Apple iPhone 6: Should Apple Bother With a Launch in 2013?


Earlier this month we reported seeing a new iPhone coming down the pipeline. Granted, we don’t know what exactly Apple will call the device, so from hear on out we’ll just refer to the device as the iPhone 6. I’ll come right out and say it: I don’t even want to see this device for at least two years.

It wasn’t long after the Apple iPhone 4 launched that the iPhone 4S launched. What was new with the iPhone 4S though? Essentially all we saw was Siri, which at the time, wasn’t even ready for a full launch. It was a mediocre launch at best. It should have been a feature that launched with the iPhone 5. It simply wasn’t ready for prime time. As we all know, the iPhone 5 recently launched with a mediocre program known as Apple Maps. The Australian police have even labeled Apple Maps as deadly. Two separate iPhone launches — the iPhone 4S and iPhone 5 — have both introduced atrocious if not disastrous programs. That said, how is Apple going to prove that they can do well with the iPhone 5S or the iPhone 6 even? At this rate, they can’t, especially with how fast Android is evolving. 2013 is going to be a big year for Android, and I’m not sure Apple can afford any more screw ups.

While Apple may currently have a foothold in the market, if they keep up the way they are, that foothold is going to slowly dwindle every year as Android and their many supporting manufacturers continue to innovate. At the rate Apple is going, they aren’t innovating. All they seem to be doing is introducing atrocious mock ups of features that Android already has. Since they aren’t innovating, this is my proposal:

Apple needs to step back, especially when it comes to Apple Maps. There is no doubt that they are going to want to try and launch the program again when the iPhone 6 releases. I’m not sure that is a good idea though. Google Maps launched 7 years ago in 2005 and it was long in the making before that. Not only that, but it has had constant development up to the end of 2012 and they’re still adding improvements to it. How is Apple supposed to compete with a good 9 – 10 years of constant development put into Google Maps? They simply can’t. They need to step back, learn from their faults, create a good program and launch it when it is — at the very least — usable.

Secondly, they need to create something that will draw more interest. Android has a lot of draw because of the innovation behind it. Numerous companies are adding their own ideas to the operating system through skins of Android. iOS does not have that luxury. I would almost say that in order to catch up with Android (in terms of interest) at this rate, Apple needs to regroup, create worthwhile and quality features and then launch their successor to the iPhone 5.

The question is, should Apple launch the iPhone 6 next year? My personal opinion is no, they should not. They need to take time and create something that will wow their customers. Something that will prove to be innovative and draw a lot of interest.


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  1. I don’t think they are NOT innovating, they’re just not innovating at the same level they have been for the past several years. I feel like this is normal though. The time between the launch of iTunes and iPhone was kind of slow too; there were only some improvements to the Mac line-up, which wasn’t as big as it is today. I have a feeling that Apple will seem kind of dead for a little while until they come up with some new revolutionary product that sweeps the world again. It’s hard to say what that product would be at this point though.

    I could be completely wrong, but it’s just a thought.

  2. (Off topic) but I notice a lot of Internet Sheep using the phrase “1st World Problem” to counter /pass off any legitimate issues. By your reasoning, anything remotely considered above 2nd or 3rd World, people shouldn’t take issue with… So if the water company cuts off my water (even though my bill is up to date), that’s a 1st World Problem and I shouldn’t say anything. If I purchased an SUV and they dealer hands me the keys to a small sedan, it’s a 1st World Problem, and I should just take what they give me?

    Do a little research and educate yourself on what First World actually means. Also, if you live in America, open your eyes, take a look around, high unemployment, exploitation, and poverty are facts of our lives, not just in foreign countries.

  3. i agree with you on the storage, but at the same time, to say “i wish it could carry my entire music collection and a few movies” is such a 1st world problem. its a phone! and i find myself wishing the same thing! i’d love to take an ipad or iphone back in time 10 years. people wouldn’t believe it was real!

  4. Also, no one is asking for Apple to re-invent the phone. They should at least match what Android /Windows Phone 8 offers in features and functionality.

