Samsung Galaxy S4 Won’t Have Android OS, Says Rumor

Will the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4 have Android operating system onboard? No, according to a rumor circulating about the next Samsung flagship smartphone. According to the rumor, the handset will feature TIZEN operating system instead.


Tizen, according to its official website, “ is an open source, standards-based software platform supported by leading mobile operators, device manufacturers, and silicon suppliers for multiple device categories such as smartphones, tablets, netbooks, in-vehicle infotainment devices, and smart TVs. Tizen offers an innovative operating system, applications, and a user experience that consumers can take from device to device.” Furthermore, “it resides within the Linux Foundation,” which is headed by a Technical Steering Group (TSG) composed of Intel and Samsung.

In the past, many of Samsung’s devices were based on Android, whereas a few ran on Windows. The possibility, therefore, of the South Korean company using TIZEN on its new smartphone, is not remote.

According to the Sam Mobile blog, the model number for the Samsung Galaxy S4 is likely GT-I9500, which is a leap from the I9300 model number of the Samsung Galaxy S3. Purportedly, the reason behind the leap is a South Korean belief that the number 4 is unlucky, so the company opted not to use the number for the model number of the upcoming device. The company has likewise refrained from using said number in its high-end models.

Sam Mobile also notes that the Samsung Galaxy S4 would be a global device, in the same way that the Apple iPhone 5 is. Thus, it would be unlikely for the company to release two versions of the handset, running on two different operating systems.

The device is expected to be launched around February or March. Samsung could officially unveil it during Mobile World Congress 2013 in Barcelona, Spain.

Meanwhile, Samsung is keeping silent on the features of the Galaxy S3 successor.

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  1. if the number 4 is so unlucky to south koreans why are they using it to name their flagship device..?

  2. I agree, it would actually be very interesting. But it would basically take balls of steel for Samsung to change the OS on their flagship device. Sales have pretty much been doubling every iteration of the S series, and to change something so fundamental as the OS… I doubt they will.

    But yes, wait and see we will 🙂

  3. I think it may not be so bad for the galaxy s4 to run tizen and Bada lets wait and see just how this works out OK

  4. This is the annual ‘the next Galaxy won’t run Android’ rumour. It was there for the Galaxy S2, S3, and now for the S4. In the end, Galaxy devices always run Android… thank God 🙂

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