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Three ways Microsoft can do to give Windows Surface an edge over Apple iPad

Windows Surface would be Microsoft’s chance to claim a bigger piece of the tablet market. While the device gained momentum in terms of popularity, it is never a guarantee it will become a hit in the world where Apple iPad stands as king. The fact is, there is a narrow window that Surface could beat iPad in any aspect but as far as competition is concerned, there is still a chance. Now, here are three ways Microsoft can do in order to give its device an edge over the popular iPad.

Attract more developers.  If there is one thing both Apple and Google have in common, that’s the pool of developers submitting apps to their respective app stores. Developers are essential to the growth of a platform as well as to making it popular in the world of technology. If you are a Windows Phone user, then you should have known there are only 100,000 apps available in Windows Phone Marketplace and the ones compatible with Windows RT (Surface’s operating system) are fewer than 3,000; iPad has 250,000 apps in store. Needless to say, Microsoft has to step up to be able to keep up with its competitors.

Bring Xbox experience to RT. Among all Microsoft’s electronic products, Xbox has the most followers and perhaps, the most popular; that’s made possible because of its entertainment value. Being the company’s foray into the market largely dominated by Apple, Windows Surface is equipped with hardware that could pose a real competition. That said, it possesses essential capabilities and horsepower to cater pretty good approximations for Xbox games. Bringing Xbox experience to Surface is like providing new owners the perfect way to experience what millions of Xbox gamers have been enjoying all these years.

Reclaim good corporate relationships. Microsoft Office is the backbone of world’s commerce and if it can be integrated into Windows Surface, the company can easily reclaim its position, which is being hijacked by Apple through its iPad, in the corporate world. Apple has done a great job in keeping its operating systems free of malware for years and this is the very aspect the company is using to lure corporations to use its products. But Microsoft has the capability and infrastructure to dominate in this market.

Basically, Windows Surface has a lot to prove to be able to compete with other tablets available in the market today and Microsoft knew better than to give it mediocre specs. Reports suggest that there could be shortage of supplies when the device is released a few days from now, so let’s wait and see what happens next.



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  1. You’re kidding, right? Even the Tegra 2 benchmarks for 3D graphics look better than the A5X of the iPad 3. Let me know when Skyrim is running on the iPad.

    Not even considering the GPU (which is severely lacking), the CPU, memory speed and latency, storage transfer speed and outright capabilities don’t compare.

  2. Tablets of today will never compare to the Xbox unless you want it to weigh 10 lbs, heat up to 160 degrees Celsius an eat all battery life in less than 5 minutes.

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