Nexus 4 Charging Orb Spotted On Swedish Retailer


The Nexus 4 is certainly an outstanding smartphone, but the one thing that has been driving consumers nuts is the fact that we have seen little to nothing on the wireless charging orb since the Nexus 4’s launch.

A sparkle of hope surfaced today, as the charging orb has surfaced on Swedish retailer Dustin Home priced at 739 kr (including 25% VAT) or $114 USD. It’s a bit pricey, but for a wireless charger, what would you expect?

The listing does say the shipping date is February 12th, but that’s very unlikely considering how many “delays” the Nexus 7’s docking station received from online retailers.

Who knows though, maybe February 12th will end up being a solid shipping date.

source: Dustin Home

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  1. This info is incorrect. The site says price is $114, but that’s for DustinHome’s Norwegian site (which retails the orb at 739 NOK). But Brad converted 739 SWEDISH kr into USD, instead of NOK in order to get 114 USD So the true price on DustinHome’s site should actually be equivalent to 132 USD.

    The price on the Swedish version of the site is 640 kr, which is approx 98 USD.

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