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Samsung Galaxy S3 Errors, User Problems, Solutions and Workarounds – Part 5

This post is the 5th part of our Galaxy S3 Errors/Problems series. Most of the tips included in this article are from our readers who emailed us via mailbag@thedroidguy.com and some were from comments they posted on our previous articles.  We are open for questions and we try our best to answer every concern our readers are asking about. We have already addressed many Galaxy S3 issues so before you post your concerns below or shoot emails, please try to read the first four editions of this series.

Galaxy S3 Memory Card Issue

Problem: Just put a 16GB memory card into my Samsung Galaxy S3, but I can’t seem to move any of my apps to the card?

Description: One of the things we often look for in a smartphone, aside from powerful processor and more than enough RAM, is the internal memory and whether or not there is room for expansion (SD card slot). Samsung Galaxy S3 comes with 32GB internal memory plus an SD card slot that supports up to 64GB external memory. The problem is owners cannot move their apps to their SD cards. This is a known issue and it’s too bad neither Samsung nor the carriers subsidizing the phone fixed this.

Solution: After having spoken with our folks over at XDA Dev forums, we learned there is no easy way to fix this. Developers said this functionality was simply “disabled” by Samsung and anyone who have basic knowledge in “rooting” their device can enable this function. There are third-party apps that could move apps from internal memory to SD card but they, too, need root access. So, the solution is root your device and use apps like Link2SD.

For those who haven’t known the benefits of rooting an Android device, we advise you to read our previous publication entitled 10 Reasons to Root Your Android Device. If you are convinced to root your device and throw away its warranty, we also have a guide on How To Root Android Phones. Or, you can visit a thread at XDA Dev forums.

Galaxy S3 LED Notification Problem

Problem: Ever since the Jelly Jean update my LED light does not work. I did a test hitting *#0#* on LED works all the colors work but when I receive a message an email or notification all the settings are probably checked and I do not receive the flashing light. I’m using Galaxy S3 T-Mobile. I’ve contacted T Mobile they acted like they never heard of this before but I’ve read many articles on the internet about other people having the same problem. Do you think the next update will fix this led problem.

Recommendation: LED problems on Galaxy S3 has always been caused by updates. Usually, Samsung releases updates to fix them. So, this problem “might” be fixed in the next update roll out. I assume you have already checked the settings to see if the setting to notify you when an SMS is received. But there’s one thing I want you to try first; install Light Manager app from the Play Store and see if it doesn’t work after that. The rationale behind this recommendation is that the LED works only that it wouldn’t flash whenever you receive a text message. Perhaps this app can help.

Galaxy S3 Slow Battery Recharge

Question. Hi. Thanks for these series on perceived  S3 problems. I’ve had mine for about 6 months and it’s been a great experience. I have noticed a significant delay in the speed of re charging the battery such that even overnight I can hardly achieve a 100% full charge. I’ve observed this especially after Jelly bean upgrade; phone is otherwise working perfectly. Any ideas on this? Thanks. Kunle.

Answer. This is a very common problem, Kunle. If you’ve researched about this problem, you should have read different opinions from others. Majority, however, said that this kind of problem occurred after the Jelly Bean update. There is one speculation suggesting that it is the Galaxy S3’s battery indicator that has the problem because the battery lasts just as long as before. The question for you is how long does your battery last after the update? Please do let us know your answer either by posting a comment below or sending us email.

Galaxy S3 GPS Often Disconnects

Problem. I have a Galaxy S3 with Verizon. And use the navi daily for my job and since i bought this galaxy the navi is really bad it always loses the GPS connection and the arrow is all over the place. I’m tired of it and don’t know what to do.

Solution: Because only a little percentage of Galaxy S3 owners use GPS, there is not much information about this problem simply because only a few have reported this kind of problem. I have talked to a friend who also uses GS3 for his phone and uses the GPS more often. He said he experienced having his GPS connection get disconnected on several instances. He firmly assert that in order to resolve this problem, you need to uninstall the app called GPS Monitor. Go to Settings => Application Manager => select GPS Monitor => Uninstall, OK.

Do let us know if this works for you.

Galaxy S3 Media Volume Problem

Problem: While playing music the volume will mute itself and I can’t un-mute it without restarting the phone.  It mainly does it when I have to pause the music or I take the ear buds out automatically pausing the music.

Solution: When set, media volume will automatically turns low. To fix this go to Settings => Sound => (make sure Silent mode is NOT on) tap on Volume => adjust media volume.

Galaxy S3 Android Service Stopped Working

Problem: My phone hangs occasionally and a pop-up message will appear that states the process android.process.acore has stopped. I can’t fully remember the message. Thanks.

Solution: It is really a problem because you cannot use your phone once this error message appears because one of the most important service stopped working in your phone. It means you cannot launch any app that you’ll be greeted with lags every time you do something. The very first thing you do after you get this error is to reboot your device. This way, all services will be refreshed. Service-related errors can always be fixed by reboot.

Just in case reboot can’t fix it and you can’t use your phone due to lags and errors popping up here and there, backup all your data and perform factory reset.

Galaxy S3 Gallery App Freezes

Problem: My gallery is freezing so I cannot access none of my pics. Also causing camera to lag and I’m on vacation in the Bahamas. This sucks!

Solution: One of the causes of this problem is when the Gallery app has to load a lot of pictures. While Galaxy S3 is a powerful device, there are always instances apps freeze. To solve this problem, try to reboot your device first and see if it still freezes. If the problem isn’t fixed, go to Settings => Application Manager => tap All tab => choose Gallery => Clear Data.



