The Best Apps For Your New Android Device

Did you receive an Android device this holiday season? Whether it’s a smartphone or a tablet one thing you should immediately do is get some apps into it. Here are out choices for apps that are a must to have in every Android.

The Best Apps For Your New Android Device


Facebook – More than a billion people are on Facebook today and having this app in your device lets you access your social network while on the go

Google+ – This is Google’s very own social network that I can say has a very fluid and nice looking mobile app. If you aren’t using it yet then it’s time to check it out.

Instagram – Despite the negative publicity received by the company lately due to the changes in its terms of service it was about to make the app is still cool to use. You will be able to apply filters on your photos and share them directly to your social networks.

Snapseed – Just recently acquired by Google, this popular app is a full featured photo editing software. You can also share your photos edited by the app straight to your Google+ account.


Evernote – This is one of my favorite apps as it keeps me organized. Anything you save on your PC will be synched to your smartphone and vice versa.

Google Translate – Are you traveling this holiday season? This app helps break the language barrier by translating a sentence you provide it.

Mint – This app allows you to easily keep track of your financial accounts whether it’s a bank, credit, debit or investment account.


Skype – This is the best VoIP service so far and it’s available on the Android platform. You will be able to call any phone number using your Skype account.

Chrome – The default web browser on Android devices is great but Chrome brings it to the next level. It synchronizes the Chrome account of your desktop to your smartphone or tablet. This makes it easier for you to access your bookmarks.


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  1. That’s easy to change. Go to WiFi, click the menu for advanced settings. The keep WiFi on during sleep and change to always.

  2. Google translate is not human/legal translator. Therefore a little common sense need to apply. Also I got my devices online like its meant to be.

  3. Frank is right. the other day I was in my bed playing a free game on my phone and I wanted to translate a word, but I didn’t want to turn on Wi-Fi cause I really shouldn’t use my phone for that, when there is a perfectly big computer downstairs that could translate my word. Plus turning on Wi-Fi would make my free game have ads. I didn’t want to be lazy so I went downstairs turn on old computer, wait for it to turn on and use it for what I bought it, which is translate words when I’m in the middle of my game on my android phone.

  4. That’s true! Why would anyone in their right mind want to hook up their tablet to the internet? That’s preposterous! In other news, I recently bought a car, to sit and have lunch in it. Just because I have one, why do I HAVE to drive it? Amirite?

  5. I guess I got suckered! I always fall for this, forgetting that articles of this sort are pre-selected to assume that I will *automatically* hook up every electric gadget I have to the internet. I have an android tablet. It’s great. Does everything I want it to. One of the things it does, when I turn off the wifi, it DOESN’T try to connect! These apps are useless. If I want to use data or an app on my computer, I will use… my computer! Not my tablet. Different devices for different functions.
    Aside; you might want to try xlating something from Thai to English. You end up going from Thai to Gibberish. The language structures are completely baffling to Google Translate. Best you should learn the language of the place you are going.

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