Google Releases Statement Concerning Nexus 4 Availability: Will Restock “In The Coming Weeks”


You were probably one of the many people weren’t able to order a Nexus 4 on its launch day. There are quire a few people who weren’t lucky enough to land a Nexus 4, which is unfortunate with how anticipated it was. One of the many things people were upset about was that the supposed 12:00 p.m. EST launch was really a 11:46 a.m. EST launch, Talk Android reports. That means the people that were waiting for the clock to hit 12:00 were seeing the “Coming Soon” statement on the Play Store already. Either that or they found their cart empty after choosing their Nexus 4 device. Of course, this wasn’t a huge surprise if you consider how fast the device(s) sold out in the UK or Australia. Although, I tend to think it was more disappointing than actually surprising.

Regardless, Google has taken to social networking website Google+ to release their first statement since the shortage of devices. Unfortunately, this isn’t good news for those that were hoping to get a Nexus 4 early on. Google has mentioned that they are, obviously, out of their “initial” stock in a “few” countries. Thankfully, they are “working hard” on trying getting more Nexus devices to the Play Store in the “coming weeks.” Trying to keep up with such high demand is rather difficult. Although, their statement on a few countries was pretty frustrating. They are sold out in most of the major countries, not a few. You can’t get the Nexus devices in Australia  the UK, the U.S or Canada simply because they are sold out. That said, I think they actually did not make enough devices or weren’t expecting so much anticipation with the Nexus devices. Of course, shouldn’t they have learned their lessons with the Nexus 7?

Regardless, we enter the waiting game now. Do you think that Google has an actual shortage of devices, or did they just offer a limited supply to generate more hype for the devices? Who knows what’s going on behind-the-scenes, all we know for now is that they are out of stock and will have more available in the coming weeks. Hopefully this isn’t going to be a rehash of what happened with the Nexus 7 supply. Remember when they would go up for sale, and were out of stock just a few days later?

Is anyone looking forward to getting a Nexus 4 or Nexus 10? Maybe even one of the upgraded Nexus 7 devices?

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source: Talk Android


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  1. I was the “lucky” one. Google took my money but I still have no phone and the order status page was never updated

  2. All these comments on switching the I phone are messed up. Really just because of a little problem your going to make a switch. You’re a drifter a true fan of a OS would wait it out not make a switch over a little thing.

  3. I just cant believe all of this hype!. google was a bitch for doing this but if you really think about it, there has to be a marketting stratrgy behind this! sure they made a mess and all but they know what they’re doing like other comment-ers said earlier it’s all a little smart game. I was really looking forward for the phone because it’s so dope however it was badly managed but im still going to wait.

    fingers crossed they dont mess it up as bad as they did the first time 🙂

  4. It sold out in about 1 minute in Canada.

    So I’m buying my first iphone and swearing off this crap. Google plays too many games and too many simple people enable them by playing along. I was excited like everyone else but now I see these things on ebay for twice the cost. So basically they didn’t factor in criminals buying up all the stock and reselling it.

    Once again foreigners ruin it for everyone.

  5. It’s pretty frustrating, considering I’ve been waiting for a phone to replace my old SGS (great phone but it’s been dying on me now).

    There are Nexus 10 16GB tablets on sale in the australian play store, but fuck that, I want a 32GB (or better yet, a 64GB) tablet.

    Make it happen Google!

  6. Hi Guys
    I almost got the Nex 4, I was on the check out when the process just stick in with the spinning circle at payment stage. So frustrating and so annoying. Google messed up major time and their customer services and communication skills afterwards has been pretty dire. However, I will still wait for the Nex 4 because for the price it blows the competition away, if I had a choice between a bloatware phone, a closed phone or a pure phone. I will get the pure phone every time and I don’t mind waiting. My situation is worse than everybody else because I sold my phone a week before the launch I am now struggling along with a really ancient pre-android phone. But what oh! who cares. The Nex 4 will come in stock again and when it does I will order it. Google will mess it up again I am sure, but at that price you can’t really complain 🙂

    Always look on the bright side of life *whistle* Always look on the bright sight of life *whistle* ……..

