Motorola Has Lost The Trust Of Their Users: Introduction [Part 1]

I earlier posted a small blurb on this, but figured that I should go into a bit more detail with some more recent news and major bug reports. To start off, we’ve been promised the Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Atrix 2 and Atrix 4G for a little bit over a year now, if I remember correctly. At first we were told it was to be announced (TBA) and later we were told that it would be rolling out in the third quarter of 2012. In the time of waiting, we received an update to 2.3.6, something we originally hoped was Ice Cream Sandwich, but wasn’t. Later, we we got closer to Q3 of 2012 and still no Android 4.0 update. India had received it for the Atrix 2, but other countries had not. Only a few weeks after that we found it that we would not be getting the Ice Cream Sandwich update to the Atrix 2, which thankfully was a false statement from Motorola. So, here we are on October 18th of 2012, all of us with the Atrix 2 have received the Ice Cream Sandwich update, but with some major bugs, not to mention that there is still no sight of Ice Cream Sandwich for the Atrix 4G. To prove that the Atrix 4G won’t be getting ICS, I have a little image for you to look at.


See that? The Atrix 4G is staying at Android 2.3.6 after Motorola promised and assured us over and over again that the Atrix 4G would be getting Ice Cream Sandwich. Okay, so I guess we can overlook this, since it’s not getting the update you can easily get the $100 that Google promised Motorola users who would not be getting an upgrade to Jelly Bean. To add more salt on the wound, Motorola has not only told us that the Atrix 4G would not be getting Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, but anyone who had installed the previous update to Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread would have their bootloader closed off so that you are not able to install any sort of custom ROM from modders out there. Are you really able to forgive Motorola for this one? Motorola has a track record of keeping their bootloaders locked, but the Atrix 4G was originally unlocked, and now they closed that off with this silly update.

Maybe things will change with this “new” Motorola, since Google has acquired them, but so far things aren’t looking very good. Motorola has literally broken the hearts of Atrix 4G users all over the world, and then they open the wound more by locking the bootloader so there is NO way at all to get a Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the device. Either it really can’t handle ICS or Motorola just wants full control over everything. Stay tuned for part 2 where I will go into why this is a bad business decision on their part. In the mean time, and for those of you who own an Atrix 4G, if you’re still willing to stick with Motorola, you can head on over here to eventually get a $100 credit towards a new Motorola handset.


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  1. I for one, have been disappointed in this decision. I have almost a year to go on my contract for my Atrix 4G. That paltry $100 won’t cover my investments in docks (Lapdock, Webdock, Cardock). They use the “user experience” thing as an excuse, but that is obvious BS when they and other manufacturers are putting out hardware with the same specs running ICS and Jelly Bean. Some, but not all, do have 4G LTE capabilities.

    I don’t really have an issue with their decision to drop the lapdocks. I do like mine and use it regularly. I do hope they keep the Webtop side of things as I have gotten used to using that as my “daily driver” and haven’t hardly used my laptop or desktops in the better part of a year now. To post this, I am using my Atrix 4G sitting in a Webtop Dock and connected to a 21 HDMI monitor along w/ a blue tooth keyboard and mouse.

    If I figure out that the Samsung Galaxy automatically switches to a blue tooth keyboard when one is connected, I will be get real serious about considering it for my next phone.

    Yes, I realize the Samsung will use a blue tooth keyboard, but from the examples I’ve seen on-line, it appears the on-screen keyboard still comes up and takes a large portion of the screen even though one is using the blue-tooth one. It doesn’t appear to actually switch, but uses the blue-tooth in addition to… Maybe I’m wrong, correct me if so.

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