  5. You should ask the 5 million+ people who bought a Galaxy Note II in the 2 months after it released why they want a 5inch+ screen. Smartphones have become powerful ultra-portable “mini-computers”, couple that with high speed LTE, more and more people use their phones for web browsing, hense the need/want for a larger screen. I agree with you, there is a limit to how big a smartphone should be, but some people don’t mind a large screen phone (especially for business), but at least Samsung offers customers that option. Apple does not. It’s all about choice, and if a customer wants a Phablet, they purchase an Android, and Apple loses that sale.

    I have both the iPhone 5 and the Note II and the Note II is superior IMO. Okay, the iPhone 5 is solid; the build quality is the best on the market and iOS 6 (with its faults) is still easy to use, but it lacks the customization/features that Android has. The Note II screen is vibrant and silky smooth. It looks like its 240hz smooth motion and there is no blurring/ghosting or judder when scrolling in any direction unlike the iPhone 5. I can customize the display with live backgrounds, widgets, sizeable active information boxes. The stylus is incredibly responsive and taking physical notes that converts to text is amazing. You can also use the stylus to cut pieces of web pages/pictures and save or send it to contacts… There are so many features that the Note II offers, yet the iPhone remains essentially the same user experience.

    Apple needs to do more than simply update the previous model. I recommend trying out the Note II to see what It has to offer. I don’t hate Apple I love their products and I want them to succeed, but they need to mix things up. 2013 is going to be intense. The Galaxy S4 is on the horizon, then the Note III later in the year… Lets not forget what HTC and Google will offer. Apple is facing tough competition. IMO Apple needs two iPhones, one that is mainstream, super easy to use, straightforward, and one that is more for technophiles, with a larger screen and greater customization options.

    If all they are going to do in 2013 is release an iPhone 5S… That’s not good.

  6. If they could up the storage to 128gb that would convince me to finally upgrade from my current iPhone 4. Not one of the new features on 4s or 5 have given me any reason to upgrade.
    I still think the iPhone 4 is a great device though. Still running like new for me after 2.5 years of constant use. I just wish it could carry my entire music collection and a few movies.

  7. well, i guess this is par for the course for The Droid Guy.

    of course Apple will release an iPhone 6 in 2013. and every year after that. it’s like cars, silly. a new model every year – vs. about (seems like) 100 new Android phones a year.

    yes, it will be mainly a spec bump, but also with important under the hood improvements that Apple makes every year – even better battery life, etc. no, i don’t expect NFC – that’s still 95% hype.

    you’re right the real story will be iOS 7. there are indeed a lot of good details from Android that Apple will likely now add to iOS in somewhat modified versions (now that Mr. Roadblock Forstall is gone).

    but none of these are “strategic” moves. nothing like a new product line like the iPad Mini was in 2012. what will be Apple’s new product in 2013? something …

    nor nothing like Google’s turning into an OEM with it own Motorola line of Android products. and Samsung’s resulting “forking” of Android into its own separate flavor a al Amazon.

    get ready.

  8. Tying the comments above together, I think that Apple will come out with an iPhone 6 this year, and it will have a somewhat different body just because it HAS to. It will get a spec bump, but not appreciably, because 2013 will be the Year of the Battery in the phone space. For example expect an “A7 processor” – but it won’t mean anything other than better battery efficiency.

    What will sell iPhone 6 will be iOS 2.0, an operating system that further copies the best features in Android and actually makes use of the long screen. Apple will artificially restrict it to iPhone 5 and 6, thus making 4 customers obsolete. They have already artificially cut out the iPhone 3G customers by making the operating system and the current apps that go with it, unattainable from that device. Add the 3GS, 4, and 4S to that group in 2013.

