera brightness control
  • disable camera shutter
  • WiFi turns on automatically
  • initiating update
  • Play Store crashed

Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors & Solutions Part VII

  • auto login
  • wakeup lag
  • in-call issues
  • flashing red border
  • cannot move apps to SD card
  • S Suggest not available
  • signal problem
  • volume muted by default
  • earphone icon not showing
  • email background settings
  • Facebook app problem

Have Other Questions?  Answers may be in our How To section.

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  1. After the 4.3 Jelly Bean Up
    Update I keep getting the red error code 01 for WiFi Authentication in my notification area. It’s there for a few seconds then gone. I’m on T-Mobile where we get little to no signal so we use WiFi calling in our home. It must find our WiFi seconds after the error code, but its just annoying. And it only happens when I start up phone in the morning or restart during the day. Thanks so much for explaining what it is. Love your site!

  2. Spent three hours at the sprint store and still can’t post a plc from the gallery to the net:(

    Pics are too large to upload so we Installed samsung photo editor and it doesn’t have the option of resizing the pic. ANY suggestions would be greatly appreciated

  3. I purchased an app but every time I try to install it it gives me error code -24. Please help!!!!

  4. Hello!

    Please I need your help. I bought another S3 GT-I9300 for my husband. The first time I charge the unit with its own charger, it won’t charge. Then I used the charger of my S3, still it won’t charge. What seems to be the problem? Can this be fix?

  5. i have problem with my samsung galaxy s3, everytime i tried to send an email using my phone tru wifi i got no success. please is there anyone could help me?please reply asap.thanks.

  6. Have had my S3 for 5 months now and haven’t had any issues that have been described above. The only problem I find is playing/streaming video on YouTube it tends to buffer an awful lot….annoying. Gonna try clearing data to see if that helps.

  7. Media Hub update. I opend the media hub the other day and it said that it needs to be updated before I can use it so I hit the install update and it came back saying that this update is not compatible with this devices. I mean it came with the phone and now I.can’t use it at all SamSung Galaxy S III.

  8. Samgung sucks … ok T.V.s But when a company puts out a product knowing its gonna have bugs shows they don’t care about their business most importantly their customers the public…and their tech support are very rude and speak very terrible English

  9. Wow,
    I know I’m blessed but didn’t realize how much! None of those errors. Had my GS3 1st month out on AT&T

  10. Hello..
    I have problem which i can’t download any files such a songs from the internet. The download was unsuccesfull. It says that there is not enough space. I had restarted my phone and checked the storage. My phone and memory card have more space. So..what should i do..

  11. How can i delect the missed called that hanged on my calling botton for the past 6months ago now.tell me the solution for the problem thanks

  12. For the past 6months ago someone called me i wasn’t arround but i had seen the missed on the call botton and i tried to delect it but the missedcalled was hanged there till now what is solution for this problem pls send me a mail to solve the problem.thanks

  13. -i updated the software today, and i realised that the phone number i have saved on the phone doesnt appear in the sms.
    sames goes to incoming and outgoing calls.
    -though connected to wifi, the connection is so slow. as though there’s no connection. this irritates me alot when i need the connection to read my mails.

    anyone can help.

  14. Hi – i am also having the play store issue and have tried these tips and still nothing. I also get this error Unfortunately, the process com.goggle.process.gapps has stopped. please help thanks

  15. I periodicaly find that some calls go directly to voicemail. It is important for my job that I not miss calls. Any explanation fof this?

  16. Any else have the problem where youre typing out a text, get distracted and your phone locks and when you unlock it, you have to exit out of texting before you can type anymore because the keyboard won’t put letters in the text anymore?

  17. Hi
    I have the problem regarding my sim contact list whatever contact i have in sim card all showing only @@@@@@@ sign no number and i try to delet sim contact but showing deleting and again come as it is i formate fone 2time but no solve problm pls help

  18. Hey wen I try to make a call my fone keeps sayin com.android.phone has stopped working how do I go about solving this problem?

  19. Hola. Tengo un problema en mi Samsung SIII con el Twitter. Le pongo dirección de correo y contraseña y no tengo forma de entrar a la aplicación. Lo he desinstalado y lo he vuelto al instalar pero no funciona. Me podrían ayudar? Alguien sabría decirme pq ocurre ésto solo con ésta aplicación. Gracias

  20. I’m having issues with my micro sd card mounting and unmounting. I’ve had this problem for about a month now and thinking it’s probably the sd card. But the problem is more prevalent this past weekend when I was trying to record my daughter’s recital. I’ll go home tonight and replace it with my old Samsung sd card. The card I have in there now is the 32g Class 10 Sandisk Ultra HC UHS-1.

