Why I’m Not Upgrading To The LG Nexus 4


I’m excited for the Nexus 4. It looks awesome. To be honest though, is it really all its cracked up to be? The only benefit I see in the Nexus 4 (and all of the other Nexus devices) is that you get firmware upgrades extremely fast. While that may be a great thing to have, is it really worth upgrading to from a Galaxy S III, or even a Galaxy Note II? It isn’t, except if your focus is the OS upgrades. I personally thing that a lot of Samsung’s major devices are a lot better than what the Nexus 4 has to offer. I’m not talking about the software or the hardware though. I’m talking about the experience it has to offer.

Every last person has a different experience with a device or tool, thus they have a different opinion with it. Samsung has given its users a great experience with their major handsets (excluding the slow firmware updates). For me, personally, LG hasn’t given me a good experience, ever. My first and last smartphone from LG was the Optimus V, which was outright terrible. One of my largest issues with the handset was the fact that most of the apps on the Android Market at the time didn’t even support the phone, so I could never use them. What I was left with was a phone that was basically useful for texting and making phone calls. I could use some of the applications it offered, but after launching an app the device would run extremely slow. After I got rid of that phone and got the Atrix 2 as my second smartphone, I wasn’t sure why I got the Optimus V in the first place. The experience I had with them was terrible. They might be better now, but I am having a fantastic time with my Galaxy Note II. At this point I don’t want to “ruin” the great experience I’ve had. An upgrade to the Nexus 4 could be the very opposite of an upgrade, which is why I’m scared to shell out $349 on the Nexus 4.

Whenever you buy something there’s always the, “will I like it?” question. Unfortunately, after having a bad experience with just about anything, you tend to be a whole lot more skeptical about the company that offered said bad experience.

I’ll stick with the Galaxy Note II for now. It’s perfect for me. On top of that, I don’t want to have another bad experience in the smartphone world. Specifically from LG. Hopefully my opinion on LG’s Nexus 4 is entirely wrong, as I haven’t touched an LG device for a good two years now.


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  1. its simple..nexus lovers love ANDROID.. u luv SAMSUNGS firmware which jus so happens to be based on android… thats y we buy nexus ..because any other OS would not suit us(including samsungs or htc’s or lg’s version of android) …

  2. All things being equal how much does note II or GS3 set you back unlocked 16gb nexus 4 349. LTE is a small issue along with storage. The big cities have lte in the us the medium to smaller markets don’t yet for the most part. I had Verizon lte got max 21 down and 5 up which is nice. I also payed 2x as much as I do now on straight talk where i get 7-10 down 2-3 up.

  3. But the Nexus 4 won’t have these software issues at all and as far as performance goes it’s the fastest Android out there

  4. The examples you give are sidegrading,not upgrading. Lte is not missed in europe, and from an htc desire its the best upgrade possible at that price.

  5. Like I said earlier, this was my experience with LG and is the reason I’m really sketchy about getting another one of their devices.

    But yes, as you stated, “to each his/her own.”

  6. LTE is a very minor issue for me. HSPA+ (42MB/s) is fine. Small storage space is a bit of a deal-breaker, but I reasoned that it was “okay” due to cloud storage.

    Just my two cents on that.

  7. Exactly. If the author of this piece called LTE or the small-storage space a deal-breaker then I would have some sympathy. Personally HSPA+(42Mb/s) is fine for me, but I can understand if some Americans are down on it.

  8. So your only complaint is that LG doesn’t do the best job on software? The major thing that will be a non-issue on a Nexus device? I owned an LG G2x and returned it because was garbage. Nice feeling phone, but the software support was terrible. But I’m not worried about this on the N4 where Google is the direct firmware vendor.

    If you think Samsung’s delayed Touchwiz offerings are better options than pure Android from Google then nobody can help you there (except Samsung). But some of us prefer an unadulterated OS experience free of bloatware and the whims of 3rd-party ROM developers (and that’s only if you can unlock your bootloader). I also like the peace-of-mind of knowing my device will be supported with the latest version of Android until the phone falls apart.

    To each his/her own.

  9. This is one fact that ignorant people conveniently forget to mention. The Nexus 4 is a Penta band HSPA+ phone, which means you have the freedom of having HSPA+ speed on Tmobile and also HSPA+ speed on other network like ATT as well. No other phone in the world can do this.

  10. The Optimus V, T, and S were like the best low end smart phones back then. If you thought the Optimus V was a horrible experience then you never tried the Samsung Intercept.. That thing was like the worst Android phone ever created.

  11. Everyone is crying about missing LTE, but there isn’t a single phone out there (except the Nexus line) having all GSM 3G bands (whether is At&t or Tmobile)
    No Galaxy S3 nor any iPhone can match this.

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