Galaxy S4 Will Be Absent from Mobile World Congress 2013, Samsung Has Other Plans for It

Galaxy S4 With Wireless Charging

[Photo Credit: iPhone4jailbreak.org]

The Mobile World Congress (MWC) will commence next month. Considered to be one of the most significant tech conferences of the year, MWC will feature all the heavy-hitters in the tech industry: Google, Amazon, Apple, Samsung, LG, and so on. Samsung has had a successful year in the tech industry with its smartphone marathon, and the hype over the Samsung Galaxy S3 has many Android lovers asking the question, “When will Samsung introduce its Galaxy S4?”. The question is never one of if, but of when. After all, the Galaxy collection has sold 100 million smartphones to date. If Samsung can continue its successful line and continue to maintain and grow the hype surrounding its products, it will do so gladly.

Earlier this week, JK Shin, head of Samsung’s mobile division, said that while the Galaxy Note 8 (an eight-inch version of Samsung’s ten-inch Galaxy Note tablet) will appear at next month’s conference, the Galaxy S4 will not appear at MWC. While Android fans may be disappointed, there is no reason to be. Samsung has other plans for one of its hottest-selling smartphones of 2014.

All the great tech companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, and even Samsung and Microsoft, often hold their best announcements for self-sponsored events. In an announcement event that each company schedules, it is allowed to take all the time it needs to introduce its products and attract media attention without competing with other companies. When Google prepared to introduce the Nexus 7, Google had a special Google I/O event. The Apple Corporation always has a media announcement that it publishes at Apple.com whenever a major announcement is made by the Cupertino, California company. Apple has led the way in smartphone and tablet sales for a long time, but companies have also started to imitate Apple’s special announcements. In the same way that Apple makes no announcements until it sets an official date, other major tech companies have started to take the hint and “follow the leader.”

Think about how the grandeur of Samsung’s announcement would be affected if Samsung were to reveal such a major announcement at MWC. In an atmosphere of competition, where companies are aware of consumer interest and competition between themselves, how does a company stand out if it makes announcements around the same time as other companies? Each manufacturer wants to find a way to set itself apart from the rest of the pack. The way to do that is to plan ideal times for company announcements. If enough hype is created, consumers will purchase smartphones and tablets.

We still know very little about the Galaxy S4, but we do know that the device will probably have either a 4.99 or 5-inch display (most likely a 5-inch display, due to the new full HD displays that will set the tone for standard smartphones this year), have a 13-megapixel camera, and feature Android’s newest operating system, 5.0 (known as “Key Lime Pie”). In addition, it will have a 1.8Ghz octal-core processor (Exynos, 8 cores), 4G LTE, wireless charging, and a micro-SD card slot. This Samsung wonder to behold will be released in April.


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  1. I agree with you. That is a long time to wait for a phone release. It is going to cost them if it takes 2-4 months before arriving at carriers. I am looking for a 2013 smartphone that I can purchase, seeing that I love tech…and I am not willing to wait until summer to check out the newest phone selections.

    The same thing happens with Samsung’s updates. I own a Samsung Galaxy S3 on a regional American carrier, and it took two to four months after Jelly Bean was released to get the update from my carrier. If for nothing else, I would like to get a Google phone so that I can get the latest updates right away.

  2. If anything it would be the for the exact same reason as last years SGSIII May announcement, To keep the lag time from announcement to release very short and not piss off the U.S buyers since their models usually come a minimal of a month after the internationals.

    The SGS1 and SGS2 had announcements at MWC (Feb 2010 and 2011) then it took them another 4 months to release internationally (in June of that year for select markets) then another 2-4 months for U.S launch depending on the carrier, That’s the lag time I’m taking about. People just can’t wait that long and I don’t blame them.

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