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Acer Extends C7 Chromebook Distribution

If your laptop has just recently broken and you’re not wanting to spend a pretty penny on what some of the laptops cost, you may just want to look into a Chromebook, specifically the C7 from Acer. While the C7 isn’t top notch performance, it definitely gets you by for the $199 that it costs. Upon purchasing it Google will give you a whopping 100GB of Google Drive storage to use for the first two years. That normally sits at around $120. If you put it in perspective, you’re really getting a $80 Chromebook. Is that awesome or what?

Now, there aren’t a whole lot of retailers out there selling the C7 Chromebook, but three new retailers have just been added to the list of who is selling the Chromebook. Not only that, but they are pretty notable as well. NewEgg, TigerDirect and Staples.com are now selling the laptop in addition to Google Play and Best Buy. With Christmas right around the corner as well, you may just find yourself getting the Chromebook a bit cheaper with the awesome holiday sales! Not only that, but the Chromebook would make a fantastic gift for someone this holiday season too (although, the Samsung Chromebook looks really amazing too, so you may want to consider that as well)!

Are you going to be getting a new Acer C7 Chromebook from one of the new retailers? Is Acer’s Chromebook actually worth getting to you or would you prefer the one by Samsung? Make sure to let us know in the comments below!

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  1. I’m using the first-generation Samsung Series 5 with Atom N570 processor right now to type this. It’s my only computer and it is just as often frustrating as it is handy. It’s slow. It has stupid bugs in the stable channel. Google must have its focus elsewhere, because this thing is really not a finished product. Typing in Google Docs lags. It’s much worse on Google+ where I have to really slow down so I can see what I’m typing. The Chrome Web Store which, reasonably speaking, should run on a Chromebook, is the worst webpage of all on a Chromebook. It’s slow and unresponsive, and the scrolling is agonizingly slow.

    The Chromebook is NOT ready for primetime, not even the considerably faster Samsung Series 5 550, which I’ve heard great things about, speedwise. Unless someone really wants a cheap computer for internet access only and not as a machine that does the internet as well as a REAL computer with decent processor and at least 4GB of RAM (I hate how browser tabs with videos I’ve been waiting to load REFRESH when I return to them), I recommend waiting at least another six months, even a year.

    Google isn’t really serious about this yet, so if you’re serious about computing and getting things done (like using Google Docs or checking Google News), stay the hell away from these things. I feel like a beta tester, and that is NOT what I signed up for. I didn’t want a computer I had to screw around with or doubt. That’s exactly why I got AWAY from the previous computer I owned, which was running Ubuntu.

    And since everything ~ ESPECIALLY Google Apps ~ runs slowly on this thing, I have developed an intense LOATHING for Google and its ways, for which I have lied LOUDLY and PROFUSELY in writing via Chrome OS’s built-in feedback form, a testament to Google’s lack of integrity.

    If Google were serious about this thing, they wouldn’t have introduced app labels that BLOCK CLICKING ON THE APPS or a right-click menu that sporadically selects options even as you release clicking, depending on where you are on the screen ~ things that should have been sussed out in the Beta and Dev channels well before they made it near the Stable channel ~ and they would have made DAMN SURE that all of their apps ran second to none on their Google Chrome OS Chromebooks, ESPECIALLY THE CHROME WEB STORE!

    I want to SMASH this thing over someone’s head for being so STUPID as to offer features in November 2009 which were only brought to fruition in August 2012! A YEAR after they started to SELL these things! What bloody good is Google if they can’t even keep up with the features demonstrated three YEARS earlier? Really, there should be three MORE years of progress on top of that, since that’s how long it’s been since they offered the first set of features, demonstrated that long ago!

    They did, however, create a desktop atmosphere ~ which has SLOWED down this machine even further. It’s totally unnecessary, too. It doesn’t help. All they needed was the ability to rearrange individual windows, not a taskbar or desktop wallpaper or a separate pop-up menu for the apps! It is SLOWER because of the changes they’ve made, NOT faster!

    Whatever you do, don’t get a Chromebook. Google has advertised “Fast Web” but the boot on these things isn’t even that fast compared to Windows 8 and EVERYTHING ELSE IS SLOOOOWWWWW. I’m only glad I got this machine so I can avoid Google and its crapware hardware for the rest of my life.


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