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Is the Nokia Lumia 920 a Success?


Nokia has a lot riding on the new Lumia 920 and the 820. Even more so with the Lumia 920 as it is the company’s flagship smartphone and it has invested a lot of time and money on making it what it is today. Undoubtedly, the company resorted to aggressive marketing right after the device was announced, so as to get the users going in time for the launch. And it worked to a great extent with so many users impressed by the design of the device and eye candy features like wireless charging and the PureView camera. And it seems that the device is a partial success in the market as it was on top of the best selling smartphones chart (AT&T) just a while ago, but has since slipped to number two behind the obvious number one, the Galaxy S III.

The device is fairly new to the market and the trend has caught on. It was recently reported that the device was sold out of a few color variants shortly after the launch. That was enough indication that the users are excited about the new Lumia, although we didn’t know it would grow to such an extent. However, Amazon Wireless or AT&T refrains from giving out actual sales numbers, which instantly makes us less excited about the device. There haven’t been lines outside AT&T stores for the new 920 either, not to my knowledge at least.

Regardless, the Lumia 920 is a popular device and we wouldn’t be surprised if it was a success. However, the comparison sounds a little unfair in my opinion. Don’t mean to be a hater, but the smartphone is being compared with something as old as the Galaxy S III. Yes, the GS3 isn’t that old, but anything older than four months is considered relatively well settled in the market. Would AT&T or Nokia compare the Lumia 920 with the LG Nexus 4 sales perhaps? We’re sure they won’t as the margin there would be embarrassingly huge.


The Lumia 920 is believed to be doing well in Asian and European markets too with certain seller reports claiming that they’ve sold out already. Remember, the Nokia Lumia 920 is an exclusive to AT&T in the States, so you might see people migrating from other carriers to get their hands on the device. It is however great news for the company and Nokia that their devices are doing well outside of the U.S too.

Remember, Amazon Wireless’ list merely displays sales of AT&T smartphones and it doesn’t include the global version or the American carrier variants of the Galaxy S III. It is a monumental task for Nokia to replicate Samsung’s success in the market, as Android and iOS clearly dominate the mobile industry today and there’s hardly any room for a third platform (although RIM would like to disagree). The Nexus 4 as you already know, was sold out within hours of its launch in the U.K, U.S, Australia and wherever it was made available via the Google Play Store. Sadly for the customers though, placing the order in itself was a tough process, but besides that the LG Nexus 4 can be considered a widespread success.

So unless Nokia could brag of such high numbers and demand, we wouldn’t particularly call the device a success. Of course, it’s doing well in some markets and we hope the trend follows, but merely arriving at the Amazon Wireless top seller list won’t cut it. If Nokia has to sustain in the market, the company has to translate the excessive media campaign to sales which seems to be going fairly well as of now. We would like to see how the sales would go once the holiday season approaches. It is particularly interesting to see how the Lumia 920 would fare against the likes of the iPhone 5, HTC Droid DNA or the HTC Deluxe, the Samsung Galaxy Note II and the LG Nexus 4 which are the stalwarts of the mobile industry.


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  1. Really feels gud after seeing such a huge support for LUMIA920…a genuine product rather than a photocopy of trash(G phones)..
    Felt bit upset when some blogs were talking LUMIA920 as failure..but after seeing the replies of actual users under this review felt EUROPHIC

  2. I think most of the benefits in the wp8 release are long term in nature.

    For example, allowing voice actions to open and interact with apps through apis, requires developers to update their apps to support that functionality.

    Using the standard windows kernel allows for programs to be ported easily. The same thing goes for the unity engine in windows 8. Also for VOIP integration.

    These are places that have the potential to make Windows Phone 8 absolutely fantastic, but they are also features that need time to be fully realized.

    Resizing tiles on the home screen and a few new marquee apps does not make Windows Phone 8 what it is. It all the things under the hood that make it better.

  3. They think about price because they do not have the same purchasing power as US people. Kindly don’t bring this into the topic as it steers away from the actual conversation, which is your rebuttal to Chethan. In India, people don’t go for contracts, they buy handsets outright. With over 600 million subscribers, that is a huge untapped market for smartphones.

  4. Damn. I was looking to move to Telstra soon. Bloody hell and its only exclusive to Telstra. I may have to buy it outright I guess, unless its back in stock.

  5. The Galaxy S3 is not facing supply shortages at the moment as its well settled. The Lumia 920 is a new phone and I think that Nokia did not anticipate so much demand. That’s their loss as they played more conservatively regarding supplies.

  6. Using the same logic, I dont recall Apple-esque lines for the Galaxy S3, or for that matter any non-iPhone phone. iPhone–like craze can be better termed as fanaticism or fanboyism. You will not see anything like that for any other product. Not to that scale.

  7. From working in ecommerce, I know from experience that the best seller is a bs list. It usually products the company wants to push and has the most inventory of. the list is faux and is not an indicator of real sales..

