Apple iPhone 5 Users Complaining Of Bendy Frame


Only two months after the Apple iPhone 5 launched in the United States, it is being reported that the device’s aluminum unibody bends in a very distressing way. Some owners had forgotten that their 4-inch Apple smartphone was in their back pocket and proceeded to sit on the device. The result of sitting on it is shown in the imagine above.

You would imagine that this issue would have been reported not long after its launch in the United States, but the device is becoming available in more and more countries, including China, which is where the reports of the bending are coming from.


Has this problem happened to you or even a friend? Let us know in the comments section below.

source: nowherelese


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  1. I am having issues with my iPhone 5 battery life. I wend to bed last night with %100 charge at 12 and at 8 am my phone was shut down completely. I was had not received a phone call over night and my wifi was turned off as well.

  2. lol. You people are so gullible.. These are photo shopped. Since when does gorilla glass bend without cracking? You cant bend glass with out special manufacturing processes.

  3. Lol…looks like Apple have beaten Samsung to the bendy phone after all. This has happened to a couple of friends who bought iphone 5’s earlier this month. They took them back and had them replaced, but it doesn’t look too good, does it?

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