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Rumors Suggest Motorola X Phone Could be Unveiled at Google I/O With Android Key Lime Pie


Motorola’s partnership with Google hasn’t reaped any fruits, not as of now at least. There have been several reports since the acquisition back in 2011 which suggested that Google is looking to create a new niche of smartphones along with Motorola. But we see none of that happening as Google went ahead and launched the Samsung Galaxy Nexus a couple months later and the LG made Nexus 4 the next year. So most of us began thinking that Google acquired Motorola merely to gain ownership of their patents. However, at about the same time we started hearing rumors about the Motorola X Phone being in the works. Many have since claimed that this device will be the next Nexus smartphone, and we certainly hope so.

However, a new rumor emerging from Droid Forums suggests that this could not be a Nexus phone, but the first smartphone to feature the Android Key Lime Pie operating system. I know what you’re thinking. Aren’t smartphones which bring the newest version of Android to the fore known as Nexus devices? Well yes, but it seems like Google just wants the X Phone to be a normal smartphone, launching with the newest version of Android. Call it a developer smartphone if you will. Frankly, none of this is making sense at the moment, but we hope to gain more clarity in the coming months. The Google I/O 2013 event in May is said to be the stage for the announcement of this smartphone, so let’s wait until then for more confirmation. It is believed that the smartphone will be available across all carriers in the U.S and not just on one carrier like Motorola’s previous flagships.

The rumors further state that the smartphone could feature a 5-inch edge-to-edge display much like most of 2013 flagships are expected to be. This also gives credence to the Nexus 5 moniker which has been floated around in the internet so much. However, since the rumor states clearly that this won’t be a Nexus device, we’ll go with the Motorola X name for now. As for the credibility of this rumor, we can’t vouch for it yet as there’s hardly any information to go with. But we would certainly like to hear anything about this mystery Motorola X phone. Because Motorola, as we all know, makes some of the best looking phones out there. And with Google’s backing, if it’s possible to pack great hardware as well, then there’s no doubt in my mind that this will be the most sought after phone in the market.

Given the current drought of Nexus 4, it makes sense for Google to look elsewhere for the next Nexus. Since there’s still time until fall this year for the next Nexus, we wouldn’t mind a HTC or a Motorola made Nexus. But the Motorola X phone is expected to be unveiled months before that, so we’ll take one rumor at a time. What are your thoughts on the X Phone?

Source: Droid Forums
Via: Talk Android


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  1. The Droid Guy wrote:

    >> Aren’t smartphones which bring the newest version of Android to the fore known as Nexus devices?

    Uh, no…not always. And certainly not in the days before Google’s flagship line made it’s debut with the Nexus One, in January, 2010. In fact, Motorola has a history of midwifing exactly such ‘hero’ devices into the Android fold.

    Motorola’s original Droid (AKA ‘Milestone’; Oct., 2009) was the introductory — and only — device for Android v2.0, first of two ‘Eclair’ iterations. And their Xoom tablet (Jan., 2011) did similar duty for Android v3.0, ‘Honeycomb’.

    >> Well yes, but it seems like Google just wants the X Phone to be a normal smartphone.

    Not exactly…and certainly not if past events are any indication.

    Both Nexus One and Xoom were named as ‘Google Experience’ devices, meaning they met Mountain View’s terms for use of their Google-branded apps and carried the company’s ‘With Google™’ logo, somewhere on the case.

  2. Actually it make sense. Rather than use a brand like nexus, Motorola will launch a new phone with Android 5 operating system. This will launch with a new branding and advertising campaign that Motorola will then be free to use of it other phones as well. This leaves motorola with a brand new brand to build it phone business around why nexus branding can still be shared around all of the other OEMs.

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