Boost Mobile Will Throttle Data Speeds After 2.5GBs Of Usage

boost mobile

Much like Virgin Mobile, Boost Mobile is looking to change their data usage policy, as the company will start throttling unlimited data users beginning in January 2013. Boost Mobile will be throttling their data customers after a mere 2.5GB of usage down to a mere 256kbps of data speeds. Just like most data plans that throttle your speeds, the data speeds will return to normal when the next billing period begins. It’s understandable and even hard to blame Boost Mobile for their decision on throttling speeds, but at the same time– it’s sad to see another true unlimited data plan get thrown out the window.

Boost Mobile’s new policy will be set in stone on January 20th, 2013. Users considering leaving Boost Mobile over this may want to consider looking at MetroPCS’ unlimited 4G LTE data plan(s).

source: Facebook
via: Android Central

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  1. I love Boost mobile “Bait & Switch” shrinkage plan I just hit 18+
    plus months an this is twice they cut away from what they promised. Boost
    throttle Folks is NOT 256k speed limited, 256k is the Maximum you can get
    in Dallas from morning to midnight if you’re lucky. When they throttle
    you in Dallas you drops to 15k-56k . I don’t use 5gb but 3gb time to
    time. I leaving boost to Tmobile. I plan to warn every one via comments
    on every Boost news stories online so people know what they do.

    *1st it was truly unlimited unthrottled *
    +Then Revised to pretend – unlimited 2.5Gb (3g Throttled) but 4G Not Throttle+
    $Then Revised Again pretend unlimited 2.5Gb (3g/4g both Throttled)+

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