  7. I’m disappointed in Google. It worse than the way Apple does it with an orderly line.

    I feel Google should have hosted a lottery for the devices or allowed everyone to submit their orders and wait in turn.

  8. Chances are pretty good your going to fall off the planet if you didn’t get a Nexus device right when you wanted it. Of course it would be unthinkable to use your existing device for 2 or 3 more weeks. Since you haven’t been able to live without a tablet until now how could you possibly be expected to live without one for another 20 days. I mean, that would just so 2nd and 3rd world of you.

  9. I actually managed to get a Nexus 4 8GB and Bumper case during the initial confusion. I also ran into many errors at checkout, but I didn’t keep trying to “Add to Cart” since there were so many reports of multiple orders (this contributed heavily to the fast sellout times). I ordered a Nexus 10 16GB the next day. I had literally been checking every hour all night and day. I had my page auto-refresh every 5 seconds and alert me when “Coming Soon” disappeared. That was probably to only reason for my success.

    Does anyone know if the Nexus 7 HSPA+ can take any sim card? And if so, what size?

    Also, has anyone gotten a “Shipped” notification yet?

  10. Interesting to see the frustration of people on google and its services.
    I guess, this bad service hardly matters to google anyways. They know that for this price people can wage WWIII to get this phone ( whenever its made available )
    This infact has created an artificial environment where people will put these for sale on ebay and other for crazy prices and run off with the profits. Google’s loss is someones profit 🙂

    Happy shopping

  11. Had the same issues as many…
    Got a Nexus 4 in my cart, credit card details in and then nothing but error messages and a try later notice.
    I did get an email notification from Google, 20mins after the Nexus 4 had sold out.
    I feel people were being used in a Google marketing exercise, limited handsets to get “sold out in 10mins” headlines…the site crashing was pathetic, if anyone knows about servers it’s Google.
    Google made a real mess of this launch.

  12. Everyone just calm down, seriously. For starters, at that price, Google isn’t making money off of the device. They make it off of the apps you buy in the play store. All of those saying they’ll buy another ANDROID are threatening nobody. Next, did Google say that they would have plenty? Is it part of a contract with you that YOU be the person to get one? Maybe it’s part of a testing phase so that they can fix any bugs reported in the first few days. Who knows. All I know is you all sound like a bunch of entitled twats. Relax…

  13. Not only did I have it in my cart, but I had entered my credit card information when it booted me off. I’m not even entirely sure it didn’t process, because it got past that point and then just sort of stopped. What a mess.

  14. You said “I even have a screen capture with the device in my cart at 8:53 PST, 7 min after the device went on sale.” My order luckily went through at

    Order Date: November 13, 2012 9:33:07 AM UTC-7 (8:33am PST)

    Your screen capture was 20 minutes after my order was processed.
    I’m all for being upset at Google for the way they handled this release. I was up late refreshing my browser and then I got up early and started the same game. I then had to go to school and I had to order it from my iphone 4 during lecture. I hope those that didn’t get it will be able to purchase it soon.

  15. Everyone has his/her own problems. People, who’re homeless or starving (and believe me it’s not something limited to africa), probably don’t care about phones or tablets. But that’s not the point at all. The point is: if Google was to have successful promotion, they should do it properly – either limiting the amount of devices from the start (and telling people if/when they restock) – or not doing it at all.

    I’m disappointed as I’ve wasted my time trying to buy a Nexus 4 16GB – and failing over and over again because of this shitty Google Wallet that no one really needs anyway.

    If they don’t give proper information within a week, I’m buying something else, preferably non-android (and non-apple, as I don’t like them).

  16. Go buy other phones… no one cares… It just opens the line for all of us who want stock android without carrier bloatware and UI add-ons to slow us down. not to mention geting all the updates on release date. so, go buy up the chaff for double the price. Show Google how moronic you really are!

