Samsung Galaxy Note 2 AT&T release date

Samsung Galaxy Note II, Samsung’s sequel of its very popular phablet device, the Galaxy Note, is one of the most sought after device today. According to Phandroid, T-Mobile will be launching the much-anticipated device on Wednesday and that Note 2 shipments have apparently already started arriving in stores. Other carriers are also gearing up for the launch of Note II and AT&T has made it official.

Five carriers in total, including U.S. Cellular, Sprint, AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, will be getting the Galaxy Note 2 phablet. The device is expected to be sold in the neighborhood of $299.99. Carriers such as T-Mobile haven’t released any particular pricing structure, and only Sprint has confirmed the October 25 launch, and now AT&T has done it too.

According to the official press release released by AT&T, customers will be able to buy their Samsung Galaxy Not II from Nov. 9 onwards, and it will cost $299.99 with a two-year agreement in all AT&T stores and online. For the impatient fans out there who just can’t wait to get their hands on this oversized smartphone, the carrier will be accepting pre orders from October 25th onwards.

The Samsung Galaxy Note II is armed with a 1.6 GHz quad-core Exynos processor with powerful graphics capabilities. It is also one of the first smartphones launching at AT&T to feature a quad-core processor. Comparing the device to the predecessor, the successor is little thinner and narrower, but boasts a bigger 5.5 inch screen as opposed to 5.3 inch display that is featured on the original Note device. Samsung has also promised improved battery life and few enhancements to the S Pen. Note 2 has definitely gained attention from carriers because AT&T is the only carrier offering original Samsung Galaxy Note at $199.99 with a two-year agreement.

The Galaxy Note II is capable of making use of AT&T’s 4G LTE network, which is definitely an extra feather on the hat. It will be running Android 4.1 Jelly Bean out of the box. Galaxy Note II is not just a typical regular smartphone. It is basically a cross breed between a tablet and a smartphone, and has created its own sub category called “Phablet”, and the original Note was the device which sparked this category in the first place. The 5.5-inch HD Super AMOLED display should be apt for users who are expecting the productivity of a tablet with the portability of a smartphone.

When Samsung launched the first generation of Note, it received a wave of negative criticism, mainly revolving around the fact that it is big and won’t be an ideal portable device due to its bulky nature, however, the South Korean technology titan actually managed to sell a good 10 million units, and here’s the successor. Apart from all the hardware we talked about earlier, the Note 2 will be coming with an 8 megapixel camera which allows users to easily share their photos with friends through various Samsung specific features such as Share Shot and S Beam.

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  1. I’m still using my Dell Streak too.Even tho it is starting to show its age. The wife uses the Note 1, its a good phone. Personally I’m waiting for the Padfone 2, if it ever comes to the U.S. But if it doesn’t I’m sure i will be happy with the Galaxy Note 2 as the first one is a top notch phone.

  2. The “Phablet” market was around long before Samsung introduced that Note. While the Dell Streak was not the first it is one of the most adapative. Fact is I am still using my Dell Streak 5. Good phablet, but slow with today’s applications. To make any Andriod device shine you must root and don’t be afraid to hack it!

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