Have other Issues with your Samsung Galaxy S3? please share with us either via email at mailbag@thedroidguy.com, or simply leave a comment below.

But the best way to reach us would be to post your questions or comments on our forum at forums.thedroidguy.com.  Simply register for an account and post your issues or questions, we will try our best to answer as much as we possibly can.

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Have Other Questions?  Answers may be in our How To section.

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  1. salvatore altimare got my phone from verizon as a refurbished worked well up until last week .now all it does is freeze or keeps recycling now waiting for replacement # 5.i so sick of samsung products

  2. Jake is right.. the solution for Media Volume does not work. For me, if I unplug the headphones or pause music for a period of time, all volume levels (media, notifications and system) goes mute and you can’t unmute them in the Volume settings area until you reboot the phone. VERY annoying.

  3. I also had problems with the GPS and I think that I might have figured it out. As of right now my gps gets a lock quickly and is accurate. Here are some things that i find help the gps problem.

    1. make sure you have plenty of internal memory free on your phone. (this i think is the most important one) i know it doesnt make too much sense but everytime i load up my phone with movies, pictures or home videos the gps goes all haywire.

    2. i had to uninstall nova launcher pro. Again, i dont know why but i have tried to reinstall it a couple of times and every time i start having problems again, so i guess im stuck with touch wiz.

    3. make sure your compass is calibrated. every once in a while my compass will get stuck pointing south or north and that seems to screw with the gps accuracy (my arrow in google maps will tell me im driving through peoples houses and yards) to calibrate the compass i use GPS Status.

    4. on another website i read that someone said to clear the cashe on google maps and google services framework, uncheck the verizon location services under “location services”, and restart the phone.

    I hope this helps someone out there.

  4. I don’t have the GPS app on my phone. When using the speedometor, it does not register and maintain a speed. The speedometer will read a speed for a second then fall to zero for 20 to 40 seconds and repeat this cycle.

    I am using the Outdoor navigator “pro” version. I worked good on my old Galaxy, but not on my new Galaxy 3. Does nayone know of an easy fix?

  5. I’m having the same problem with the GPS also. I use it all the time too. So it gets a little frustrating when I keep losing lock or it crashes all together. I too don’t have and app called GPS monitor.

  6. I faced similar proplem with my samsung galaxy s3 , very slow battery charge from original of about 2 hours it went to more than 5 to 8 hours to fully charge. This I think happened after my first software update in November 2012 ,I bought my SGS3 in October .
    What I did & solve the problem 100% is that I replace the usb cable from my prevoius HTC charger & now charging time is back to normal .
    I tried to use other usb chinese cables ,as well Nokia or other brands but but in vain,what I think is that may be a pin from my origial samsung usb cable was damaged.
    The peculiarity of this problem is that whem I try to use the samsung usb cable on my HTC wildfire mobile it works ok that is charging time is normal,tried again to put back the original usb cable on the samsung gs3 problem is still there.
    So I kept the HTC usb cable on the Samsung gs3 charger & charging time is about 90 to 120 minutes.

  7. I have s3. and it goes to home screen again and again while using any application. it is too much disturbing. restarting the phone also doesnt help. some time it will let you work for few minutes but mostly it goes back to home screen after few seconds. even for typing this request it went back to home screen many time and i have to come back again and again.
    please help me i didnt find any solution on internet.

  8. I am happy with my s3 but the contacts list which used to open very quickly now takes several seconds. this is after the upgrade

  9. i have had the samsung galaxy s3 for about 3 months now and have constantly encountered an annoying problem. i sometimes get the message in notification bar that the sd card has unexpectedly been removed. i listen to music a lot so everytime this happens (and it happens quite a lot) my playlists get reset and become empty. I know i could probably move music to phone and solve this but i need as much space as possible for apps in phone memory. hope you can help 🙂

  10. I have the same GPS issue and I do not have an app called “GPS Monitor”. Like the person who asked the question originally, I use the Navigation app daily to monitor travel times to and from work. Frequently, the Navigation app will say “Searching for GPS…” I have tried turning the GPS off and then back on turning the phone’s radio on and off. The only solution I have found that generally works is to Restart the phone. If this does not work, then I have to Shut Off the phone and let it sit for a minute before turning the phone back on.

  11. Media volume, if I am listening to my music on my Galaxy Slll and I open my Chive App. and inadvertently touch a advertisement, the media player volume goes off, and it won’t turn up till I restart my phone.
    Any help, besides not touching the advertisement. 🙂

  12. The battery charging problem is due to charger and not software, same fone i hav 2 charges one is samsung charger and the other is nokia e52 charger, original charger is taking hell a lot of time to charge till 100% * same if i use nokia charger it takes just 40 m minutes to charge the phone, then now again i started using different came with the same charger it’s charging fast now, problem lies in data came……

  13. Regarding the GPS issue. I have issues with GPS being inacurate (I get a lock quickly, and it says accurate to some small number of meters, but it will place me several hundred yards from where I really am. When driving on roads where other roads are nearby, this can cause me problems. If I turn off all location services EXCEPT GPS, I can see the “you are here” icon on Maps switching on and off – so I’m not sure if that is a power-saving “feature” or what, but I thought perhaps this was related to the issue you addressed in this article, but I don’t have an app called “GPS Monitor,” so I’m still looking for a solution to this one.

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