Motorola Has Lost The Trust Of Their Users: Terrible Business Decision [Part 2]

If you haven’t read part one yet, you can do so by heading over here.

Now, we don’t really know the reason why Motorola refused to update the Atrix 4G, aside from the standard “technical difficulties” answer, which frankly, is 95% of the time wrong, and the XDA Community proves that over and over again. There are a few reasons as to why not providing a Ice Cream Sandwich update was a terrible business decision. First of all, as I covered in the first part of this series, Motorola promised the Ice Cream Sandwich update to Atrix 4G users, they even assured us over and over again. They were promising that there users were going to get this revolutionary update, and it even influenced their customers’ decisions on what handset they should purchase. Since it didn’t get its update to Ice Cream Sandwich, basically customers who purchased the handset because of the Ice Cream Update promise have just wasted their money. Of course, Motorola is trying to fix that with a $100 rebate towards another Motorola phone, of course that depends if the customer wants another Motorola phone after this. This mess right here is what many would call “bad publicity,” and it is just that, a website even went up begging for the update, which you can find here.

Alright, Motorola wants to be more focused on their future devices. That’s understandable, and I guess after a little while, we could forgive them for promising over and over again that the Atrix 4G would gets Ice Cream Sandwich, and then dropping it. But, they completely ruin that by locking the Bootloader on the device, as WebProNews reports. They’ve added more salt to the wound that was already there, how do they think that this is going to “future proof” their company? It’s not, people are having a major outrage about all of this, and yet, they do no respond about it except for statements like “it is the best for everyone,” and “we simply cant update every device.” Mind you, those aren’t exact statements, but are pretty close.

I’m not sure why Motorola isn’t doing anything about the massive outcry for the update. Since the company was newly acquired by Google, it is even more surprising that their isn’t an official response trying to at the very least, calm their customers. Maybe they think the $100 rebate is enough? Well Motorola, do you really think after convincing people to buy a device due to a promised Android 4.0 ICS update is going to encourage a customer to get a new one after not receiving the original promise? There are people that are willing to give it another try, but the majority would much rather invest in something else.

These business decisions that Motorola took were not good. In fact, I can say that a lot of their Atrix 4G customers looking forward to Ice Cream Sandwich have dropped their phones and gone with something or someone else.

Essentially, they’ve lost a lot of respect and money after this terrible decision. If the Atrix 4G following was any larger, this would be a major problem for them, which is why I am 100% sure they at least updated the Atrix 2 to Ice Cream Sandwich.

Stay tuned for Part 3!


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  1. i like other moto atrix4g owners was disappointed about not getting ics,so i will never buy another moto phone, they broke their promise with no plausible explanation, trust has been broker iphone5 here i come.

  2. Some facts for you: Out of 44 phones released by major manufacturers in 2011 that have been upgraded to ICS or better, only two (maybe three) are Moto’s. This isn’t even including the Nexus line. Motorola and Micromax are the only manufacturers, that I can find, to release Tegra2 phones and not update any of them to ICS or JB. Micromax only released one T2 phone.

    It was stated by someone that such a campaign as Support My Moto is ineffective and here is my reply;

    “ineffective”, I think not. This campaign has already lost moto over a million dollars in sales. One contract cancellation alone cost them a possible $800K sale. You have to remember that Moto didn’t ditch a couple phones but millions worldwide. Add in the press coverage by over 40 outlets and the proof that Moto was full of crap, you get the idea as to where this is going. If the estimated sales figures are correct (total estimates place the figure at over 3 million Tegra2 moto’s sold worldwide) and only 20% of those affected ditch Moto, then the loss is around 600K devices (if Moto only makes $100 per device that’s a 60 million dollar loss). Even Apple couldn’t ignore numbers like that.

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