  8. I won’t rag on you for speaking from your personal info sources, that would be rude. However, as a 30 year veteran of programming, much of it in the Windows realm. I can assure you that the Win Phone 8 OS is extremely different under the surface. Windows PC programmers coming to Phone are going to be able to do amazing things with the RT & .NET SDKs. Other OS programmers would benefit from programming the phone this way instead of HTML or Java. Give it some time for the advantages of native compiled code, real multitasking and Windows8, XBOX & WinRT integration to sink into the programmers design mindset and I think you will be very pleased. I own a Lumia 920 and am very pleased with it so far. Good luck with your site.

  9. i live in australia and i am sure most people here buy their phones on contracts with either optus, vodafone or telstra. and i forgot to tell the Nokia lumia 920 was sold out here in just a few hours and many people are now waiting for it. so i really dont see what your trying to say.

  10. “eye candy features like wireless charging and the PureView camera.”

    PureView is eye candy for you? Are you serious? I would think PureView to be an engineering genius that is probably a result of amazing amount of R&D effort. Maybe you enjoy using copycat garbage from Samsung, but don’t dismiss real innovation in the industry as ‘eye candy’. The reason Lumia is in demand is because there are people out there who still believe in quality innovative products.

  11. Indians always think about price and mark that as the first criteria. Lets accept dear that Nokia 920 is off flying start.

  12. Best Seller in ATT is the LUMIA 920.
    Its an excellent phone and everyone wants one.
    Please check your sources.
    Nokia, congrats!

  13. Apologies for my lack of research if you feel so. I haven’t been visiting AT&T stores myself, but I haven’t seen or heard of people lining up in large numbers outside the stores either. And honestly, 8-10 people standing outside the store isn’t exactly called “lining up”, although it is in theory. Did we see people lining up like they do outside an Apple Store? That would convince me of the demand and the craze for the device.

  14. I own a Windows Phone too, and I don’t see anything drastically different with WP8 besides support for better hardware and a few software tweaks (of course Nokia has its Pureview camera inside and some app goodies). I think the issue is very subjective here. What might be appealing to a gamer like you might not be what a regular or power user would want. So we just have to agree to disagree here.

  15. The sheer demand for the LG Nexus 4 speaks for itself. The reason for the Nexus 4’s success is the price. There are people importing it for a premium in places where the smartphone isn’t available. That’s demand. I don’t see the same happening with the Lumia 920. Countries outside of the U.S rely heavily on unlocked/contract free smartphones. And when we’re seeing a limited release in those countries, how do you expect the smartphone to do well? It’s just not logical. But I expect the device to do well once it is launched on a wider scale.

  16. There is no doubt the Lumia 920 is doing well. But has it outsold the Galaxy S III? Well, I don’t think so. But we never know what the future holds for us, do we?

    In fact, the Lumia 920 was #1 on Amazon’s list when I started writing the story. But it slipped to #2 by the end of it. Perhaps, Nokia ran out of stock or something. But seriously, the idea of a comparison stemmed from forum posts that the Lumia 920 is outselling the Galaxy S III. Believe me, as unfair as it sounds, there are people comparing the Lumia 920 with almost every top smartphone out there.

  17. Thanks for your comment. I would assure you that despite working for an Android blog, I personally own a Windows Phone 7 device and an Android smartphone. So this piece was written merely from a personal standpoint. Also, this is not a review.

  18. “Would AT&T or Nokia compare the Lumia 920 with the LG Nexus 4 sales perhaps? We’re sure they won’t as the margin there would be embarrassingly huge.”

    So, please tell me LG Nexus 4 sales numbers if you had. Did you mean LG will be embarrassed to report sales numbers compared to Lumia 920? If you meant that then you are right or pure ignorant.

  19. Sold out everywhere. Flying off the shelves. Rogers has sold out across Canada, you can’t even order one off the phone till they get more in stock. #1 seller of Walmart website. Sold out in countries like Germany. Everyone wants one.


  21. No one is comparing the Lumia 920 to the GS3, except for you. That best seller list from AT&T surely isn’t some ploy to boost 920 sales. Also, from a hardware standpoint the 920 certainly beats out even the Nexus 4. It’s really the most impressive phone on the market at the moment. The question is whether or not you want the Win8 Phone OS.

    Also you seem to ignore the fact that each 920 is listed separately, by color. If you combined all the 920 sales I’m sure it would far outweigh the GS3.

  22. Your head is stuck up so high in the Droid arse. That you can not write an honest, unbiased review of any non-android device isn’t surprising.

  23. Have you done any research? If you had you would find that everywhere it has been released it is flying off the shelves.

  24. the reason it slipped to #2 is probably because… you can’t buy it now, even if you wanted to. wait till it gets back in stock, then we’ll see..

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