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Nexus 7 Reportedly Caught on Fire Whilst Charging


The ASUS Nexus 7 is Google’s premier tablet out there. A combination of solid hardware and software for its price point makes it one of the most desired tablets out there. However, as with any device, some units are prone to faulty hardware. And that seems to have come to light now with a Nexus 7 reportedly burning itself whilst being charged overnight. The user apparently, set the tablet for charging at night and by the time it was morning there was smoke everywhere and most of the damage was already done.

The back has completely melted out and the parts inside seems to be pretty smoked too. This appears to be an isolated incident, with this being the first case reported since the tablet’s launch in July, which makes us feel if there is something the user is hiding from us. We can’t say for sure, but the tablet is as good as dead now for the user as you can see from the images. ASUS however has been a good sport by replacing it with a brand new device.


This is certainly not an alarming piece of information, mainly because the root cause is still not known. If my memory serves me right, there was a certain user in Europe who had a fuming Samsung Galaxy S III, which was later investigated by an independent authority and foul play was spotted (he got it wet and put it in close to a microwave). So unless we know what caused the device to burn up like this, it’s hard to jump to conclusions. What we do know is that the device is ruined now, although there’s a replacement on its way, this is something ASUS wouldn’t have expected.


We should see ASUS or Google come up with a statement regarding the issue soon. With the holiday season quickly approaching, it would behoove Google and ASUS to come up with some sort of an explanation. We cannot rule out any foul play as of now. Nor can we come to ASUS’ rescue and claim this isn’t a hardware issue. Let’s hope we see a resolution to this mystery. As for existing Nexus 7 owners, don’t worry just yet. But a word of advice, don’t sleep with the tablet close to you, especially if it is being charged.

Source: Notebook Italia (Translated)
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  1. I had an executive tell me to hold down the button for 1 full minute to bring the Nexus out of deep sleep. and it works just great

  2. He probably got it wet or got a virus (my android phone got a virus and it bursted into flames because the virus caused it to overload and a circuit blew while it was charging) or the tablet came with a few bugs because I know Asus and Google had fixed a few bugs mostly cosmetics and something with a few of the apps but idk maybe something with the internal stuff was changed but I still think he got it wet while watching Netflix in a bubble bath XD I’m not going to worry about my nexus blowing up anytime soon but just in case I won’t fall asleep with it on my face because I was reading lord of the flies ever again tata for now I’m going to fire proof my nexus’ bed XD


  3. Hold the power button down for thirty (30) seconds. Sometimes the Nexus 7 will go in to a deep sleep and this is how you wake it up.

    I hope this helps.


  4. Hold the power button down for thirty (30) seconds. Sometimes the Nexus 7 will go in to a deep sleep and this is how you wake it up.

    I hope this helps.


  5. I bought a Nexus 7 in july too… I didn’t get the insurance for it… but a couple of days ago somehow my room started to smell like burn… I didn’t paid much attention to it because I thought it was coming from outside… now my nexus 7 doesn’t wanna turn on at all not even with the charger connected… did it burn in the inside?

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