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Apple iPad 4: Is It Actually Worth Upgrading?

There has definitely been a lot of controversy surrounding Apple’s newly announced iPad 4. This is mainly because it is mediocre. It is barely worthy to be called a new iPad even. All that we really see is a tad bit better of a processor along with a better GPU. That is literally all there is to see here and will require you to open up your wallets and lay it before Apple’s feet. I want to be as neutral about this as possible, but this newly announced iPad is just not worth your money unless you use your iPad 3 a lot. The reason I say that is because technology wears out pretty fast if you use it on daily basis, in that case, purchasing a new iPad might just be worth it, but for the average consumer it is just wasting your money. I have been saying that the iPad isn’t worth an upgrade since the iPad 2, that is, unless you are looking to purchase an Android tablet that is far superior to what Apple is offering with the iPad. You can take the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 or even the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity for an example. Those are really great tablets packed with lots of features that is actually worth the $500 they are requesting. Both have some really awesome features dedicated to helping the user, which that alone makes it worth purchasing  in my own personal opinion.

At this point, I really think Apple is just trying to monetize off of their users as much as they can. Deep down inside I have a feeling that they know they aren’t the innovative company anymore, they know that Google is with their Android platform. Of course, that’s just one I am suspecting based off of their mediocre devices as of late. They definitely would not be willing to come out and admit that though, and rightfully so (of course it would be nice to live in a world where a company is willing to admit that they screwed up).

The only reason that I would consider purchasing an iPad 4 is for some of the exclusive apps that come with it. Depending on how much I would use those apps in my day-to-day life, it might be worth it for me. But why should I do that when I get basically similar applications for free on the Android platform? Apple just isn’t unique anymore. BlackBerry 10 is even getting ready to pass up Apple with their impending 2013 release. Apple is really not ahead of their game, and at this point I think they just want to pull in as much money as they can. That is, unless they are trying to hunker down for the next 5 years and dump everything into holographic smartphones. Yeah, a bit of dreaming going on there.

With that said, I raise you this question: Are you going to upgrade to the iPad 4? If so, why? If you aren’t going to upgrade, why not?

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  1. This article appears to have a heavy bias towards Android, with very little room for neutral opinion…

    I’ve been researching tablets for some time now, and have been coming at this from the perspective of a porential buyer instead of an upgrader.

    It seems fairly consistent that Android clearly wins out on price point, while falling short on manufacturing quality and display quality. Also, for most people, once you become accustomed to hardware features, you’re really left with the app ecosystem of your device, right? Android has Google Play with tons of apps but virtually non-existent quality tablet-specific apps… Also, the Android experience as a whole suffers from device fragmentation, where developers are left trying to support thousands of hardware configurations which erodes spftware quality levels. On Apple’s side of it, you have much better native tablet support with a streamlined development environment which provides a much more consistent software experience, yet you’re stuck dealing with apple’s “walled garden” iOS experience… Which of these pros and cons are better is up to subjective opinion and personal consumption preference/needs… But to generalize and say “Apple has a CPU/GPU upgrade whereas Android tablets have all these better features” is a rather gross generalization…

    These are all factors I’ve been looking into lately, which is what brought me to your article. I liked the opinion piece, I just felt it lacked actual objective facts and information..

  2. See, now that is a great reason to upgrade! I just don’t think upgrading from the iPad 3 to the iPad 4 is going to be entirely worth it. 🙂

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