Google Customer Support Gives An Unhappy Customer A Free Nexus 4


At this point, just about everyone should know about how terrible the Nexus 4’s launch has been. Google sold out in a mere few minutes, which left a lot of people wishing they were able to purchase a Nexus 4. That’s not even the worse of it all though. Many customers who had thought they successfully purchased their Nexus 4 device unfortunately did not receive any sort of confirmation email from Google saying that their purchase went through correctly and everything was OK. Later on, customers were getting e-mails that their Nexus 4 had been back-ordered and would be shipping in the next few weeks. What a terrible week for customers and Google. A lot of customers were just angry with the whole situation and were just waiting for their tracking number from Google. One customer, who was unhappy with the whole situation, decided to contact Google instead of waiting for the tracking number like everyone else was. He picked up the phone and called Google’s Customer Service line. He had to go through countless phone calls and e-mails back and forth, but he was eventually rewarded for his effort in the end. He received an email with Google offering him a free Nexus 4 as an apology. Boy, does persistence pay off!

If only this offer was eligible for just about everyone who ordered a Nexus 4! I’m going to go ahead and assume that Google isn’t willing to go that far with their generosity though. Of course, with this news, now just about everyone is going to be calling Google and demanding a free Nexus 4. Oh boy.

Has anyone else had a similar situation with Google’s Customer Support department? Do you get a free Nexus 4 as well? Are you going to try and get a free Nexus 4 now that you know Google has done this for someone?

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source: Talk Android


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  1. A customer support rep sent an email to him which was worded slightly wrong, it sounded as if they would give him a free nexus instead of just shipping. Google decided to go along with it instead of a big bad image of them in the press.

  2. I sent a Fedex letter about the initial launch fiasco to the CEO of Google and didn’t even get the courtesy of a reply.

  3. What? WHAT?!? I ordered my Nexus 10 16gb on LAUNCH DAY and I still don’t have a tracking number. It’s now Nov. 30. After three weeks of emails and phone calls with Google Play support (front line and supervisors), we still don’t have a Nexus 10 in our hands. I’ve asked that, when they finally ship this thing to me, that they provide a discount of some sort (or gratis) for their terrible customer service and I was told that the call managers are only allowed to credit the shipping, that’s it. So, someone, PLEASE tell me how this guy got a free Nexus 4 (a product that was SOLD OUT), seven days after launch day, and I’m still pleading and begging to get my Nexus 10 16gb (a product that was NEVER SOLD OUT) three weeks later.

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