The new iPad Mini’s design is expected to outshine the current iPad’s design

We have had a lot of rumors about the still unofficial tablet from Apple, the iPad Mini. The Cupertino tech giant, which had decided not to decrease the size of the iPad to 7 inches till Steve Jobs was at the office, has now decided to make a 7 inch version of the tablet, as the market is worthy and is now being ruled by the Amazon Kindle Fire (HD), and the Asus manufactured Google Nexus 7. And as with all other Apple devices, the iPad Mini has got going a lot of rumor mills even before the company has made it official. I am pretty sure there have been hundreds of rumors about the iPad Mini till now, and we are adding another one today.

According to Tokepa analyst Brian White, the Cupertino tech giant has been putting a lot of effort and man hours into the design of the iPad Mini. This effort is to make the iPad Mini look a lot better and feel a lot better than the current new iPad. This makes sense as the new products should always be an improvement compared to the older ones.

White has been touring Taipei, meeting a lot of manufacturing firms who are working with Apple on the iPad Mini project to extract as much as possible from them, and these manufacturers seem to be very strict about what they give out, just like Apple. But White has been able to get something out of them.

Apple did not skimp on the aesthetics of the much anticipated iPad Mini. In fact, we believe the ‘iPad Mini’ could outshine the new iPad in terms of how the device feels in a consumer’s hands. – Tokepa analyst White

Source: Phone Arena


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  1. It will be too expensive. Unless you are an Apple devotee..then it doesn’t really matter, does it?

    I won’t pay more than $250 for any tablet now…because it will be obsolete in less than 12 months. And who cares about all those silly apps. Not needed or wanted.

    Apple = arrogant and overpriced. But to each his own and please enjoy.

  2. Thinner, light weight, 2 speakers on the bottom and their new connector. Apple will claim high contrast display, better pixel density and faster processor than the competition. All in all a nice 7″+ tablet and of course the Apple OS. The new Apple connector found in the new I-Pod. The end of the day it will have the Apple logo in a tablet that now makes the 7″ size acceptable. Oh did I mention access to more apps than a sane person would want or need. Line up, bring your credit card, PT Barnum had it right.

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