    Any insight would be truly appreciated.

  21. when i bought the mobile it took me about 1:30 or 2 hrs 2 be charged but after about 2 months and a half a problem occurred with the battery and it needs more than 10 hrs 2 be charged
    this drove me crazy and i want 2 know the reason & the solution

  22. I HAVE SAMSUNG GALAXY S3 and using software running version 4.1.1.
    I have problem is: i have put my phone on charging and after full of battery see Blue blinking light but display not on.
    After that had remove battery and start again but it’s not restarted.
    It’s totally dead position.
    Please give me solution if any one have it….

  23. I got a problem in galaxy s3 when phone in charging mode it is malfunctioning like touch is not function if do web browser it shows phonebook.but when in without charging it performed very r well plz help me

  24. I just went from the iphone to the galaxy iii November 1st. I noticed when charging it gets extremely hot near where you plug the charger in. I called Samsung and they said they hadn’t had complaints but I could send my phone in and they would investigate. I would be without a phone for over a week. The ironic thing is they would call me with the problem they if they found one. Not sure how they would call if they had my phone. I was only trying to let them know because I was worried it would catch on fire. Last week i charged my phone while i slept with my phone on the night stand. Woke up the next morning and my phone has what appears to be a crack inside the phone where you plug the charger in. Now I can’t take my phone to Verizon because from what I read that voids the warranty. I do not believe I should have to use my insurance. I have only had the phone 2 months. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

  25. I have had that happen before. Not all the time but when I’m using wifi. I am wondering how in the world do I get apps on sd card. I’ve tried everything. Memory and slow is an issue with me. I previously had the HTC Thunderbolt. And it was awesome. Thenn I got so excited about previews on how Galaxy 3 was the lastest and greatest. So far. Sorely disappointed. I’m actually thinking of going back and chalking up the money a loss.

  26. Hi Harold,

    I have a very strange problem that started not too long ago. I don’t talk on the phone that often, but when I do, i talk with the same person. And recently, the problem started to happen. So during the phone call, everything would be normal, and then at a random time, for a lack of better explanation, everything the other person says starts to sound like aliens. Or at least how the media portrays then when they speak gibberish. This happens and even though the volume is already on max, the noise that happens gets louder. The only way to stop it is if i end the Phone call. No error messages pop up. I am unsure whether it is my phone, my partners, or the network’s. But if you have any idea, that would be very much appreciated. If you do not, that would be okay too.

    Thank you for your time,

  27. I cant get any audio of any calls. And then I lose the signal for about 10 seconds. I tried factory reset but it didn’t work. I am still having this problem.

    hello i am having the same problem…… pleae help. i m at my wits end…….

  28. As some one aldready came up with the problem stating that, though they dont have any unread Msgs. The device shows like as if we have unread msgs.
    And the solution given for that was to press the home button, so that it gets refreshed. If it has not solved the issue then we were asked to reeboot the device..
    I did both. Still it shows for me that I have 4 unread msgs though I have none

  29. sms notification issue. I got a text message and read it. But the notification on messages icon still appears. Pls help on this..i have restarted my s3, but no use.

  30. My yahoo mail app was playing up, so I uninstalled it planning to reinstall it , hoping that would fix the problem. However, when I go to playstore, the app does not show up in the search results. If I search via google, a link to it in playstore comes up, but when I try to install it, it says the app is not compatible with my phone! Did I mess any of my settings up somehow or is anyone else experiencing this too? Thanks.

  31. My text message app crashes all the time each thread as soon as I reach above 200 it craches and the inbox shows as if I have no messages I have to restart the phone and I tried changing sim too because the messages get delayed in sending can u please try helping me out email is [email protected] Com

  32. I cant get any audio of any calls. And then I lose the signal for about 10 seconds. I tried factory reset but it didn’t work. I am still having this problem.

  33. Hi! I recently received a software update and ever since my keyboard settings such as autocomplete of words and predictive text no longer work , i no longer have the option to enable this….is there any way to uninstall this update ?
    Thanks !

  34. hey makusama,

    Yeah, I understand it’s frustrating when you get interrupted while watching your favorite shows.

    Have you receive any error codes from your phone? Sounds like a media player issue to me. We’ll try to look into this matter.

  35. Hi Darren,

    Are we talking about both email messages and SMS messages here or just SMS?

    Let me look into this matter. I will email you when I can publish new article about this, okay. Thanks for dropping by.

