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HTC Thunderbolt Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update maybe rolled out in November

Will you enjoy Thanksgiving more if the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS) update for your HTC Thunderbolt will be rolled out that same day? There have been strong rumors earlier this month that the update will be rolled out in the 3rd or 4th week but there’s no update about it a few hours before we enter the month of November. Neither HTC nor Verizon officially gave their customers definite time, or at least a rough estimate, when it would come. Basically, Thunderbolt owners are still floating on air.

Gotta Be Mobile (GBM) published a story earlier this month suggesting HTC was already in the final testing of Android 4.0 update for the Thunderbolt. Based on other company’s timeframe, the roll out would happen two weeks after development reaches the stage for final testing. The claim that it would arrive in the 3rd or 4th week of October was logical enough but it’s now turned into a nightmare as Halloween arrives and still no word from the manufacturer or carrier.

According to GBM, a Verizon customer tipped them saying the ICS update is coming to Thunderbolt but owners have to wait until Thanksgiving as it will be rolled out during that time. Apparently, it didn’t say if it will come before, after or on the day of Thanksgiving. This information was reportedly supported by service tickets after the customer allegedly called Verizon hotline seeking help with connectivity issues. The representative, instead of resolving the problem right there and then, advised the customer to wait as an update is coming that would fix the issue the customer called in for.

Owners are now fed up with broken promises from HTC and Verizon but that’s actually the reality of updates; no one could ever be sure the exact roll out date. There have been many pushed back updates because bugs were discovered a few days before the roll out. No one actually knows the reason behind this delay but such case has a greater possibility here. After all, both the manufacturer and carrier want to please their customers so there’s no reason for them to hold back the roll out if the firmware is all set and ready. One thing is for sure though, ICS update for Thunderbolt will never come in October and it’s not confirmed if it will come in November either.

[source: GBM]


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  1. HTC GUY
    You just made your company look bad.
    Your company has been saying that we will get it and here you are saying otherwise.
    uh yeah.
    HTC is going down.

  2. I just went and still saw the htc thunderbolt lot of good but uhm you have to select phone then youe device.

  3. Are you seriously asking people to stay loyal to HTC? After the HTC Thunderbolt I will never be buying another HTC product in my lifetime and I honestly hope that they go bankrupt. The HTC Thunderbolt had so many issues…to start off the battery life was less than 4 hours…even on WIFI! HTC/Verizon promised Thunderbolt owners a software patch that would address the awful battery life…next software update resulted in random reboots (multiple per day) and even worse battery life due to the loss of about 15% of the battery with each reboot. Did I mention the reboot takes about 5 minutes…I can’t count the number of times my phone rebooted during a phone call and I had to wait 5 minutes for the reboot to occur and hope the battery didn’t die. Then there was the promise to upgrade the phone to Gingerbread from Froyo…GB had been out for 6 months when the phone appeared and then it took another 6 months before the TB actually received GB. Now this delay with ICS? Are you kidding me? I didn’t even bring up the data connection issues where the phone can’t make up its mind between 3G and 4G and picks neither for 5-10 minutes at a time. Don’t bother asking people who had Thunderbolts to be loyal…you’ll be lucky if they simply don’t tell everyone about their HTC Thunderbolt experience.

  4. It really doesn’t matter now does it? Very few people will continue using their Thunderbolt much into 2013, no matter if it has ICS or not. Jelly bean 4.1.1 is out on some phones and now they have 4.1.2 coming on the new Nexus phone. So even if you get ICS, you will never get JB on the TBolt and most will immediately lose interest in the phone if they haven’t already because of its outdated specs.

    The elephant in the room is HTCs very existence is hanging in the balance. October revenue was down 61% from last year. Continuing a downward slide that started in the fourth quarter of 2011. If they cannot stem the bleeding and start to grow, they are doomed, and we for good or for bad will not even have the choice to buy an HTC product again.

  5. Yeah that’s good p.r release a flagship 4g lte phone that’s plauged with issues out of the box release bugged updates to fix the issues that make it worse promise updates that are late or never occur and then tell us you aren’t going to support us due to the age of the phone but still want us to buy another one of your phones………go skydiving without a parachute dude

  6. Seems like bull to me. Why would they invest in an OS update for a phone that is almost 2 years old. Most who bought it and actually care about things like ICS are moving on as soon as they are eligible for upgrade

    Right now I am torn between the Nexus 4 and the Nokia 920. No LTE on the Nexus 4 is almost a deal breaker though. Either way I am saying goodbye to Verizon as soon as my contract expires.

  7. Dumped that phone and Verizon all at once now I have the Samsung galaxy note 2 and couldnt be happier makes the tbolt feel like a rotary phone wont even keep as an mp3.

  8. I don’t believe there will ever be an ICE update for HTC thunderbolt. Go to HTC web page… click on support. The Thunderbolt is not even listed anymore. HTC wants you to move on from the T-Bolt. I will! In 2 months my contract is over and so is my HTC experience. Long Live Samsung!!!

  9. I can tell EVERYONE for SURE that ICS IS NOT coming to thunderbolt.. I work in a “sector” for HTC and can verify it’s not going to happen… Do yourself and everyone else a favor and stop waiting on it… New HTC devices are around the corner for “us” and the BOLT is old
    news… Thanks for staying loyal to HTC..

  10. You shouldn’t trust Verizon tech support with information like this. They’re just as prone to speculation as you and I are, so you never know when you’re just talking to a fellow Android fan who’s given up hope. Only HTC knows for sure when/if an update will be ready, so only pay attention to news that comes directly from them.

  11. My contact is up November 30th. I don’t care about ICS anymore. I’ll be staying with Verizon for sure but I’ll never buy HTC again. Samsung is looking good with a possibility of an iPhone.

  12. Ha. What’s the point people writing a piece each month that’s headline is: “HTC Thunderbolt Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich update maybe rolled out in [The Next Calendar Month]?

  13. Next update: ICS rollout for Christmas? For New Year’s? Never? LOL

    Samsung Galaxy S3 Here I come!

  14. “Owners are now fed up with broken promises from HTC and Verizon but that’s actually the reality of updates; no one could ever be sure the exact roll out date.”

    That’s not accurate. If a vendor would just wait until all testing is COMPLETED and the version is signed off as functional by the OEM and the wireless carrier, they should then be able to give an exact date because they can then schedule it into their OTA update cue. Carriers should limit themselves to stating an update will be available for a particular handset but avoid locking into any date/month/quarter for a release until they have completed testing and are truly prepared to push out the update.

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