  17. I think they should accept pre-order NOW still so their server would not crash again so they know how much overtime their employee or staff they need to hire additionally.

  18. Google botched this in unimaginable ways… really unimaginable. After battling the i-craze for years Google finally builds a device and operating system with real street cred ONLY to royally stick it to the loyal customers/supporters who helped to make Android successful. How did the screw up:

    1) No per-ordering…this would have allowed them to accurately forecast demand for the devices and avoid the online mobs;

    2)Insufficient customer service- I had a device in my cart and like others called Customer service to inquire about the errors only to be told that Google is “slammed” and that I should keep trying. Really…

    3)Broken Promises: Google took customer contact information with the promise to let them know when the device will be available…. NO ONE (to my knowledge) got any such notice.

    I would be somewhat ok with this mess if we were talking about a 3rd rate small time provider with limited IT infrastructure and financial resources…. BUT this is Google and I’m sadly sporting an Iphone-5 in my pocket. I’m over Android….

  19. i bet what happened with the “notify me” is so many people signed up for it they knew they wouldn’t be able to meet the demand so they didn’t send out the notifications.

  20. Considering all the press about the sellout, if I was a smart Marketing VP, week before Black Friday I release the product with limited availability to insure the sell-out headlines to maximize it being one of the hottest selling items for the holidays. Hopefully there won’t be a REAL shortage where you have yahoos selling them for over MSRP on Ebay in early December!

    So you have to wait an extra week or two for your new gadget? Geez, life must rough for you? (While people are starving in Africa.)

  21. I also had one in my cart and upon checking out after entering all my info kept getting oops errors. Some how google wallet managed to activate but i didnt get a phone. they took one dollar from my account almost immediately. if they did this to a million people thats a million dollar loan they would have received interest free from its consumers smh….

  22. Oh that was real bad. I didn’t get a chance to order since it was already out of stock but I would have felt worse if I had to go through what you had. Anyway this is not end of the world for me and there are other brands out there which could be bought without such bad experience 🙂

  23. I was one of the many that actually managed to have a Nexus 4 in my Shopping Cart, only to have it sold right out from under me!

    I even have a screen capture with the device in my cart at 8:53 PST, 7 min after the device went on sale.

    In trying to “check-out”, I repeatedly received the “Oops, we had trouble processign your request. We’re working on fixing the issue. Please try again later”.

    I kept trying, and had the item in my cart for the next 45 min. Ultimately it disappeared.

    While it was still in my cart I contacted Google Play support. They advised me that “having something in your cart doesn’t mean you get to purchase it”. Basically, Google reserves the right to keep selling any and all items, even while you’re battling through their errors!!

    Imagine a world where you are in the grocery store with items in your cart and the store actively promoted people running around and taking items you intended to buy.

    At this point, I don’t care if the Nexus 4 is a great phone, great value or otherwise. Google needs to figure out the most important issue – proper customer service.

  24. I have been waiting for it for a month (it was a really badly kept secret) and now I feel like an idiot for not pre ordering. If it isn’t in stock in 2 weeks max, looks like an optimus g or s3 for me. Might get a lumia 920.

  25. Not worth it with a company that had an absolute horrible release day, I’m with him, I’m switching phones now

  26. From the looks of it on the boards, there are several people like me who bought 2 or more units today. I was able to cancel the order for the 8GB unit, so it’s back in stock. I imagine once Google gets all of the orders filled and the RMAs organized, they will realize they have more stock than initially realized. What a mess!

  27. I don’t want to discourage you from finding another leading tablet, but the Nexus 10 is basically the best one out there hardware-wise, and is probably more bang for your buck as well. 🙂

  28. I was rather frustrated that Nexus 10 32GB and Nexus 4 were sold out in almost an hour of release and I kept on getting coming soon. Google never bothered to email upcoming availability in spite of registering with them. I may probably settle with another leading Tablet/phone if stock is not made available soon or same thing happens again. Bad planning Google.

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