  36. Hi Lisa,

    I will send you an email when I can find a fix or a workaround (and probably explain why this happens) about this issue. Was there an instance you received an error code from your device? We might be able to connect that error code to the problem you’re experiencing right now. But rest assured we are looking into it now.

  37. hello Graham,

    please do try to use your laptop and see if you encounter the same problem. If KIES works fine, then we have to blame your other computer. 🙂

    I’ll try to find solution or workaround for this issue, I will email you once it’s ready. 🙂

  38. hey Johnny,

    I also got my internet connection interrupted from time to time but it’s not because of my phone, though.

    no error messages/codes? let me research on this one first. I hope I can find solution for this..

  39. Hi Michele,

    Have you tried resetting TouchWiz?

    Menu => System Settings => Application Manager => TW => Clear data

  40. i also have an issue not listed. Whenever i’m playing a video file (mostly tv dramas), my GS3 will lock up and reboot by itself. I have tried factory reset, removing all downloaded app, and clearing cache without any success. GS3 SGH-T999 on T-mobile… frustrating as hell..

  41. I have a problem that isn’t mentioned here. I have s3 gti9300 and several times a day i have to restart my phone so my messages come through. I have full signal and even people tell me they ring me and says not possible to connect when my phone is on with full signal. Also many times it fails to send text messages when i have full signal. Is there a cure for this?
    Your advice is most appreciated.

  42. I am having trouble receiving calls on my galaxy s3. Some will call me 5 or 6 times and I don’t even show them in my call log. And if an voice mail is left, it doesn’t alert me of it until much later. I’m not sure if it is the s3 or att, but my mother has the same phone and the same issues. I am at my wits end, I love my new phone, but I need to be able to reliably receive calls for my job. If anyone could help I would be extremely grateful.

  43. I have a problem with GPS. Most noticable when I am using navigation apps. The GPS will stop working even though it is enabled. The app reports loss of GPS location. The only way to fix it is a reboot.

  44. I’ve had the same issue primarily with sms notifications. Verizon rather than looking into it sent me a new phone and well obviously its a software issue and I have the same problems. If there is a fix I’d love the answer too thanks.

  45. Hey guys,

    For those who have recently posted comments, rest assured that we will look into your concerns. We will either send you an email or post comments here in response to you questions.

    We are now in the process of finding solutions for first commenters. 🙂



  46. Not a error but more of a design issue: painfully slow (1.5-2+ sec) wake up from deep sleep. (only for international i9300 with Exynos4 SoC)

    solution or workaround: none is and none ever will be

    This has to be said somewhere, because not a single review mentions it !

  47. I have a new Samsung S3 GT-19305 that won’t work with an older Samsung Kies, so I updated to the latest and I installed all my Contacts & songs but not much else wants to work, no wifi-comp sometimes even cable sync. I’m using my work comp Win XP.
    Is there a dedicated Kies for this MB if so whats the address?
    No CD came with the MB.
    What is the Kies Air Message that doesnt work either.
    I usually go to >More Settings-Kies via Wi-Fi to try to sync with Kies.
    I may try using my laptop with Win 7.

  48. Am I the only one who has the problem that the Internet disappear from time to time? And sometimes I can’t make calls or hear the other one in the phone. Please help 🙂

  49. The only real problem I know I have is the Touchwiz stops working. I have not found a pattern, precipitator, or anything that triggers it. When it happens, a little box pops up and says touchwiz has unexpectedly stopped. No one to send a report to or any clue about how to fix it. I just have to restart the phone.

  50. Hi Santiago,

    I will publish an article addressing your problem later. I sure will shoot you an email once I published the article.


  51. You’ve got a very unusual problem, Nick.. let me dig into this matter today and I might be able to provide solutions tomorrow.

  52. Hi, whenever I go to listen to music with headphones, I play the music, it plays through the headphones, but then when I go to lock the phone, it starts playing through the external speaker. Then when I unlock the phone it starts playing through the headphones again. Anyone else have this problem..?

  53. 1.-I cant sync my notes from outlook to my galaxi S III GT-I1930
    2.- how can i have two email addres together

  54. Hi Perry,

    Please allow us to research on this issue. We will provide further information about this when we can find solutions.

    We will contact you through your email address.

    Thanks for dropping by.



  55. Thanks. I’m experiencing an error where emails are successfully received, and the email count increases on the email icon but the phone will not make an audible notification as new emails arrive. I saw this issue reported elsewhere. the phone does notify for other events, such as sms messages.

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