  9. Actually the pair of you are wrong. Firstly I am not an apple fanboy. Why is it that every time someone says anything positive about apple they are called fanboys or isheep, yet noone who likes android or microsoft are sheep. If you follow and swear loyalty to a tech company you are a sheep. I am tech neutral. i go where the best tech is, that is how it should be and for me right now apple make the best tech when it comes to phones. PERIOD!. Granted apple have made some screw ups and yes apple have not ‘innovated’ for a little bit. Though it depends on what you call innovating. Innovating does not mean a company has to invent a phone that will wipe your bum from space with a laser. It could just mean making an existing idea work better. Next apple made some screw ups because they had steve jobs at the helm for many years who was a perfectionist and paid attention to detail in a way that nobody in any android camp does or microsoft either. Now they have tim cook at the wheel and he has had to adjust as he has a totally different style to jobs so it has been hard for the firm to adjust from doing thigs jobs way to the cook way. Tim cook knows he has to do better hence the recent shake up including the firing of scott forstall and jonny ives being made chief of ios development. So 2013 will be the year that apple will regain the inniative. The next iphone will be far better than the 4s/5 and will be better than android phones. Plus being good does not mean having processors that run at 500ghz+ and 25tb of flash with 50″ screens etc. Why do a handfull of people think that phones have to have screens bigger than 5″? I like to see what im doing on my phone same as rest of you but that does not mean i want to hold something the size of a roof tile up to my face when ever i make a call!. That is why tablets are 7″+ and phones are not! if you want to use apps on a big screen then get a tablet! not insist that phones have bigger screens or you will end up with phones that have 4″ screens then phones with 5″ screens and 6″ and 7″ and so on and so on. That is the big problem android phones have is that they are all sizes etc and fragmented and different makers tweak the os different ways so it is not simple to just use android on one phone then become proficant in it then use another android phone and be an expert on that one straight away. it is also hard to use android, I had one and I am very tech aware. But even there was times when i did not have a clue! it is also annoying having to lock down and investigate every app to make sure it is not a virus or rogue ware(which have gone up over 900% in past 7 months on play store. most users are not techno geeks like us. They do not dreamj in binary and speak fluent hex! they just want to use it. so what if ios is ‘boring’ what the hell do you want it to do??? shoot a laser light show out of it’s screen onto the ceiling for you while it dances to your fave tune??? ever heard the maxim if it is not broke dont fix it! i had an android phone for several months and it was a night mare! it froze all the time. never got updated ever!!!! the apps were poorly written by idiots who thought they coudl code when they could barely write their own names. the apps were never updated, the device was awkward to lock down apps and depsite me being uber careful and taking every step i could i still ended up with rogue ware and viruses ad i had av apps installed by genuine vendors. the fact android is open source means F-all unless you know how to code PROPERLY! and know how to write features in that you wish to use and that does not apply to 99.99% of people who use android devices! most android manufacturers do not code features in to their phones that are great and innovate, i have checked, all they do is add features to help sell their devices and add up to nothing more than ‘bloatware’ ‘crapware’.
    feel free to get offended and try to counter my arguments but you can not as if whit was s**T you’d be constipated and although i would love to stay here and have a in depth intelligent debate with you, i don’t have the time and you don’t have the intelligence lol lol lol lol

    plus what you also have not thought about is the fact that there comes a point in every tech makers progression when progress stands still or inches forward as it getts harder and harder to make devices that stand out ahead of the crowd. other factors include even if they think of an idea that is innovative enough to make you go ‘wow!’ then it is no good if it is too expensive to produce. Then as soon as they create a device that makes you lot sit up and go ‘wow that’s great’ then five minutes later you get bored and start looking at what else they could do and how the device you were oggling 5 minutes later is now boring and rubbish and needs to do better and how the next device needs to be out of this world! in other words you’re never satisfied with what is and always seek something that never will be!

    grow up and be happy with what we have and if it does not satisfay you or get your blood racing or float your boat then why not stop moaning and make it better, create something yourself that innovates and is amazing! but no you can not thats why you lot are all critics as the only things you can create get flushed away in the toilet every day. you have no idea what it takes to create devices and how hard engineers work and the endless stresses put upon them by the management and people like you lot wanting better and better and bigger and bigger!
    so in ending my advice is either make it better and create something yourself that is so innovating it makes time machine look like a gramophone or shut the ****ing hell up!

  10. As I stated, that was my personal opinion. They need to take their time and do something big, imo. Pretty much like you’ve just laid out.

  11. Apple shouldn’t release an iPhone in 2013? Are you serious? So, they should just give their marketshare to their competitors who will undoubtably release an army of devices that totally surpass the iPhone 5? Apple needs to do 2 things in 2013: 1) re-design /refresh the iOS interface. Yes, it “just works”, but it’s also “just boring”. Add some resizable active icons and more customization options. Apple needs to absorb Windows Phone 8 and Android elements into iOS. 2) release a larger “XL” iPhone with a 5 inch+ w/stylus to compete in the phablet market. Have 2 iPhone models, an iPhone 5S with 4inch screen and an iPhone XL with 5+inch screen.

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