Rhapsody Launches New Song Matching App “SongMatch”

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 11:27am by Brad Ward

If you are looking for a good song matching app that isn’t SoundHound or Shazam, then Rhapsody may have just launched something you would be interested in. The app they’ve launched is called SongMatch. While it’s a free download and you really don’t need a Rhapsody subscription to play around the app, it’s best that you get the subscription as that is when the real features come into play. Users with a Rhapsody subscription will be able to instantly launch playback of a song or album when the app detects a match.

Rhapsody also creates a special SongMatch playlist in your account based off of matches that were done previously. Which is pretty awesome if you forget a song you matches previously. Now, keep in mind that if you’re rocking a smartphone with Jelly Bean, you can easily ask Google Now what song is playing and it will match it. You can then click on that song that it matched it with and be taken straight to the music section of the Play Store to purchase or even preview the song.

Do you have a Rhapsody subscription? Does something like SongMatch interest you? Personally, Google Now’s song matching feature is enough for me.

source: Talk Android, Play Store


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  • Dana

    This app is SO good. It is easily the best song-matching app I’ve used, and all matches automatically get put into a playlist in your Rhapsody account, so you can get back to them soon.