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Apple Plans To Produce Own Chip For Mac Computers

American technology conglomerate Apple is reportedly taking steps to replace microchip provider Intel by integrating a powerful version of their chip technology used in the iPhone and iPad for their Mac computers and other products.

According to a report by CNET correspondent Charles Cooper, Apple is trying to come up with a ‘homegrown’ chip design technology for their desktops, laptops, and other computers in an attempt to part ways with semiconductor giant Intel.

In 2005, former Apple CEO Steve Jobs announced that Apple would be making a transition from PowerPC architecture to the Intel x86 architecture because the future PowerPC road map was unable to satisfy the company needs for their laptops and computers.

In just a matter of months, all its Mac computers are running on Intel processors while their Apple Xserve server was then updated to Intel Xeon processors in 2006.

However, an unnamed insider disclosed that Apple is having that ‘seven-year itch’ to achieve independence as far as employing their own microchip technology.

Apple shelled out millions of dollars to develop a chip design based on the non-Intel, ARM architecture to power their mobile gadgets such as the iPhone and iPad.

The development of their A6 chip for their iPhone needed Apple to spend $400 million to acquire chip companies such as PA Semi and Intrinsity and additional cost to license the ARM chip technology.

The source said Apple is planning to develop a powerful version of the chip to run all their Mac computers and gadgets.

Despite the hype that surrounds Apple’s next big plan, the source cleared that nothing is yet final. On the other hand, Intel said it won’t make a comment based on speculations but assured to release a statement after gathering enough information.

The Linley Group chip analyst Linley Gwennap expects Apple to develop new CPU designs every two years, similar to the product release cadence of Intel and AMD.



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  1. The main reason I was able to cut away from PCs was that I could run Windows so that I would have the best of both worlds. I’ll bet a huge number of Mac users also use windows. I always thought switching to intel chips was the smartest thing apple ever did in the PC world and started their rise in that space since it removed any last obstacle to switching (unless uounwere a gamer). Removing that compatibility would be a huge mistake with no upside from the consumer point of view.

    I hope that is not true. I best apple stock will drop a ton (along with many index funds overweight withnAAPL) if they announced that. Lets hope this is rumor.

  2. This article implies apple invented the ARM chip in their phones, they did not, ARM did, that is why it is an ARM chip. They are not making or designing anything, they will be giving specifications to ARM for what they want the chip to do and ARM will produce a chip for them capable of doing it.

    It is worth noting that the only thing this will accomplish is to make mac even more proprietary than it already is. People will argue that they will be able to make mac better if they have more control over the hardware, which is true for some things, but not for the processor. If they only use one disc drive they can make sure the drivers for that disc drive work incredibly well. But a processor is far too fundamental to be able to benefit from a unique chip, the motherboard handles that side of the operation already anyway.

  3. Your mistake is in assuming that the average user will continue to buy PCs. Soon enough people will have nothing but Apple/Android/Win8 tablets unless their work requires otherwise.

    The mobile/tablet market IS the market.

  4. Seems like another excuse for them to have high prices. Since they lost Steve Jobs, their main source of innovation, they’ve got to find new ways of retaining their propriety.

    They’re probably just upset that people make Hackintoshes instead of paying the gouged prices of Apple hardware.

  5. We’ll all go back to windows if you try to force another “powerpc” / “arm” / Non-standard chipset. It’s acceptable for the mobile / tablet market because traditional computing doesn’t work as well there anyhow… but you try to take the PC out of your Mac, and people will leave. With the way windows 8 is shaping up, and announcements like this, we are maybe a release or two away from converting to a nix environment, after-all, that’s all OSX is as it stands now, an overglorified proprietary *nix.

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