HTC November 2012 Sales Not Looking Good From Previous Year

Posted on Dec 6 2012 - 12:49pm by Brad Ward

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We all know how well HTC and Verizon Wireless’ new Droid DNA is doing, but despite it’s popularity, HTC’s profit continues to go down into the pit, which has put the company in a larger financial hole than they had originally expected. According to a report from Reuters, HTC’s consolidated November sales were T$21.23 billion. That is equal to $732 million USD, which is down by 31.4% since November of 2011. Things really aren’t sounding that great for HTC, and this surely isn’t helping their financial outlook from their last quarterly report (which was a loss off 79% compared to their previous quarterly report).

Hopefully since HTC has hired a new marketing director we’ll be seeing a rise in profits. If the companies funds continue to tumble, who knows how much longer it would be before the company officially comes to a halt. Maybe this next quarter will look a lot better for HTC. Although, I’m not really sure the timing on the release of the Droid DNA was really that perfect, as tons of people have been purchasing Galaxy Note II’s only a few weeks before their announcement.

Although quite unlikely, maybe a company will be interested in purchasing HTC like Google purchased Motorola and has been turning it around ever since.

source: Reuters

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