Google’s native iOS Maps app screenshots leaked

We know that Apple removed the Google powered Maps app from the iOS version 6 that came with the newly released iPhone 5. Till now, the Maps app that was present on all iOS powered devices was powered by Google’s maps engine and just had an overlay from the Cupertino tech giant. But in an attempt to reduce the dependency on Google, the iPhone manufacturer worked hard on its own maps app and release it with the new iOS 6.

But unfortunately, the application did not win the hearts of its users for some obvious reasons. The company then apologized to its users for releasing such a crappy maps application on one of the most sold smart phones in the world. Apple still has three years of licensing with Google, but its decision took it in the wrong way.

After this, there have been rumors that the search engine giant has been working on releasing its own iOS version of the Maps app. We have had no proof for this now. But now, I guess we have something. iPhone Hacks writes:

Ben Guild – iOS developer who had figured out a way to run Google Maps to run in fullscreen mode with the older iOS 5 Maps logo, has just posted photos of Google’s native Maps app for iOS.
According to Ben Guild, Google’s native Maps app will offer the following features:

  • It’s vector-based.
  • It’s got two-finger rotation to any angle.
  • It’s super fast.
  • 4-inch height of the iPhone 5 is supported!

The images do not reveal much of anything, but we can be sure of one thing, Google is in fact working on a native iOS Maps app. But it is uncertain when Google will take this product out of its alpha state to beta state and then release the final release of the product to the Apple iTunes Store.

Source: iPhone Hacks



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  1. Native Maps ?!

    Apple, Google ?! – what’s happened with so famous HTML5 applications ?!
    I tough you both were for changing everything with HTML5 cross platform applications ?!

    O yes.. It was just another fraud to took off as much as you can Flash, nothing more – right ?!
    The both company still keeping native applications written on Objective C ( Apple ) or Java ( Google ), and they have nothing worked actually on HTML5.
    Just because :
    – HTML5 is incapable of handing multimedia properly.
    – HTML5 is the most insecure “thing” ever build.
    – HTML5 is not worty neither for application, neither for web.
    – HTML5 is too slow to be used for anything than just plain text.
    – HTML5 is not designed for large scale projects, neither could be used for suchs.
    – HTML5 is just completely wrongly designed and designated language.
    – HTML5 is actually not cross-platform on application level.
    – None big company will ever user it for anything else than some lame animations over some lazy buttons.

    HTML5 is a FRAUD. case closed.

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